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[APP] Exfm V8 - FREE Music Downloader (Hot NEWS) - (SPOTIFY MUSIC QUALITY 320KBPS)

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Jul 27, 2010
This looks good keep up the good work. I subscribed to the thread looking forward to to mordor. Also yes I would like an add free one also you could add a donate button in the app.
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    Hello again!

    -You will be able to listen to all your music offline now unlimited!

    - You can create unlimited playlists.
    - Enjoy music with FLAC and VBR and 320KBPS quality.
    - Added stylish player for your experiments.
    - Added auto list modes.


    Download link

    Mod Edit: Link Removed.

    Musics getting from <Mod Snip> / Exfm not a music databases! Exfm using browser extension api. Exfm never stored all musics. If you want delete songs from pleer.net, contact them. (Pleer.net)

    And exfm or ExFm do not accept responsibilities.

    If you have problem contact <Mod Snip>

    "If you download this, you accepted terms&contiditons and disclaimer."

    if you want ad free version,
    please write under this topic.

    Friends, I am very busy now. Sorry about late giving ad-free version. If you want ad free still make (write under this topic) reservations for ad free version.
    Nice days.
    Great app...Can I have ad-free version?
    Can I have an add free version apk, please?

    I will send your pm. Please keep waiting.
    OK that's enough guys , we r just filling the thread with the same reply over & over and still , there is no ad free v , well not that I know of
    Can I have an add free version apk, please?