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[APP] Facebook Messenger 3.0.1 - New UI

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Sep 13, 2011
I wish i could test it but since it will be linked with my mobile number... I will pass. Time to delete Facebook I guess. Such a shame. Also, i don't see any 'not now' tekst at the bottom... Well, thanks for sharing anyway!

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Wasn't there a "Skip this" or "Not now" option in the bottom when you got to that screen? ;)

how to log out from this messenger?

i didn't find any option in it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANY ONE HAS ANSWER OF THIS ??????????????????????

Android Settings > Apps > Messenger > Clear data. ;p

Although I agree there should be an in-app setting for this. :p Chat heads work fine on my GT-I9100, and indeed: still looking for a way to change the notification sound! If only I could find the location of the soundfiles, but thus far to no avail... :/


~ Nephatiu
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Nov 6, 2013
Hi all,

Here's the newly released Facebook Messenger app that was shown today by Facebook.

Download here, and enjoy.

EDIT: Uninstall the older version, or it'll fail to install. Also, turn auto update OFF in the Play Store or else it'll "update" to the older version that's currently available in the Play Store.


awsum ui thanks bro cheerz!!


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Nov 18, 2013
is it possible - two messenger apks - one device ?

How could I make it happen to have two FB messenger apks on one device. I wanna use one messenger for each FB account. Can I find and install apk with different signature .... etc , any idea ???

Galaxy Note II - Android 4.1.2
Dec 29, 2009

I would recommend using permission mod apps or cyanogen. I beleive this is a credible threat with the NSAs 1984 campaign, but im no expert. Can someone with knowledge on this material reassure us.

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