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Apr 15, 2014
@RiCkLaR, That makes sense. Thanks for the details. In my case, I was actually deliberately experimenting with it, as someone elsewhere was needing to know how to get back to the stock launcher, since Launcher Manager no longer worked for them with the latest Fire TV versions. That's what prompted me to do the following, to better understand the various moving parts: I deliberately ran the latest updates, and force reinstalled FireHomeStarterApplication apk. Then I tested out your method. Your explanation fits perfectly. I've actually been thinking about getting a different device, so I'm not worried about losing the custom launcher linked to the Home button for now.


Oct 18, 2019
Test boot delay on this.
Enable custom launcher handler, select launcher from list, press home, select LM Custom launcher and click on always, reboot.

This will not work with protected packages

What do you mean with "protected packages"?
I install this apk and try it . But the boot time still be 2 - 3 minutes.


Feb 22, 2022
Just got a Shield TV Pro 2019, I was wondering if there's a updated wolf launcher link? LM (ATV) - 1.0.4 is that the latest still?


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Mar 15, 2018
2nd Gen Cube with OS, I've got LeanbackOnFire set as my current launcher with a working home button. Persists through reboot without Launch on Boot.


Apr 25, 2015
Realme C3
Wolf Launcher is Modded by me, ATV Launcher is an edit of Wolf Launcher which is a mod of ATV.
ATV Launcher is not edited by me, Its up to you what version you want to stick to. they both can be installed alongside each other.

I have decided to drop any more further update to the Wolf Launcher.
Good day)
Is the Wolf-launcher project not developing?


May 15, 2022
Is launcher manager still being worked on as I got my firestick 4k max like last week and didn't know amazon blocked custom launchers and when I did it was already too late so I got launch on boot and tasker as a workaround but kept trying launcher manager but it never worked so I am going to wait until the next version is released.


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Sep 29, 2012
Any tweak after latest update in FOS5 for Firestick 2nd Gen. Everything works except setting default wolf launcher. Clicking home button set back to ATV launcher. Also, KFTV launcher cannot be deleted or disabled.
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Dec 3, 2011
Installing this to Android TV (1.0.4) left me with a black screen. A reboot doesn't change that. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it again?

-edit- The only thing still working was the Assistant thing with the microphone. So I said "open settings" and it brought me to the settings. I deleted LM, but now I still have no launcher anymore.

-edit2- Could find the stock launcher again and set it back to enabled and turned off usb debugging permissions. This thing probably isn't working for me today.
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Mar 18, 2016
Amazon Fire TV
Installing this to Android TV (1.0.4) left me with a black screen. A reboot doesn't change that. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it again?

-edit- The only thing still working was the Assistant thing with the microphone. So I said "open settings" and it brought me to the settings. I deleted LM, but now I still have no launcher anymore.

-edit2- Could find the stock launcher again and set it back to enabled and turned off usb debugging permissions. This thing probably isn't working for me today.
install LM again and enable stock launcher, uninstalling LM does not revert any changes, you'll have to enable/disable launcher from LM itself.


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Mar 18, 2016
Amazon Fire TV
Patch - (mantis / Firestick 4k) [Final]

Added recents Support to CLH (Double press Home to open shortcuts)

Needs NS6289 to work
Needs Patched boot image, either flash attached boot.img or just install magisk


  • boot-6289.img
    7.4 MB · Views: 33
  • Patch - (mantis).zip
    16.5 MB · Views: 33
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Aug 25, 2011
I just set up a (new) 4K Max which is on fw

I used the trick (basically just disconnecting wifi immediately 1st setup) to get to the home screen without updating.
I then connected it to my home network manually and put dummy settings for the gateway & DNS.
After enabling ADB in the FOS settings I was able to wirelessly connect (locally) via ADB.
I ADB installed LM 1.1.6 (I coudn't find 1.1.7), debloat toolbox, and LeanbackOnFire launcher

I enabled custom launcher which now (correctly) shows that LeanbackOnFire is the current launcher.
It survives a reboot.
In "Other Settings-->"Amazon OS Updates" I clicked on "Disable System Updates"
It now shows that it's status is "Blocked" (This is verified in Debloat toolbox as the 3 OTA were already ticked).
This also survives a reboot.

I still have fully connected it to the internet yet.
Is there anything else I need to do to stop it from updating? (I could point it to PiHole) or am I good to go?


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    Hi SweenWolf, Currently I have installed. So what is the correct sequence to flash with your patch.
    watch the video to create a new TWRP flashable image.

    Written steps:
    1. download latest bin file. (e.g. mantis.bin)
    2. download some archive tool (e.g. 7-zip)
    3. rename the bin extension to zip (e.g. mantis.zip)
    4. open "mantis.zip" using "7-zip" and delete all folders from zip file
    5. now open "Scripts.zip" and extract it (download from attachment)
    6. put the extracted folder "META-INF" into "mantis.zip"
    7. put patched boot.img into "mantis.zip"
    now you can simply flash the "mantis.zip" files in TWRP
    Is the following workflow correct?
    1. flash your modified boot.img in fastboot on and there should be only one boot partition for mantis right?
    Doing this WILL brick your stick. Never flash any boot or recovery image using Fastboot, use TWRP to do that.

    Usually a boot.img is to be flashed along with the os image itself, but it can be flashed after os installation and not prior to it (and before any reboot)
    if you flashed mantis.zip using twrp then flash boot.img right after that (you should not reboot before that)

    2. reboot into twrp and flash
    3. before reboot flash your patch for

    Thank you for your time and help.

    Just follow the instructions, create a modified OS image, flash the image using TWRP and reboot.

    after that you can simply flash anything you like e.g. magisk or pathces.
    You might try out the Walmart onn. Android TV 4K UHD box -- it only costs $19.88, and comes with the Google G10 reference remote. I'm able to install Button Mapper and FLauncher on it, mapping the Home key to FLauncher. It performs more smoothly than my Fire TV Stick 4K on various videos. The only problem I have with it currently is that the Vudu app (owned by Fandango now, no longer Walmart) hasn't been updated to support 4K UHD. I also prefer the Fire TV Stick 4K remote to the Google G10 remote, because the former has a dedicated play/pause button -- but you can always pair a different Bluetooth remote with the onn. box.

    Thanks but I’m in the UK. No walmart!
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    1. Download Launcher Manager by clicking or by using short link and install on your FireTV.
    (Latest: 1.1.6)
    2. Install a Custom Launcher and then open Launcher Manager.
    3. To Enable Custom Launcher, Click on "Launcher Options" and select "Enable Custom Launcher".
    If you get "CONNECTION FAILED" then see INFO section.
    4. Press [Home] to open your custom launcher.
    If your Current Launcher says "Launcher Manager", see INFO section.

    Click on "Disable Custom Launcher", press Home.
    • If you get "CONNECTION FAILED", click on "OPEN ADB SETTINGS" and enable "ADB DEBUGGING" and Press BACK Button. If you still get this error Restart your Device (Long Press SELECT + PLAY/PAUSE Button)and disconnect from PC if Connected.
    • If your Current Launcher says "Launcher Manager", it means you don't have a custom launcher Installed, just install the launcher and you'll be good to go, no need to enable stock.
    • You can only open some of the Settings using Launcher Manager, to Access All the Settings then you have to Disable Custom Launcher.
    Short Link for Downloader
    Launcher Manager 1.1.6 (FOS 6 & 7)

    1.1.6 (02-Mar-22)

    • Added Some more Translation
    • Added System apps to LMU Handler
    • Added Password protection for LM
    • Fixed app conflict issue
    • Fixed icon on Fireos 7
    • Added option to execute saved adb shell commands
    • Integrated Update Blocker in LM (Doesn't work with latest release of FireOS)
    1.1.5 (03-Jan-22)
    • Added German and Spanish Translation
    • Some Bug Fixes
    • Some minor changes
    • Ability to change Screensaver
    • Ability to change System Language (on Request)
    • Added / Changed some Icons
    • Some minor changes
    • Re-added option for Selecting any app as launcher (LM Handler), can be accessed within Launcher Options.
    • Added Keyboard Change Options (in Display & Sound section) (moved to Other Settings)
    • Reuploaded version
      • Fixed 4K detection for Display Resolution
      • Fixed Crash for Devices with non-usable overscan values
    • Added Display & Sounds Option (Display, Sounds, Overscan, CEC)
    • Changing Display Resolution requires System Restart
    • Fixed Equipment Control
    • Boot Delay is fixed by Amzon on newer Roms.
    • Settings from Amazon Hud opens Launcher Manager (On updating to 1.0.9 from older version its mendatory to click on "Enable Custom Launcher" just one time for this to work)
    • For the Devices with New Updated Amazon Interface
    • Removed Launcher Choices
    • Now using single key for all the apps. (Remove older version first to update the key.)
    • Delay is still there, needs logcat
    • In-app Updates
    • Fixed some bugs
    • Changed UI
    • Changed Package Name
    • Changed Install location to Internal Only
    • Added System and Developers Shortcut
    • Fixed issue where launcher is stuck sometimes
    • Added option to choose any Custom Launcher *
    • Can be Launched from Amazon Hud *
    * Needs Launcher Manager to be set as Default Launcher. (LM is auto selected)
    * If launched by Amazon HUD, Long press will open Launcher manager, press back to exit from there. (Fixed in 1.0.6)


    FireOS Update Blocker (FOS 6+)
    This app can be used to Enable or Disable Amazon System Update.
    Update Blocker (Click to Download)

    Short Link for Downloader
    Update Blocker

    1. Download Launcher Manager by clicking or by using short link and install on your AndroidTV. (Latest: 1.0.4)
    2. Install a Custom Launcher and then open Launcher Manager.
    3. To Enable Custom Launcher, Click on "Enable Custom Launcher".
    4. Press [Home] to open your custom launcher.

    Click on "Disable Custom Launcher", press Home.

    Short Link for Downloader
    Launcher Manager 1.0.4 (ATV)

    • Added Custom Launcher support
    *ANY FIREOS (Version 71 or lower) or with patched Accessibility
    pm grant com.wolf.firetvsettings android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS
    needed for proper working of this app

    pm grant com.wolf.firetvsettings android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW (not necessary for app working)
    needed to show mouse/package overlay

    pm grant com.wolf.firetvsettings android.permission.PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS (needed for package overlay only when accessibility services are disabled) (not needed)

    pm grant com.wolf.firetvsettings android.permission.READ_LOGS
    (needed for prime accessibility workaround) (prime workaround will disable accessibility services temporarily so prime video will auto hide the bar, it will restart the services once home button is pressed).

    To start service for first time click on (START SERVICE) on Top Right.

    To toggle mouse mode long press "Play/Pause", to scroll use Fast Forward/Rewind
    press menu button to switch scrolling direction.

    Key Bindings:
    Menu (Long Press) + Home (Long Press) = Traditional Amazon Menu
    Menu (Long Press) + Home (Single Click) = Amazon Home
    Home (Long Press) = Shortcuts & App Drawer
    (In App Drawer) Long Press on Item = App option & Appstore link

    Mouse functionality added from this source. MATVT (GitHub)




    1. Steps to install app on FireTV
    Download Main File via this link Launcher Manager (FOS5)
    then install it on Your FireTV running FireOS 5

    2. Steps to be setup the App

    If you know how to use ADB then here are the commands
    adb shell pm grant com.wolf.fos5.settings android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW
    adb shell pm grant com.wolf.fos5.settings android.permission.READ_LOGS
    or you can download FireTV Toolbox
    install it on any Android device (not on the Main FireTV device)
    Enter the IP address of your FireTV in this app and click on Connect
    Click on "GO" button after "Setup Launcher Manager"
    it will auto launch the app on FireTV.
    Select the launcher of your choice and enable Launcher Detection, click on save.
    Short Link for Downloader

    FireTV Toolbox
    Launcher Manager (FireOS 5)

    This app can disable Stock Launcher of Any Android TV (except anything running on Fireos 5), it requires Network Debugging to function.
    The way it works is it finds the stock launcher and disables it.
    It does that in a loop until "android" itself is set as default launcher.
    at this point if there are no Custom launchers are installed on the system then you will see only a black screen.
    So a custom launcher should be installed prior to enabling the custom launcher.

    some apps also broadcasts themselves as launcher and if they are installed as system app and are set as default launcher then it will also disable them.
    some launcher integrates settings in them so disabling the launcher will disable settings also.
    the apps who broadcasts themselves as Fallback home will not be disabled.

    There were certain cases where user uninstalled launcher and got blank screen, to mitigate that issue LMU will set itself as the launcher and call the other launchers on its behalf. so if the launcher is deleted then pressing the home button will launch LMU, from where you can disable custom launcher support.

    If it detects that after disabling everything it doesn't reach the "android" itself and is unable to find a launcher then it will rollback itself, enabling every single thing it disabled.

    Fixed Settings Shortcut for Amazon Hud.
    Fixed Disabling of "Android"

    All other functionalities are similar to Launcher Manager from the First Post.
    Launcher Manager Ultimate

    Version: 1.0.3 (1-Mar-22)

    This app uses shell to grant or deny any permissions that an app requires.
    Select an app and click on it
    From the list of permission which you want to grant or deny the access and click ok
    select "Allow" or "Deny"
    DEBLOAT TOOLBOX (FireOS 6 & 7)
    Version: 5 (19-Jan-22)
    Debloat System Apps on FireOS 6 & 7
    This isn't a confidence-inspiring reply.

    I don't actually care if you took an abandoned app and updated it making it your own, but the second half of your reply is just unnecessarily confrontational.

    You could have just reassured me that your edits were safe, but you choose to be defensive instead.

    I think I'll remove your launcher and look for something via the Play Store.

    I've lost all confidence in Wolf Launcher.
    Look I'm gonna tell you and everyone what I've done with the launcher till now,
    I have changed the way it launches the app, on latest pro (any pro) it used to crash the apps.
    I fixed the title bar. I then optimized it for FireTV (not any other OS, which caused it to misbehave on some device) which i later fixed. Then some people were having trouble installing both ATV and Wolf simultanously. so i had to change package name which made me to change the launcher name also (that might have been wrong on my side). then i optimized the app once again for FireOS (it caused some freeze issue). Then to fix Setting of Amazon HUD (older version of FireOS), I had to add a code to handle settings (it only works on Amazon and no other device). I changed some sections to give user large wall (that was temporary fix). I removed some http links, but they are used either for update check or to change Network State in the launcher.
    Then i added "App Info" to the launcher, which i only added for non-system apps.
    Later i removed the large section mod and unlocked the widget for Firestick 4k.
    Then I added "Other Settings" which contained option to clear cache and Backup/ Restore function.
    i also added a code which starts the services of Launcher Manager (thats also mainly for FireOS and thats because of Boot Delay). I also added a stroke for tiles.
    thats all i have done to the apk. I have not done this mod to make any money, and i can assure you this app is safe to use. My only intention to mod this app was that this app was almost perfect and there was some bugs which i had to fix myself because the support of this launcher were down. And the only issue at that time was app crash for which i decided not to compile a launcher by myself. I am not forcing you to do anything, I am just clarifying myself, The apps which i have created are safe. and are to improve the user experience only.
    i do not like to or want to rip someone off. I started this mod for FireOS only and no other OS.
    custom launcher for Fire OS,

    No Root Required​

    install wolf or other custom launcher
    install total commander on amazon app store
    open, go to installed app, copy somewhere default launcher if you want(backup), after that delete default launcher.
    And now you can use custom launcher again.
    Check for Grey Icon and incorrect translations (used Google Translate for some missing strings)