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[App] Fast Open Links On Pc - Save Your Link With App and Opened On Pc

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Mar 22, 2021
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Hi everyone

I could not find a similar application in the google play store and I made it myself.​

Your feedback is very important to me.​

Key Features :​

-> Open links on any Desktop / Laptop - Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.​

-> Simple user interface for across platforms.​

-> Qr anonymous login.​

-> Transfer without delay Url & Link.​

-> See Own Links https://link-from.web.app/

-> Copy-paste links in app to open on PC.​

Download Link





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i just share links via email to myself, no 3rd party needed and secure
I believe this software makes it simplier as overall less 'clicks' are needed.

It reminds me of a ReadItLater browser extension (before it began to be Pocket). The simple idea to keep saved links (all in a single list) and open all of them with one click and ability to automatically clear the list was lost at some point

I hope this one can be developed further to resemble quality of life functionalities as described.
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May 5, 2021
Hola, hoy instalé esta app, la idea me parece muy buena, lamentablemente no supe cómo hacerla funcionar, intenté crear un perfil con mi correo electrónico, pero sin éxito, también intenté comenzar con el código QR, también sin éxito no pude hacerlo funcionar en windows 10 o android, supongo que la idea es abrir páginas sin importar el navegador de PC a Android y viceversa, esto se puede hacer pero con Edge, pero no me gusta Edge , Prefiero Chrome, espero que tu aplicación pueda mejorar en el futuro, ¡mucha suerte!

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