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Oct 3, 2018
VR checker is free and simple app that check compatibility of your device with vr technology.
VR is now widely used when watching videos, in various games and applications, as well as for controlling drone.
This application is very useful when you buy a new phone or tablet and are not aware of its compatibility with virtual reality.
Also this app is necessary if you want to buy vr headset, but don’t know if your device support virtual reality.
App have modern and simple design with dark mode support.

Not every smartphone can work in virtual reality mode.
It depends on many different characteristics such as the availability of the required sensors and the size of the screen.
The test will also show you which sensors are installed on your device.
The test fast checks for the presence of the necessary sensors for working in virtual reality such as: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, compass.

In addition, for comfortable viewing, there must be a perfect high pixel density (PPI) and display resolution.
This application will measure these characteristics and tell you how compatible your device is for these parameters.

✔ Simple and fast check if your phone or tablet is VR compatible
✔ Easy check if accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and compass sensors available
✔ Measure if screen size is optimal
✔ Quick testing by one tap
✔ Calculate the pixel density (PPI) and know if it is comfortable
✔ Find screen resolution
✔ Simple and modern design
✔ Dark mode supported
✔ Accurate measurement
✔ No internet connection required
✔ Free to use

Google Play link

Youtube link

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