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May 10, 2008
hi xborfi,
sorry for the delay in the reply. regarding your question sub folders under private folder are not implemented and may lead to unknown results as what what u have faced, sorry i should have made this clear in my first post :eek:
Hope u were just testing and not having some important smses there :eek:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

well actually I lost over 2000 of my beautiful SMS s which I have saved over 2 years, since I am very lazy to get backups!! :p

hi again, it is a good suggestion and that means it is not implemented :p

do you plan to release an update for this dude?

I have tried to work on your source code but I always give me error, I am using VS2008.


Mar 19, 2009
Please, please help me, help me.

I'd forgotten my password. And now i want to install a newer version (present v4.4). What I have to do now?

My device:

- LG KS20
- OS: WM 6 OS 5.2.1630
- ROM & Bootloader & Modem firmware: v10a
- ROM date: 2008-04-29

Thanks in advance.

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    Source Code now Open- Project hosted at http://smsrules.codeplex.com/

    The most comprehensive SMS management tool which gives you an option to do what you always wanted to do.
    Some of the things which it enables you to do!!
    1. Filter all the incoming messages and Move/Copy them to a folder
    2. Create/Delete user folders.
    3. Hide private messages.
    4. Automatically delete messages.
    5. Archive messages and store in a date-wise folders.
    6. Apply rules either automatically or manually.
    7. Apply some rules automatically and some manually.
    8. Contact and Message content based filtering.
    9. Low on memory and battery. No background process to monitor SMS.
    10. View and delete created rules. :) Silly to mention it.
    11. Simple Deployment and easy interface. works from storage Card.

    This was developed with the help of open source project MAPIDotNet .
    Needs .NET CF 3.5
    Using and Configuring SMSRules

    1. All rules are configured through CreateRules GUI in program shortcut.
    2. Initial Password also needs to be configured through Createrules GUI (about tab->personal->show)
    3. AutoRun, Manual filtering of user folders, Archiving all done through CreateRules GUI.
    4. After setting up rules you can use Runrules to filter SMSes.
    5. After setting up initial password you can use PrivateSMS app to show hide PRIVATE folder.
    The PRIVATE folder will be shown/Created automatically in WM SMS app(tmail)(will automatically open on providing correct password), you need to go and look into the folders to see your SMSes.



    1>How to autorun the rules?
    To autorun a rule/rules autorun option should be checked in the main menu. auto run run only those rules which have auto option selected.

    2>Can I create/delete folders using this?
    yes, but you can only create and delete the user folders in SMS account

    3>Will copy option copy every time it is run?
    No, copy option will copy the message into destination folder and mark the copied message as read at both places. so only unread message will be copied.

    4>What folder to select with delete option?
    you can select any folder as the message is finally going to be deleted so it wont matter(better option is to chose "deleted items" as it is easy to view in rules view)

    5>What is HIDE option!(EDIT)
    this option can only be used for now in contacts page.
    V3.1>If a message comes from the user it will be deleted from the inbox and saved inside the application. also autorun should be enabled for this feature to work.
    V4.1>From v4.1 messages are moved to a hidden folder in the Outlook, so basically the messages are still in outlook but u can't see those.

    6> Where to look for HIDDEN messages(EDIT)?
    to view hidden messages go to about page and there personal menu->show and select the dropdown to select the user for which u want to see the messages.
    From v4.1>To see the hidden messages u have to provide correct password and then click on the show private folder button. Doing this will create a new folder(PRIVATE) and will have all the private messages of yours ;)
    From v4.3 An extra shortcut has been supplied which will directly allow you to hide/show private smses. But you need to initially set password from the createrules application.

    7>Can i delete the hidden messages?
    Yes you can. In 3.1 just select and delete the message and from 4.1 delete it like you delete any other message from your outlook.

    8>Do i need to create a folder to store a hidden message?
    No, there is no need to select any folder name as application will take care of it. and in view rules option you can find your hidden messages rule in folder named as "#".

    9>What is this "#" in contact rules folder dropdown?
    refer FAQ 8.

    10>How frequently will this app be updated?
    As frequently as ideas pour in. ;)

    11>What is the initial password?
    There is no initial password. After installing v3.1/v4.1 opening personal messages will ask you for a password, that will be used automatically in next logins.
    Before using the new PrivateSMS shortcut in 4.3 you need to set up a password for use through CreateRules gui.

    12>Can I change password?
    Yes, when you have created a password and want to change it you can do that by checking the change password checkbox and providing the old and then the new password.

    13>I forgot my password, can i recover it?
    no, Contact me here for the solution. ;)
    NOTE: You have to create a new password from CreateRules link before you try to use the PrivateSMS shortcut.

    14>How to install/Uninstall it?
    please uncheck autorun before installing/uninstalling.

    15> How to hide the PRIVATE folder?
    Just close the application or again provide the password and there you can see the same button will have a text prompt to hide the folder.
    For PrivateSMS shortcut it will give you an option to hide also, even if you close the application it will automatically hide the folder.

    16> How can i Delete all Private messages?
    to delete all the hidden messages go to your private area by providing password and there u can click on the delete private messages button, which deletes all the private messages.

    17>When i go to my SMS folder i cant see any PRIVATE folder!
    PRIVATE folder will be enabled only when u have started the application and clicked the show button after proving the password.

    18>Do i need to create a PRIVATE folder first on my own?
    No, there is no need to do so as the application will take care of it.

    19>So what folder name should i give to HIDE rule?
    refer FAQ8

    20>Do i need to delete my earlier rules?
    No there is no need to so but all the messages which were stored earlier with hide option wont be accessible. if you used 3.1

    21>I want to save my earlier rules! what to do?
    Just install the application at the same location or copy the rules.db, ur password and all the rules will remain same.

    CHANGES IN 4.1
    1. Modified the hide logic, now saves the messages in outlook.(Thanks to krups for sharing the idea)
    2. Fixed some bugs.
    3. Autorun application now won't remain running after a message arrives(saving battery and memory).

    Changes in 4.2
    1. Autorun option stops wm default notification and provides custom notifications for the rules applied. Unchecking Autorun starts wm notification.(Seems it may toggle threaded mode in some devices. U may try this solution)
    2. Contact names are now in order.
    3. First Name last name rules now working.
    4. One more option added to add wildcard numbers. to match common format numbers.
    5. Some minor fixes.
    6. Select option to view PRIVATE folder in SMS inbox opens the tmail application automatically.

    Changes in 4.3
    If 4.2 is installed please first un-check autorun.
    1. Horizontal ScrollBar added to add contact list.
    2. New Tab added (Tools), gives option to Archive selected folders.
    Archiving will move all the messages from the selected folders to the ArchivedSMS folder and create a subdirectory tree with same name as of the source folder and under that will create folders datewise.Eg
    Tools tab also provides another option to run the rules over any subfolders.
    Select the folder from the dropdown list and then apply rules.
    3. New shortcut added in program menu with name "Private SMS" which enables you to access your private folder directly.
    NOTE: You have to create a new password from CreateRules link before you try to use the shortcut.
    4. The time for which wait cursor was getting displayed when a SMS is intersepted, has been reduced.
    5. While changing the password from the main application it asks for the new password two times to confirm.
    6. Enabling/Disabling Autorun changes the way the New Text Message is notified. Now this will change the sound and notification settings.

    Changes in 4.3a
    Modifies the cab to create a folder and keep all the exes shortcuts there.
    Added a slider control in PrivateSMS application to fetch number of private smses it should display. Keeping it low will display the last one and maximum will show all.
    This was done incase you have alot of Private SMS it used to take time to show them, this option reduces the time by limiting the number of smses you want to see

    Changes in 4.4
    1. Made custom notification optional, you can now select, to have or not to have a notification displayed when a sms is filtered. You can choose it from Createrules GUI menu.
    2. If you have opted to be notified it will display only one notification for all the sms you receive and will have two buttons in notification window, one to close the notification and other to refresh, refresh updates the no of rules completed, incase there were more messages filtered after the first time notification was displayed.

    Changes in 4.5
    1. Menu modified.
    2. Option added for scheduled run(Only at first tab)
    3. Control over notification, choose over windows default notification, custom notification and hidden rules notification.
    4. One bug fix

    Changes in 4.5b
    1. Fixed SMS filtering in case filtering was done in Sent items

    Changes in 4.6b
    1. Size reduced
    2. Faster filtering
    3. Should Work on threaded mode :) Finally

    Known Bugs: (Thanks to Jibreil)
    1. Autorun option wont work in HD2. Is this a fix?

    Your Comments are welcome

    Plz report bugs....


    Suggested by: LCyberFox

    This app uses the MessageInterceptor APIs (to save battery power) from PocketOutlook which is very buggy. may cause tmail (pocket outlook) to lag or completely freeze if you receive messages quickly back to back.
    A post on that:

    ps: This *ONLY* applies if you are using this app using the "Auto" mode, if you aren't, then you're safe :)

    Incase you are about to uninstall it PLZ *UNCHECK AUTORUN* or may still lead to some lags.

    Now Open Source

    Project now hosted at http://smsrules.codeplex.com/
    is there any command line for hiding SMS ? for example privatesms.exe -hide ! or sth like this?

    hi again, it is a good suggestion and that means it is not implemented :p
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