[App]Galaxy Max Hz (Refresh Rate Control, Quick Resolution Switcher, Force Lowest Refresh Rate on Screen-Off, Adaptive Mod for S20 series and More)

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Oct 15, 2007
With the new update of the G946w off course I don't have the 48hz . But the flashing of the screen is here even when it changes from 60 to 96 and vise versa .


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Mar 28, 2014
Unfortunately, I can't. It's due to display gamma curves calibration - which is not finely tuned enough by Samsung to be consistent across refresh rates - which I understand has to do with non-LTPO characteristics
With the new update of the G946w off course I don't have the 48hz . But the flashing of the screen is here even when it changes from 60 to 96 and vise versa .
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Mar 28, 2014
same issue.
but i think i have found out why keep heptics. but i do not know how to fix it.
after i set up adb..... the latest version will keep activate my samsung pay.
this issue is not on ver 6.60.
I would like to replicate this issue but unfortunately we don't have samsung pay here. Does it crash when it happened?
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Mar 2, 2021
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    v7.10.00 in-app update now available! :)
    - Custom max hz option for power saving mode
    - Automate GMH settings using Tasker plugin support. Supported actions/variables: Max Refresh Rate, Keep Motion Smoothness on PSM, Motion Smoothness Mode, Quick-doze Mod, Change Screen Resolution.
    - Some code refactoring and optimizations
    Hi! Is this happening even when you turn-off quick-doze mod? If yes, it's probably not the app. Let me know if this is not the case.
    I did a factory reset....lol... and now it does everything right..
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    About this app:
    • Refresh Rate Control: Easily control the max refresh rate (Hz) of android devices with multiple refresh rates (e.g. note20 ultra, s20/S20+/S20Ultra, z fold 2, s21/s21+/s21Ultra, tab S7/S7+). This app can limit max refresh rate to 96hz (or any available refresh rate) on supported smartphones - you can save power with negligible difference on smoothness. Use either the in-app toggle or quick settings tile - ADB setup or Root NOT needed.

    • Switch to High: Option to use High(Fixed) motion smoothness mode on Samsung devices natively supporting Adaptive motion smoothness***

      Current Samsung smartphones natively supporting adaptive refresh rates:
      • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
      • Galaxy Z Fold 2
      • Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra

    • Refresh Rate Monitor: Observe how multiple refresh rates work on your device. Use either the in-app toggle or quick settings tile

    • Quick Resolution Switcher: Easily switch to any supported resolutions using the included quick setting tile***

    • Quick High/Adaptive on Power Saving Mode: Easily switch to high or adaptive motion smoothness mode (from Standard) even on power saving mode on supported Samsung smartphones.***

    • Force to Lowest Hz: Force lowest refresh rate on screen-off/AOD. This overrides Samsung's strange stock behavior which sets the refresh rate to the highest on screen off (update: it is now at 60hz since oneui3.0) - to improve standby power consumption a bit - ADB setup or Root NOT needed.

    • Auto set power saving mode during screen-off***

      Ad-Free Exclusive Features:

    • Keep motion smoothness when power saving mode is enabled - either manually or by the system/adaptive power saving***

    • Adaptive refresh rate mod: Experimental adaptive refresh rate mod for devices supporting multiple refresh rates but do not have the native Adaptive motion smoothness (e.g. S20 series, S20FE, TabS7/S7+)***

    • Quick-doze mod: Quick doze mode during screen-off to improve standby power consumption***

    • Set minimum refresh rate for adaptive mode to 60hz or lower (if available)***

    • Resolution switcher filter: Filter what screen resolutions to include for the resolution switcher QS tile.

    • Statusbar net speed indicator

    • 7-day Ad-Free Trial is available. Just click "Activate Ad-free" button and activate free trial when prompted.
    ***these marked features require one-time ADB setup (this is not root)

    Download link, FAQs and more info in original xda thread.

    Questions and Bug Reports:

    Feel free to ask questions relevant to this app here should your question is not addressed in FAQs above.

    For suspected bugs, you can send me a direct message or post it here. Read the FAQs also to check if it is an intended/expected behavior or not. Also check if the latest version is already installed in your device. Please include your device model number, OS version, app version and the steps to reproduce the bug. If possible, attach screen recording* or screenshots. This can be very helpful to me in answering your question or in reproducing and resolving the bug faster.

    *You can use this screen recording app capable of recording high refresh rates

    But I am working on working around this limitation. :)
    Update: After spending some hours of research and tests, I think I now have a workaround to mimic adaptive refresh rate behavior for devices with high refresh rates like S20s. Not 100% perfect but seems working well.
    Currently only N20ultra, TabS7 and S21 series have adaptive refresh rates.
    But I am working on working around this limitation. :)
    v6.62.25 now up! :)
    - Fixed crash when opening some apps in Secured Folder
    - Minor improvements on adaptive mod
    v6.62.10 changes:
    - Fixed intermittent bug on restoring power mode settings on screen-on when using quick power-doze mod

    I am getting crashes after latest update. Mostly when I switch between normal apps and apps in secure folder. The app has stopped and it closes.
    Now that I did the thing with the adb I have the same problem. Small screen flash when the rate changes.
    Yes, because you are in adaptive mode now. Adaptive is working but not the high mode. I will push an update to fix this soon.
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