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Aug 10, 2013
Hey everybody,

I’ve made significant improvements on the tip calculator app I developed. My app is ad-free and requires no permissions. Why did I do this? Because it feels good to provide users with a free app, a clean interface, and an excellent user experience. I developed this because I personally needed a tip calculator that wouldn’t spam me with ads, would provide a customizable solution, and has with a clean and stylish interface. I believe I fulfilled all these important aspects, but I would appreciate any feedback you could provide to me by giving my app a rating or review. Please tell me what you think, thank you!

As a new user I can't post download links, but you can find it by typing "fast tip calculator" into the google play store. :)

A little more about myself, I’m an individual developer and a senior in high school who develops apps for personal, educational, and business uses. I am completely self taught and have never taken any programming class. I have big plans for future apps and will be applying to colleges soon in pursuit of a Computer Science degree. Thank you for your support.

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