[App] [Feb-7-09] Manilla 2D Customizer v0.29.235 (2nd attempt at digi clock bug)

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Jul 21, 2007
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Hi mpenguin14,
First of all great app, it helps me save great amount of RAM on my poor ELF!!!
I was wondering if there is a way to completely delete these tabs (All files used by these tabs), even from the storage to save precious space on my elf... eagerly waiting for u're reply!!

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May 8, 2009
Davenport, Iowa
i made this edit originally asking for a mirror. i found a link to sourceforge and i am adding the mirror for those that cannot access the google code.
Thanks greatly to mpenguin for his hard work

click here
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Mar 4, 2009
A BUG detected

Hi there!
Excellent program!
However, I found a bug: I wanted to get rid af many tabs that my mother wouldn't use (in order to make things easier to her), and I found out that if I select less than 5 tabs, the scroll tab becomes unestable and icons get blurred and messy. :confused:

It'd be great if you could fix this, although it seems that you've already abandoned this great project perhaps? Hope not...

Thank you very much.


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Jan 5, 2009
M2DC - TAB Settings - where are they stored Registry?


I am working with Visual Kitchen 1.8.1, you know the program that everyone
likes for Diamond Cooking. I am fairly new and wish to learn to create customizations for installing the roms. When I hear about the SDAutoRun.exe
i was amazed there was such program. I can't wait till I am really good at this to. Right now, I have Manila 2D rom in Windows Mobile 6.1 Stock Rom 1.09.651.5. I understand the OEM and EXT directories. Just want to learn to
do some more, mainly with M2DC? How do you configure this ROM Install with M2DC to not show some of the TABS, like Internet, Weather, & Email services because what if you don't have DATA PLAN with your carrier and you don't want to get hassle with them anyway at times? Well, I came with a solution and it's to make this ROM to Flash it without those buttons but how? Are they
set in the REGISTRY? If I could get these answers I will get on the way to let this one be famous? Hopefully. Please tell me if you know because it could help other users as well. Thank you.



Apr 29, 2008
Update for V 2?

Mpenguin14 are you planning on updating M2DC to be fully functional with v2 of manila2d?

Some functions work and some don't...


Sep 3, 2009
Can I customize M2D theme intergraded in ROM ?

I tried a lot of cooked ROM and I saw many M2D themes intergraded in them. But some lacks of some tabs, some have tabs which I never use. So now, can I use your M2DC to customize them ? or I have to install a totally new M2D to use M2DC ?
I'm using an ELF.
Anyway thanks for you hard work !


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Apr 2, 2006
I tried a lot of cooked ROM and I saw many M2D themes intergraded in them. But some lacks of some tabs, some have tabs which I never use. So now, can I use your M2DC to customize them ? or I have to install a totally new M2D to use M2DC ?
I'm using an ELF.
Anyway thanks for you hard work !

I am using M2D V2 and M2DC works OK for some of the functions. You can use it to disable tabs, change the rows/columns of the launcher tab, change the softkeys. I don't thing that the skin changer works correctly, but I am OK with the standard. Hope this helps.


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Sep 1, 2009
M2D Question

Has anyone else run into the issue I am having? When I use M2D Customizer to add a custom name to the Home Tab registry settings, it mysteriously removes the date off the Today screen next to the alarm. I am running TouchFlo 2 version 1919.1432. If I remove the custom name, it comes right back. Any ideas how to fix this? Does anyone know how to delete the guardian dll file and make the edit in the registry manually? Also do these changes made using customizer make changes to the HomeSettings.xml file or not, could that be my problem?



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Nov 3, 2009
Location of 'Backup Theme'

Hi All,

I'm newbie in M2DC. Can anyone please advice what is the location of Backup theme.

Before changing the Skin in Touch 3g (Jade), I backed up the default Setting and Theme of M2D using M2DC. Just after this operation (before adding new theme/skin), I found the device memory reduced by a lot (around 8MB, which I don't want to use). :(
Although, I had insalled M2DC in my storage card and expected the backup to be stored in Storage card.:confused:

Can anyone advice where M2DC stores the Backup and is there a way to set the location for backup to \Storage card??:)

Thanks in advance!!


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Nov 3, 2009
Backup Theme location

Hi All,

I'm newbie in M2DC. Can anyone please advice what is the location of Backup theme.

Does it backup the theme in device memory by deafult or it can be set to Storage card?
Although, I had insalled M2DC in my storage card and expected the backup to be stored in Storage card.

Can anyone advice where M2DC stores the Backup and is there a way to set the location for backup to \Storage card??

Thanks in advance!!


Feb 11, 2008
how change the alarm font color?

how change the alarm font color?

by M2DC when I select "Home Tab Alarm 0 Text" I see the check "Use The Default font Setting", I turn off it and I change the color font. Apply and re-start TouchFLO but nothing.

In M2DC the select "Home Tab Alarm 0 Text" have "Use The Default font Setting" checked ... why????



Dec 13, 2009
i`m using rom shivu`s v20..then i try to customize the manila 2D theme but seems the theme overlapping and not working well...any other ways to solve this??


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Aug 13, 2009
That is a great application for mobile phone and I want to thank you for sharing it. I appreciate all your effort developing this program and I hope you can fix the clock bug.


Jul 28, 2007
On TouchFlo v2.0 (1919.1432), is it possible to delete the homeweather.
It's to have only the digital clock and nothing below.

thanks for your help.



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Feb 23, 2008
how change the alarm font color?

by M2DC when I select "Home Tab Alarm 0 Text" I see the check "Use The Default font Setting", I turn off it and I change the color font. Apply and re-start TouchFLO but nothing.

In M2DC the select "Home Tab Alarm 0 Text" have "Use The Default font Setting" checked ... why????


same thing for me, wanna decrease font size at text messaging
any ideas?

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    Manilla 2D Customizer (M2DC)

    LATEST DOWNLOAD HERE (February 7 v0.29.235)

    If you find M2DC useful, please consider giving a donation

    All donators will have their names added to the about page :)


    My wife and daughter - Love and support
    Myself - Countless hours of programming
    TWolf - Program Icon
    mchapman007 (aka MobileMatt)- Theme files for development
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    If you have problems downloading from the above link (like google code is forbidden in your country), try downloading form the sourceforge page

    You must have Manilla 2D Installed in order to run this program
    you can get it here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=398173

    Manilla 2D Skins!!!

    This is an BETA version of the project, I am doing it for my own benefit at this point, feel free to use this tool, but I offer no guarantee that it will work, or that it won't delete your original Manilla 2D settings, or that I will continue to develop/support it.

    I am a MFC programmer by day, but this is my first Windows Mobile project, so go easy on the comments please


    Once TF2D came out I immediately tried to install and run the Diamond TF3D Config 0.6.7 by sushilange, unfortunately it didn't work, I started to follow the thread but have come to the conclusion that it is a Diamond App and will most likely not be tailored to work with Manilla 2D

    I am starting this project because I do not like my home screen too cluttered so I disable a fair amount of tabs in Manilla2D and wanted a way to do this that was simpler than hand editing xml files...

    First there are many people to thank because in no way am I trying to take credit for other peoples work

    Thanks to udk, noonski, vetvito, hergzilla and the rest for getting Manilla 2D out and working, I was in the forums while vetvito and noonski were finishing and releasing the first beta and despite how geeky it sounds I must say that it was a pretty exciting time

    Thanks to sushilange for inspiration via his diamond TF3D config program
    (thanks to wmexperts.com for reporting on it back in July http://www.wmexperts.com/articles/howto/hack_away_at_touchflo_3d.html)

    and finally thanks to camro for his post that started me down the path of tweaking my setup

    one last thanks to emunutz for the original HTC home Customizer

    Thank you all for your support of M2DC
    God bless

    - 2nd attmpt at fixing digital clock shift bug

    - fixed digital clock shift bug

    - added "Apply the settings to all fonts" button on the font dialog
    - increased the color picker drop down combo box length
    - updated donator list

    - updated donator list
    - added option to not update the TabIcons images and settings from a new skin

    UPDATE Nov-29-2008
    - added new dialog with 1 option "Don't update Weather Tab", so you can choose if you
    want to use your existing weather settings or use the new weather settings

    UPDATE Nov-24-2008
    - fixed background bug, only worked with "\Windows\ManilaGFX" folder, now works with
    "\Windows" folder too.
    - fixed some formatting on the m2dct inside of a zip file warning box
    - moved some code around so you are not waiting for 5 seconds after you hit apply,
    now the spinning cursor should come up immediately

    UPDATE Nov-24-2008
    - added a new background page that will let you specify a png image to use as the
    Manila2D background. Right now there is no way to go back to the "default"
    background, only restoring a theme, or applying a new theme can change your
    background. This feature only supports "hh_fw_background.png" files that are
    located in "\Windows" and "\Windows\MainlaGFX" which should satisfy 99% of users
    but if you have issues let me know and I will read the value directly from the
    HTCHomeSettings.xml file
    - fonts drop down boxes are much larger now, much more easy to read
    - added warning about a theme file that contains an m2dct file, hopefully this will
    cut down on some confusion
    - updated donator list

    UPDATE Nov-11-2008
    - added an internet page that allows you to set a different default internet browser
    for Manila 2D version 20 (build 1.0.1820.3328)

    UPDATE Nov-10-2008
    - added more fonts [Messaging, interent, settings, weather] (Manila2D v20 only)
    - added ability to add a folder of themes in the theme manager, this folder will
    be remembered and every time you restart M2DC will look for new themes in that

    - updated donator list (I think)
    - fixed build process (again... stupid devenv not knowing how to handle dependencies)
    - uninstaller no longer applies your backed up theme

    UPDATE Nov-04-2008
    - reverted xml file handling back to the version 13 method, the new method caused the latest
    build of M2DC to not load after a theme was set through M2DC.
    - updated about page with new donators
    - added new font entry for the weather pag error text
    - fixed a spelling error (thanks p1tater)

    UPDATE Nov-02-2008
    - Added 2 new font items, weather tab low temperature, and weather tab forecast temperature
    neither of thee will allow a color to be set, not sure why, if you figure it out please
    let me know
    - removed experimental WM5 support... the cab will allow installation on a WM 5 device,
    but this app is being built with the WM6 SDK. The WM5 support messed up my build process
    - fixed bug with version not being displayed correctly on the about page (see above reason)




    the following message has been adapted from A_Cs S2U2 post
    (@ALL LINK POSTERS: I know most of you do not post the donation link on your reposted message. That's fine. But I hope you can at least post the link of this thread so that your visitors know the source of M2DC, and rather than uploading the M2DC cab that you downloaded please post a link to this page as the above link will always point to the latest version. Thanks.)
    MY 1.0 TODO LIST

    - Add support for setting the default folder to open in the file manager dialog

    - Add backup/restore for the registry key [HKLM\SOftware\HTC\Manila2D]

    - "Implement the possibility to choose custom icons for the launcher. That could be a drop down list of the launcher buttons, where one can choose which button, and a button to choose the path for the icon."

    REASONABLE REQUESTSThese are things that have been requested that I think are reasonable, they are not at the top of my list at the moment, but they may make it there in the future

    - Add support for detecting what a theme file contains... ie make m2DC smart enough to know if the theme file is only weather icons, or that the theme file does not have an analog clock, If the theme file does not contain something in the xml or contain the actual files then don't use the xml or files for that settings

    - Add support for picking and choosing which parts of a theme to apply. Show a list of theme components with check boxes that the user can check and un-check the specific things that he want sot apply. (only apply digital clock form theme A, only apply background and tabs from theme B, only apply weather icons from theme C)

    - add option to hide tab bar and the non active tab icons link

    - add option to display theme information link

    - add option for start menu customization link

    - add new favorites to the internet tab link

    - add option to change the date format link

    - add support for changing the launcher item icon link

    - add option to apply welcome screens contained in theme files

    - add functionality to be able to apply a skin via a command line argument link

    - add support for adding things to the operator tab link

    MY WISH LISTThese are things that I want to do, but I will need to invest some significant time into research to get them working

    - add option to deal with *.tsk files (maybe copy the file to the windows directory and figure out the proper way to apply the theme in code...)

    - add option to extract/apply themes that exist as cab files? (extract cab file contents on the fly cabextract.org)

    REQUESTSI doubt I will do any of these things (I try to give a reason as to why)

    - Add an option to auto rotate the applied skin every 30 minutes or so
    Reason I don't see how this really benefits anyone, maybe I will do it after everything else on this list is done, but that will probably never happen. Maybe I will add command line arguments so that you can create a mortscript or something

    - change tab functionalitynew run method
    Reason This uses a 3rd party program that I did not develop, and it seems pretty extreme, If a simpler method is found I will re evaluate this request

    - add new tabs
    Reason I have no idea how to do this, I know that they can do it for Manilla3D, and i looked into it, but right now I have no idea how to do it for Manilla2D. When someone figures this out let me know and I will see if I can put it into M2DC

    - add custom cities to the weather widget
    Reason right now this is possible to do by hand, my city is in the default htchomesettings.xml file already, adding the ability to connect to the internet and get information from a website will take a lot of time and effort on my part, and I think that my time would be better dedicated to the more important features of M2DC

    - Add option to have more than 1 upcoming appointment on the home screen
    Reason I have no idea how to do this, and I don't use the calendar on my device so I always end up hiding even the 1 appointment on the home screen.

    - Allow for more rows and columns in the people tab
    Reason The people tab xml is just one huge mess, it is really hard to do by hand, and just thinking about the code that I would have to write to make this work makes my head hurt. I don't use the people tab right now so I don't think I will put myself through the pain of doing this. Let me know if this is a huge request for you.

    - Smart phone compatibility
    ReasonI do not own a smart phone, and I have only received 1 request for this, let me know if there are more people that want this
    wow great tool , thank you

    Is it possible to add the email tab to the customizer to change fonts.
    is there a way to make or modify *.tsk file ?

    i think most people use ThemeGenCE, but I am not sure. The site is french, but there are different language translations available for download