[APP] GalaxSim Unlock 1.02, JB compatible

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Jun 12, 2009
Thanks! Lost my unlock code and remembered reading this thread many months ago. Although it never worked in the past it does now work on a SGS2 GT-i9100M. Just wish i had my code...


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Feb 1, 2013
Not registered/ Telcel

thanks for the response.

the imea matches the one on the inside of the phone so i doubt its that.

whats sn?

its worth adding that other some sim cards work on the phone and the o2 card i have also works in other phones.

i doubt my imea is blacklisted because the phone has been working for ever 8months with no problems.

After three months of various maneuvers, I flashed via CWM the I777UCLL6_modem.zip - IT WORKED! I guess code written in the Straight talk modem would not allow a different sim to work! Thanks everyone for the help!

SHOstock3 v3.0
AJK 1.25ss


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Jul 1, 2012
We I think my phone is now unlocked. Phone (S2) was locked to 3 network orignally

The app shows it as unlocked anlocked now and T-Mobile sim and an orange sim both worked.
However my pay monthly Orange sim is not recognised (says network not found), but the same sim works in my other S2 and other family phones!

Does nayone have any ideas on what I can do to rectify?

Also, I think I paid for this software twice, first time I 'unlocked' it obvisoult processed payment, but when my Orange sim didn't work I reverted back the lock to try another tool and accidentally clicked 'unlock my phone' on this app again. So will I get charged twice and can I get refund for one payment please developer - thanks

Thanks in advance.

Once you pay for this app you have app forever .....and you pay only once .....I have unlocked so far many phones I own......

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Dec 6, 2012
Back in business ! With an app to sim unlock your Galaxy S / S2 / S3 (and variants) (to use any other network operator).

Wow, you read it till the end ! Congrats, now go unlock your device :)

That's just what i did :) and it worked :) thank you so much :) saved me a couple of bucks:good: Worked on a CAptivate running CM 10.1 (4.2.2) . :)


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May 2, 2009
OnePlus 3
OnePlus 5T
relock phone

Hi all!

Is there a way to relock/rebrand Samsung S3 International version (i9300) after unlocking, BUT WITHOUT the original EFS backup?

I have efs backup only from the unlocked state, but i want to revert the changes back to original.

If possible, how can I try it? Can anybody explain me or link a thread?

Attached picture shows what this program shows now from unlocked state.

Thanks for help!


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May 2, 2012

thankyou for yo8ur help, saved me a lotta trouble abroad. Workes perfectly with latest update galaxy note 2.


Oct 6, 2012
I have the same problem...but I forgot to copy the efs folder

Have you got a response yet?, How or where can I download a copy of a efs folder for Galaxy S III? :crying:


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May 1, 2013
Thanks bud, you saved me from doing lots of research and work.

Donation is out ;)

PS: My phone runs Android 4.2.2 and it had an austrian simlock.
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Aug 4, 2010
A friend of mine has a Galaxy s2 that was locked to vodafone and was unlocked with the code based on the imei. Yesterday his s2 updated to 4.1 and the phone was locked again, and the code doesn't work anymore, even though the imei is the same. Will this program solve the issue?



Feb 13, 2011
Hey spocky, thanks a lot for your good work. It works like a champ.

one two three = UNLOCKED!

Here you got your beer, thanks!

Confirmation number: 10A14744YX329183V ;)
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    Back in business ! With an app to sim unlock your Galaxy S / S2 / S3 (and variants) (to use any other network operator).

    A little background first. I bought my GS3 2 monthes ago. It was sim locked, but I didn't care as I read there was an app to unlock it. Unfortunately, what I didn't know at that time is that this method was not behaving the same way as official sim unlock method. And as you might know, sometime in July, starting from LG6 rom, Samsung added checks to prevent unofficial lock methods, that would relock your device upon each reboot. It looks like they recently did the same on GS2. So I took my favorite decompiler and started looking for a workaround. And here it is : "GalaxSim Unlock".

    Now I won't lie to you. I won't tell you it will unlock your phone forever, as I can't say for sure. I won't enter into technical details, but I can't affirm that this app makes all the changes made with buying an official unlock code (at least, not yet). Why ? Because I honestly don't know what those changes are. So Samsung might add some checks in future roms that could probably relock the phone. Or they won't.
    With my growing experience of Samsung's EFS, it seems however that they might not do more than my app, in other words, I'm starting to believe that this patch will still work in the future.
    One thing for sure : as of now, this app does more than any other manual or automatic methods available, so your device won't relock with any currently available roms (post lg6, Jb leaks...).
    So apart from buying an official code, that's probably your best chance to unlock your device for now.

    *** FAQ ***
    This app will :
    • unlock/unbrand your phone the best as my current knowledge permits to. Which is sufficient to run any currently available roms (including JB).
    • work on any existing rooted rom
    • support international Galaxy S3 i9300 (Us qualcomm based GS3 are not supported at this time)
    • support other Galaxy family devices (S, S2 and their variant) (not extensively tested as of now, drop me a pm if yours is unsupported or supported but not written so)
    • work if you previously unlocked your device with "voodoo unlock" or "galaxy s unlock"
    • work if you installed a previous ril (aka mike's patch).
    • warn you if you're using other dangerous methods
    • warn you if your imei has been lost due to any error in nv_data caused by a third party app.
    • give you detailed information about current locks status (be it locked, unlocked or "partially locked", ie unlocked with methods not compatible with newer roms)
    • backup efs before modifying anything (that should guarantee you a safe use)
    • enable you to restore your efs backup if you want to.
    • be updated when needed (I need it as much as you ;))
    • compute md5 files properly (no log hack)
    • support more galaxy devices soon

    This app won't :
    • Restore your previously lost efs/nv_data/imei or any other magical stuff.
    • Support non samsung phones

    *** Download ***
    GalaxSim Unlock is now available in the Google Play Store here. It's free to download, with in-app billing to unlock, for what I believe is a fair price (I've made it that way so that people can see if GalaxSim Unlock is able to sim unlock their phone before buying).
    Other features (device/lock information, nv error detection, efs backup/restore, efs export to a safe place like gmail or google drive) are free to use.
    * Temporalily removed the xda version until more tests have been made and a new beta is released. *

    In any case, I'd appreciate if you could rate the app on the Play Store.

    *** How to use ***
    Prerequisites :
    • Rooted rom
    • Busybox (found on the market and already present in many custom roms)

    Install the app, click on "unlock" and reboot.
    If it worked successfully and you want to encourage my work (either by supporting more devices or by improving the unlock in case of samsung new ril update) a small donation is appreciated.

    Recommendations :
    • Even if this app makes a backup of your efs folder, you might want to make one yourself before using it (better safe that sorry)
    • Don't delete /sdcard/GalaxSimUnlock/ folder, it contains the efs backup made by the app.
    • You can use it with mike's fix libsec-ril.so, no need to restore another ril before unlocking. However, after your phone has been unlocked with this app, I recommend reverting to the ril provided with your rom / adapted to your radio so that the device's functions as expected.
    • You can use it on a device previously unlocked with "voodoo unlock" or "galaxy s unlock". However, if possible, restore a stock efs (or uninstall any other previous patches). It's not necessary, but this way, the efs backup made by the app will be clean. And restoring this backup will revert to what your phone was in its initial state, not an intermediate state.
    • However you need your .nv_core.bak/md5 (not one from another device found on the web). This is required because using nv_core (or nv_data.bak for the record) coming from another device is dangerous as you might lose your imei anytime in the future if your original nv_data.bin file gets corrupted.

    What I would do coming from a previous unlock patch : restore efs, reboot (optionnal but recommended to verify efs has been correctly restored), unlock with the app, restore libsec-ril if needed (manually or by reflashing the rom)

    *** Changelog ***
    v1.02 (2012-08-24) :
    • improved error messages
    • added a check for busybox
    • modified some checks for more safety
    • added full product code string
    • updated supported models (and the warning on untested models is not blocking anymore. Although you should be safe thanks to efs backup, USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISKS)
    • added a "efs backup" button even if there was an error during prerequisite checks so that you can send me your efs if you want me to have a look at it.
    • cosmetic changes

    *** Contact ***
    Dont hesitate to contact me if you :
    • want to buy me a beer :)
    • encounter a bug
    • have any suggestion concerning GalaxSim Unlock
    • have unlocked your device with an official unlock code and want to send me your efs folder so that I can improve this app.
    • have any kind of information concerning nv_data that I should be aware of (Odia, if you read me... ;))

    *** Credits ***
    This app couldn't have been made without the work of a lot of people before me, starting on galaxy s up to latest samsung devices : dawen, Helroz, and NWolf, txlibre, dagentooboy, Odia... (if you feel somebody should be added here, drop me a pm).
    Also a big thanks to beta testers : Mopral, Pyr0x64, tisazalay, balviforever, mabmed, OXINARF, xdafann, asphaeris, SweetthD3ViL
    Last but not least, donators : Pyr0x64, superfloup, Adrian l., Pacoraban, Rudigus (5 donators for more than 5k downloads... Positive point : I guess my conversion rate could hardly decrease :D. Edit : well, seems that it did nonetheless :p)

    *** Disclaimer ***
    As always, use with caution, I made my best to build something safe to use, but if anything goes wrong please don't burn my house :)

    *** Legal notes ***
    Wow, you read it till the end ! Congrats, now go unlocking your device :)
    Is it the same one than your beta or do I need to update?

    I added a few checks and cosmetic changes but the functionnalities are exactly the same. So you don't need to update.
    My IMEI matches the one on my phone, so I guess that is good. Frustratingly I didn't have a backup, as I flashed another ROM, thinking that would simply fix the issue. Should I be worried?


    My phone is showing full signal bars
    My IMEI is correct
    I don't have a backed up EFS folder (stupid mistake)
    I cannot manually or automatically connect to any network

    Do you think I may have a brick on my hands?

    Could you also check your serial number ? If it has been reset, your device won't connect to network. I can fix it though.
    Anyway I4m not sure you read the right section of the faq : a hardlocked device will still request a sim unlock code. If yours doesn't, please have a look at the "no network connection" section in the faq.

    Last night a GalaxSim Unlock update was received from the Play Store. The phone was reported as "locked". I ran unlock again and apparently it has worked fine. It also survived a cold reboot.

    Thanks for a great app!

    Hi, thanks for the feedback !

    Tried to unlock my S3, and got this message:
    Privileged area
    This feature is only available in pro version, however we're sorry to inform you that it's not available at this time. Please try again later.

    Any ideas?


    Due to law changes in the US, I had to temporarily remove GSU from the play store. Hopefully the expected revert of the law will be made soon.
    Tanks for your hard work !

    Donation made : 7KB06913V21138831
    Santé !

    Envoyé depuis mon GT-I9300 avec Tapatalk

    Thanks !
    I updated the app. Changelog :
    - cosmetic changes
    - better error messages.
    - added a check for busybox
    - modified some checks for more safety
    - added full model string
    - updated supported models (and the warning on unsupported models is not blocking anymore)
    - added a "efs backup" button even if there was an error during prerequisite checks so that you can send me your efs if you wnat me to have a look at it.

    thanks for your efs folder, I'll have a look at it when I get some time.

    your gs3 has also been unlocked with SRS Samung Remote Unlock Client. I'll tell you more when I have done some research.

    If it doesn't work with the latest release, please send my your efs folder.

    Could you tell me if the latest release works for you ?

    I have never tested, tell me if it works for you (or just send me your efs folder so that I can confirm it should work).