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[App] [Free] Minesweeper Classic

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    I make that thread to present you my new game Minesweeper available on Google Play Store here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ssaurel.minesweeper .

    Application is an implementation of the classical game Minesweeper that comes with a classic blue theme remembering the app on Windows XP.

    The game integrates Google Play Games letting you to share your scores overall the World across global Leaderboards and deblock Achievements when you are playing :).

    A QR Code to download quickly the app from Play Store :


    You can discover Minesweeper in action in that Youtube demo video :

    Here are some screenshots :

    * Home Screen


    * Beginner mode


    * Sign in with Google Plus account


    * Game menu


    * Preferences screen


    * Achievements


    In details, features are following :

    • Original blue theme
    • 4 levels of difficulties (Noob with 8 mines, Beginner with 15 mines, Intermediate with 40 mines and Expert with 99 mines)
    • Custom level to define width, height and mines like you want
    • Touch or long touch cells to reveal, flag or mark them
    • Local best times
    • Help menu to learn how to play
    • Preferences menu to customize the Minesweeper
    • Sound effects that can be enabled in preferences
    • Google Play Games integration to have more fun with the game
    • World Leaderboards
    • Achievements

    Application needs only 2 permissions : Internet to display ads (a Pro version with no ads is available here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ssaurel.minesweeper.pro ) and Write to external storage to store your achievements when you are not connected on Google+ account before send to Google Play Games when you will be connected after.

    Direct link to download APK from my server : http://www.ssaurel.com/minesweeper/Minesweeper.apk

    A web site is also available to play online to the game and see changelog when the app will be updated : http://www.ssaurel.com/minesweeper/

    It's all :). Give me your feedbacks and ideas to improve the game.


    Great idea !

    i dont use google+, but i do have a suggestion for u to consider..

    add double-tap action to a disclosed cell and reveal all those empty cells nearby.. this is just like the left+right click of the mouse in the windows version..
    in this way if the flags are marked correctly, the nearby cells can be revealed quickly instead of tapping each one..
    and of course if the flags are marked wrongly, the bomb explodes.. ;)

    Oh yes, great idea !

    I had forgotten this option on the original game.

    It's a good way to solve more quickly a game.

    I'm going to work on it and i will publish the feature quickly :).

    Hi, nice game! I remembered old times :silly:

    I didn't have problems while playing it, but is that a typo inside the red box? I guess it isn't but I just want to help, so...

    Thanks for your message.

    I think "backlit" word is not a mistake. It's a good word.

    It sounds like a challenge :silly:

    Sent from my GT-I9070 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app

    Yes :), it's a challenge !

    I hope to be the first to achieve expert mode in the game :D
    I tried to play a bit but for me it is bad because there are many squares and I play in a four inch screen :(

    Indeed, it's a problem. I play on Nexus 10 tablet, it's perfect so :).

    I think I must find a way to improve expert mode for 4 inches screens.

    When you rotate the screen, the cells are displayed larger but you need to scroll to access other cells.