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Jan 1, 2015
If you cant notice it I suggest you to test it with speedometer 2.0 in clean chrome with all a.s disabled, phone rebooted and without any other apps opened. (Wait a few minutes after rebooting so the background services could finish initialization). Then enable at least one a.s (gmh will do) and test it again (better without rebooting to reduce error margin caused by background services). Galaxy max hz wont allow you to disable its service so you have to remove it for this first
Tried this and run speedometer 2.0, there's literally no difference with accessibility services on and off. I even turned on 5 AS ( GMH, Link to Windows, Nice Catch and some other 2) just to see if I can see lags but still, no lags present. What's your Android Version and security patch anyway?


Dec 6, 2019
Tried this and run speedometer 2.0, there's literally no difference with accessibility services on and off. I even turned on 5 AS ( GMH, Link to Windows, Nice Catch and some other 2) just to see if I can see lags but still, no lags present. What's your Android Version and security patch anyway?
Are you sure you did everything right? Removed gmh, rebooted after disabling the rest of them? Made sure they are disabled? Ive been using this "test" since 2019 for powerful devices where lags are not as often and obvious. And the speedometer score is always much lower no matter what android version or soc (kirin, mediatek, sd) or a.s i'm using. So you obviously did something wrong. This problem could not magically remove itself from a certain device. And what does it have to do with security patches? A security patch would somehow fix an android base feature that had been spoked multiple times and acknowledged as "working as intended". Theres an article on xda about this problem dated several years ago. I suggest you to read it. Also you can temporarily swap your android phone for an iphone, after this you wont be able to not feel it at least, even if you cant see it.


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Jan 14, 2011
Please help I'm stuck with 720p and i cannot change it back to 1080p on S21. Reinstall didn't work. Probably i need some ADB command to change back to 1080p. There is no native setting to change resolution on this model.
Screenshot_20211027-141946_Galaxy Max Hz.png
Screenshot_20211027-141916_Galaxy Max Hz.png


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Jan 14, 2011
@tribalfs I have managed to fix my screen resolution back to 1080p with ADB but i can't regain resolution changing feature still. QS toggle tile says "feature not supported" no matter what i do.


Aug 2, 2019
Is there a way to make the Quick Toggle only select between cQHD & QHD? I want to play game on [email protected] and then use [email protected] for daily use, I tried using Bixby Routine but it messes everything up and I had to re-apply using the Quick Toggle and then re-adjust my Minimum Width on the Developer Setting again. Would be great if I can just have 2 toggle only. Or is it possible to set this up using Automate?(since I don't have Tasker). Thanks in advance.


Mar 8, 2021
guys i know this question have been there but i dont want to read 99 pages
what when i watch video for example in youtube/netflix? do i get 60hz or 120hz?
i dont have samsung phone right now so thats why im asking


Aug 29, 2011
hello friends ,, do you know how to get the code because I reset the phone, email code not working,thank you.
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Nov 3, 2021
It seems im stuck in doze mod. Ive already turned off the Quick-Doze mod toggle but it still seems quickly entering doze when screen turns off as i wasnt able to received fb messenger and viber notifications


  • Screenshot_20211103-224302_Galaxy Max Hz.jpg
    Screenshot_20211103-224302_Galaxy Max Hz.jpg
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    Apologies for being inactive in the past weeks due to some medical/family reasons.
    I will still be inactive in the next 1 or 2 weeks.
    Thank you for understanding.
    Apologies for being inactive in the past weeks due to some medical/family reasons.
    I will still be inactive in the next 1 or 2 weeks.
    Thank you for understanding.
    Yeah fix your problems first. Your well being should be your top priority.

    Some are just impatient as of the moment. I mean, they installed something without reading the thread comprehensively. It has to be your fault. /s
    Seems like the dev has stopped developing this app. I would advise against purchasing until he is active again.
    He has not been connected for more than 15 days ......
    And I haven't seen an update for quite a while. I paid for the app (gladly) so I sure hope that the dev didn't leave the scene!
    The app is free of bugs. Which further development you all are asking about.

    I think the app doesn't work yet with OneUI 4.
  • 86

    About this app:
    • Refresh Rate Control: Easily control the max refresh rate (Hz) of android devices with multiple refresh rates (e.g. note20 ultra, s20/S20+/S20Ultra, z fold 2, s21/s21+/s21Ultra, tab S7/S7+, z fold 3, z flip 3). This app can limit max refresh rate to 96hz (or any available refresh rate) on supported smartphones - you can save power with negligible difference on smoothness. Use either the in-app toggle or quick settings tile - ADB setup or Root NOT needed.

    • Force High: Option to use High(Fixed) motion smoothness mode on Samsung devices with native Adaptive motion smoothness***

      Current Samsung smartphones natively supporting adaptive refresh rates:
      • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
      • Galaxy Z Fold 2
      • Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra
      • Galaxy Z Flip 3
      • Galaxy Z Fold 3

    • Refresh Rate Monitor: Observe how multiple refresh rates work on your device. Use either the in-app toggle or quick settings tile

    • Quick Resolution Switcher: Easily switch to any supported resolutions using the included quick setting tile***

    • Quick High/Adaptive on Power Saving Mode: Easily switch to high or adaptive motion smoothness mode (from Standard) even on power saving mode on supported Samsung smartphones.***
      Update: This trick/hack is blocked by Samsung while on power saving mode in OneUi4.0 beta as reported by S21 series OneUI4.0 beta users. Currently no solution for this.

    • Force to Lowest Hz: Force lowest refresh rate on screen-off/AOD. This overrides Samsung's strange stock behavior which sets the refresh rate to the highest on screen off (update: it is now at 60hz since oneui3.0) - to improve standby power consumption a bit - ADB setup or Root NOT needed.

    • Auto apply power saving mode during screen-off (after ~ 10 secs)***

    • Tasker plugin support: Automate GMH settings using the app's Tasker plugin support. Supported actions/variables: Max Refresh Rate, Keep Motion Smoothness on PSM, Motion Smoothness Mode, Quick-doze Mod, Change Screen Resolution. (new in v7.10). More info in FAQs below.

      Premium Features:

    • Keep High/Adaptive motion smoothness when power saving mode is enabled whether manually or by the system/adaptive power saving***
      Update: This trick/hack is blocked by Samsung while on power saving mode in OneUi4.0 beta as reported by S21 series OneUI4.0 beta users. Currently no solution for this.

    • Adaptive refresh rate mod for devices supporting multiple refresh rates but do not have the stock Adaptive motion smoothness (e.g. S20 series, S20FE, TabS7/S7+) with the ability to set the brightness threshold for its activation***

    • Quick-doze mod: Quickly enter doze mode during screen-off that can not be interrupted by motion ***

    • Set minimum refresh rate for adaptive mode to 60hz or lower (if supported)***

    • Resolution switcher filter: Filter what screen resolutions to include for the resolution switcher QS tile.

    • Auto SENSORS OFF (experimental non-root workaround):
      Device sensors will automatically turn off while screen is off until the device is unlocked. This helps minimize battery-draining motion-triggered wakelocks while device is not being used.

    • Statusbar net speed indicator

    • 7-day Premium Trial is available. Just click "Activate Premium|Trial" button and activate free trial when prompted.

      Note: The premium license is on a per device basis.

    ***these marked features require a one-time ADB setup (this is not root)

    Info: This app targets older android sdk in order to control refresh rates without ADB setup. Just ignore the dialog that says "This app was built for an older version of Android...." when opened for the first time.


    Please read FAQs, changelogs and more information in the next post.👇

    Demo video of v5.4. More features have been added in the later versions

    Apologies for being inactive in the past weeks due to some medical/family reasons.
    I will still be inactive in the next 1 or 2 weeks.
    Thank you for understanding.


    • I am on adaptive or high refresh rate mode, but why my refresh rate stays at 60hz on google maps, waze and some other apps and games even if I set a higher max refresh rate?
      These apps are either (1) blacklisted by the android system to not use the high refresh rates due to compatibility reasons, (2) sets its own preferred refresh rate or (2) controlled by Samsung's game optimizing service (game launcher). GMH app can't force these apps to use high refresh rates.

    • How does Quick-Doze Mod work?
      If enabled, the device will quickly enter into doze mode (except when charging) while screen is OFF. This will make a better standby power consumption. Motion detection will not interrupt this doze mod. While in doze, the device periodically enters a maintenance window (MW), during which apps can complete pending work (syncs, jobs, etc.). The device will continue this cycle, doubling the length MW interval each time. The longer the MW interval, the better the battery saving.

      Doze mode may cause notification delays on some apps. It will not affect SMS, High Priority FCM and apps which battery optimizations are disabled.

      Doze mode will deactivate once the device is unlocked.

      Caution: Ensure to disable Doze Mods from other apps when using enabling this feature in GMH to avoid conflict.

    • Why I don't have 48hz and/or 96hz on my device?
      Availability of certain refresh rates is dependent on hardware support and must also be enabled in the system.

      Currently only the following Samsung devices have 48Hz and/or 96hz enabled:
      • Note 20 Ultra (48 & 96)
      • S21 Series (48 & 96)
      • S20 series excluding FE (48 & 96 - but 48hz was removed or partially removed by Samsung in OneUI3.1 update on some models)
      • Z Flip3
      • Z Fold 3

    • How the Adaptive refresh rate mod works?
      For those devices that do NOT have the Samsung's native Adaptive refresh rate mode, GMH's own Adaptive Mod is applied.

      For those devices which already support Samsung's native adaptive refresh rate, the native adaptive refresh rate is applied 'AS IS' (meaning controlled by the samsung's implementation) even if you you changed the max/peak refresh rate. An exception is when you set/force the minimum refresh for adaptive to lower than 60Hz (e.g. 48hz) - in this case, GMH own adaptive mod implementation is applied. .

      GMH Adaptive mod not only detects touches but also the changes on the contents being displayed on screen similar to Samsung's native adaptive implementation. It is a goal of this app to make the Adaptive mod behavior similar to the native one.

      Some users experienced flickers when refresh rate switches more specifically under low brightness conditions and specially when using 96hz and/or 48hz. This an issue of consistency of gamma curves across the different refresh rates, a display calibration issue and our eyes are more sensitive to it on darker environment. This varies on how finely the manufacturer calibrated the display. It's an issue that GMH can't solve directly. However, you can use GMH minimum brightness threshold for adaptive mod in the app to automatically pause GMH adaptive mod behavior when screen brightness falls below the set brightness threshold.

    • In Adaptive refresh rate mod, I set minimum refresh rate to 48Hz but while watching videos, refresh rate only goes down to 60Hz
      On video apps like youtube, the default refresh rate is set to 60Hz but it will automatically go down to 48Hz on compatible videos (i.e 24fps or 48fps videos). Most videos in youtube are in 60fps format.

    • Adaptive mod does not go down on GAMES.
      On games, the refresh rate will be set to the highest refresh rate the game supports and will be fixed on that refresh rate. This is to preserve input responsiveness and smoothness while playing. If the game is not compatible to the currently set max Hz, it will use the next lower compatible refresh rate.

      Important Notes:
      • When you are using "Priority Mode" in Game Launcher, you should add GMH to the excluded list in order to keep it's background service from being killed when opening a game. Not adding GMH to this list can cause refresh rates to drop to minimum hz and behave abnormally while gaming.

      • If you are using a third party overlay app that launches when a game is opened (e.g. game monitoring/performance apps), it may cause issue on GMH's game detection that causes refresh rate to not being fixed. If you are experiencing such, please let me know the overlay app that you are using so I can add it in the ignore list.

    • Can I disable appear on top permission if I don't use the app's refresh rate monitor overlay?
      Not recommended. Disabling it may introduce issues on GMH's Adaptive mod. It's recommended to keep it enabled and just hide its notification by long-pressing on it in the notification panel and switching it off.

    • Can I add the CQHD+(custom QHD) resolution that supports 96hz/120hz for Note20 Ultra or S20 series device?
      Yes, this option is added as requested by some users. If it's not shown in the app, just click the "Reload Profile" in the 3-dot menu while connected to the internet to load profiles from my backend containing such resolution. The backend copies of the resolution and refresh profiles have the following additional resolution:
      • Note 20 Ultra: 3087x1439 @ 48/60/96/120 hz
      • S20/S20+/S20Ultra: 3180x1431 @ 60/96/120 hz

        Intermittent bug on CQHD+: Sometimes refresh rate mode resets to standard after reboot.

    • I enabled Power Saving Mode on Screen-off and the Always on Display (AOD) stopped working?
      Disable "Turn-off Always on Display" option in your device's Power Saving Mode settings.
      Note: You can use this setting to confirm that PSM on Screen Off is working. AOD turn off after 6-10 seconds.

    • Refresh Rate freezes after a long idle while using adative mod
      Ensure that you allow background activities on GMH or allow it's ignore battery optimization requedt. If still persist, you can try adding it to never sleeping apps. If you are using Priority Mode in Game Launcher, add GMH to the excluded list.

    • I constantly receive sound/vibration alerts everytime real-time refresh and/or netspeed indicator is turned-on. How can I turn it off?
      In case you're experiencing this, you can turn this off in the app's notification settings (long press app icon > app info > notifications > open each notif category and set to silent). This is fixed since v6.62.

    • How to setup GMH with Tasker?
      1. Create(+) a Task - inside Tasker's TASKS tab and give it a name. Inside the Task Edit window, add GMH Action by clicking (+) button > Plugin > Galaxy Max Hz. Inside Action Edit window, expand Configuration section to see the tasker settings/variables available for GMH.

        Go back to Task Edit window and set a value to each of the variable that you want to use by clicking (+) button > Variables >Variable Set > enter the variable name and a corresponding valid value. Ensure to put GMH action AFTER all the Variable Set actions (Tip: Use hold and drag to re-order).

        You can test the task you created by clicking the ▶️ button at the bottom.

        You can create multiple GMH tasks with different variables.

      2. Create a Profile(Trigger) - in Tasker's PROFILES tab for the trigger that you want to use then link it to the task that you created in step 1.

        Tip: If you want to override behavior for certain apps, just create an Application-Activity Profile(Trigger) for each of these apps in Tasker's Profile tab, then create the corresponding GMH tasks (1 enter task and 1 exit tasks) following step 1 above and link them to the corresponding Application-Activity Profile(Trigger). To link the GMH exit task, just long press the linked GMH enter task and press "Add Exit Task" in the options that will show.

    • If I uninstall the app, will it restore the phone to its stock settings.
      Yes, just set back the max hz to the default one and disable all screen off mods before uninstalling.

    • Why is it that when I enable Auto SENSORS OFF, the notification panels gets expanded very quickly every time I unlock the device ?
      Since the api behind android's SENSORS OFF feature is highly restricted and inaccessible by 3rd party on stock roms, GMH's Auto SENSORS OFF option is implemented using touch simulations on the Sensors Off tile which require the notification panel to be expanded when switching this tile on and off. Thus, requiring to put the SENSORS OFF tile within the first 4 positions.

    • Why is it that we can't download this app in play store and how do we know it's safe?
      This app targets older android sdk in order to set refresh rates without ADB or root requirement. Unfortunately, play store doesn't anymore allow us to publish app targeting such older sdk. If you doubt if it's safe, you can scan it with any virus scanner like virustotal, metadefender, with Samsung's built-in threat scanner powered by McAfee or Google Play Protect scanner.

    • I have a rooted device with modified device model number, will it work?
      It may cause issue as refresh rate profiles are loaded based on the device model number.

    • Paypal is restricted in my location, can I get GMH Premium features using Google Play Store?
      Yes, just download GMH Donation app from Google Play Store.

    Questions and Bug Reports:

    Feel free to ask questions relevant to this app here but ensure to read the FAQs first before doing so.

    For suspected bugs, you can post it here (or send me a direct message). Read the FAQs also to check if it is an intended/expected behavior or not. Also check if the latest version is already installed in your device. Please include complete your complete device model number(should not be modified), android version, stock or modded rom, GMH version number and the issue/bug you are reporting and the steps/scenarios how to reproduce it. Support maybe limited on modded roms.

    It some cases I maybe need to see a screenshot of your GMH settings and/or screen recording* showing the bug/issue. You can use this screen recording app capable of screen recording at high refresh rates

    If GMH crashes on your device, please send me the crashlog of your device. Just execute the following adb command (do this after the crash):
    adb logcat -b crash > crashlog.txt
    Ctrl+C after 15seconds.
    Then locate crashlog.txt file in your adb installation folder then send it to me. In most cases the culprit can be identified and addressed using this file. Otherwise, I may send a you specially build apk to get the full stacktrace.


    Due to the app usage of non-sdk and non-public api to execute most of its features, it is not guaranteed that all of its features are going to work in the future android iterations, should the new iteration block/disable them. But this will not be left without any effort of finding a workaround.

    Sharing Outside XDA:

    Feel free to share this app anywhere as long as proper credits and reference to this thread are provided. Do not create any alternative download link. This is to ensure that users get the untampered installation file, latest information and latest updates of this app.

    Localization/Translations Contributors:​

    Italian (@Orlaf )
    German (devj3ns)

    Please message if you want to contribute on the translations.


    Try to clear data of this app if you encounter issues after update. Please report any bug that persist. Thank you.

    Added Auto SENSORS OFF (experimental non-root workaround): Device sensors will automatically turn off while screen is off until the device is unlocked. With tasker support so you can enable and disable this setting on the conditions you set.
    -48hz on force lowest on screen off/AOD now works on S20/+/Ultra on any refresh rate mode
    -improvements on brightness threshold for adaptive mod (anti-flicker)
    -added quick settings tille to toggle min hz for adaptive mod on supported devices
    -added tasker option to toggle min hz for adaptive mod on supported devices
    -other fixes

    Anti-flicker: added minimum brightness threshold for Adaptive mod similar to the native one. When the device's display brightness falls below the set minimum brightness threshold, adaptive mod will pause and will resume once the brightness increases again above the threshold. This is for devices that are experiencing flickers when refresh rate switches at certain low brightness level.
    Stability and bug fixes

    - More customizable maintenance window interval for Quick-Doze Mode

    - Added turn-off autosync option under screen-off mods

    - Separate max hz settings for power saving mode
    - Automate GMH settings using Tasker plugin support. Supported actions/variables: Max Refresh Rate, Keep Motion Smoothness on PSM, Motion Smoothness Mode, Quick-doze Mod, Change Screen Resolution.
    - Some code refactoring and optimizations

    - `Keep motion smoothness on power saving mode` will now take effect immediately after toggle
    - Filter what resolutions to include in the screen resolution switcher
    - Power saving mode and deep-doze are now separate options under screen-off mods
    - Adaptive or high motion smoothness on CQHD+ resolution now sticks after reboot.
    '-Adjustments on doze mode to prevent it from being interrupted by significant motion. This should improve doze performance when the device is constantly in pocket or in motion.
    - Additional doze option with no maintenance window added

    - Added option to keep motion smoothness on power saving mode - either enabled manually or by the system/adaptive power saving

    - Trial workaround to prevent Samsung Pay crash (v6.63.50)
    - Other minor bug fixes
    - Quick power-doze mod adjustments for more power saving on idle. There are now two options available: Moderate and Aggressive
    - Adaptive mod improvements - fixed behavior in Samsung notes and when using instagram voice note
    - Added option to hide Net Speed in the app's main screen to those who don't need it.

    - Fixed crash when opening some apps in Secured Folder
    - Minor improvements on adaptive mod
    - Fixed intermittent bug on restoring power mode settings on screen-on when using quick power-doze mod
    - Fixed bug on refresh rate profiles not properly loading on some devices. Known profiles are now being loaded from the server if connected to internet or locally from profiles included in the apk - upon first opening the app or after clear data.
    - Adaptive mod improvements for games and video payback
    - Other bug fixes
    - Improvements on Italian translations
    - Please advise if not all refresh rates are working on your device so I can modify the profile in my server
    Clearing app data is recommended if your device has issue on loading refresh rate profiles

    - Improvements on adaptive mod behavior for multi-refresh rates devices not natively supporting adaptive refresh rates (fixed issues on prolonged scroll, mouse scroll, not working on settings, etc.)
    - Set minimum refresh rate for adaptive mode to 60hz or lower (if available)
    - Net speed indicator now autohides when not connected to internet
    - More optimizations
    - Other improvements and bug fixes

    - Experimental Adaptive refresh rate mod working for Samsung devices supporting multiple refresh rates (e.g. S20/S20+/S20Ultra,S20FE) (only available for Ad-free)
    - Quick power-doze mod: Automatic power saving mode and quick doze mode on screen-off (only available for Ad-free)

    - Fixed high mode not working on some S21/N20U devices
    - Show real-time refresh rate in notification and/or overlay
    - Added some language support
    - Improve notifications
    - App power consumption improvement
    - 7-day ad-free trial is available for you to test. Just click "Activate Ad-free" button and click "More info" on the snackbar prompt that will appear Ad-free trial added
    - Stability and other improvements

    • Code cleanup and minor bug fixes
    • Removed FPS counter (not so useful)
    • Added net speed indicator (extra for ad-free)
    • Fixed max hz button label not correctly updating after screen off
    • Fixed intermittent crash when service is killed by the system on some devices
    • Updated ad-free activation for devices and those who have ad-free version of the old app package - now using activation code

    • Fixed crashes on Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ when expanding notif panel
    • Fixed autorun bug
    • Stability improvement on quick resolution changer feature

    • Added real-time Display FPS option alongside refresh rate.
    • Run service in foreground so it will less likely be killed by the system.
    • Added in-app updater

    Made a number of changes
    • Max Refresh Rate Toggle
      • Added ability to switch to the lowest available refresh rate from the predefined system refresh rates (e.g. 48hz for Note20 ultra at Adaptive)
      • Control the lower limit (hz) of this toggle. Choose whether to include or exclude the lower 48hz and/or 60hz in the toggle.
    • Real-time Refresh Rate
      • Added ability to customize the location and the size of the real-time refresh rate overlay
      • When turned-on, it will automatically pause when the screen is Off to reduce background power consumption
    • Screen Off Refresh Rate
    • Others
      • Updated app layout
      • Show information of the device's supported screen resolutions and the corresponding supported refresh rates
    • Package name change - the package name was changed from com.tribalfs.n20umaxhz to com.tribalfs.gmh
      • To those who purchased the ad-free license of the previous app package, you can freely upgrade to the ad-free version of this new app. Just enter the activation code sent to your email once prompted by the app. You can do the same to reacquire license if you reformatted your phone. Thank you for supporting this app.🙏
    Previous changelogs

    - Fixed landscape orientation layout bug and other layout improvements
    - Added support for Note 20 Ultra Non-5G models (all features)

    - Fixed disabled "High/Fixed Motion Smoothness Mode" switcher on Galaxy Z Fold 2. You should be able to use this function now in Z Fold 2.
    - Fixed force close bug on Galaxy Z Fold 2
    -Fixed missing resolution label for Galaxy S20 series
    - Other code clean up

    - Qs tiles for refresh rate control and resolution switcher now have dynamic icons. Better visibility for partially expanded notification panel.
    - Added high/fixed refresh rate mode/option for Galaxy Note20 Ultra and Z Fold2. If enabled, the device will be set to 'High Motion Smoothness' mode and refresh rates will behave like the Galaxy S20 series.

    - Added support for Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra and S20FE. Resolution switcher is not applicable to S20 FE.
    - Renamed app to Galaxy Max Hz

    -Added 'Resolution - Motion Smoothness Mode' switcher (button and qs tile). Switch resolution and motion smoothness mode anytime even on medium power saving mode. This specific function requires ADB.

    - Changed overlay FPS to Refresh Rate (Hz)
    - Refresh rate monitor now switches color to red if 60hz or below and to green if above 60hz
    - Added toggle switch for refresh rate monitor on app's home screen

    - The 3-way toggle button and quicksettings (qs) tile are now aware if the current Motion Smoothness mode is set to Adaptive or not. If not, they will show 'Standard' and will open the display settings when clicked
    - The switch for the FPS monitor overlay is moved to a new qs tile. You can now turn the FPS monitor ON/OFF anywhere without opening the app.
    - Changed text color of fps monitor from red to green. Green color has the longest lifespan in amoled, so lesser chance of amoled burn.

    v1.00 Initial release

    v7.12.20 in-app update is now available. :)
    - Fixed intermittent bugs:
    - Power saving mode on screen-off: PSM not turning off back on screen on.
    - Turn-off autosync on screen off: autosync not turning on back on screen on
    The program is very much in conflict with bank programs where the entrance is through a fingerprint. The phone starts to hang very much. Latest version of the program
    The link to the latest version isn't working.
    @tribalfs Thanks for all your work, amazing app!

    I'm having some issue with S21 ultra v6.61 the app is detecting my lowest hz differently each time sometime it detects 60 sometimes 120 (although the actual should be 10).
    Also is there an option to set a specific hz for certain app?
    Could you post the link for 6.61.02! Updating through your app gives the error "there was a problem parsing the package".
    Since last Android Update unuseable.

    Can't switch to ,,Adaptive". Can't even set it to 96hz. I will revert back to 5.30.... That works... but 48hz will be out 4ever i think
    Does this version fix the issues ? Safe to install? And thank you
    No more adaptive refresh rate..allready do the ADB commands and "trial" it was once then gone forever tried to force stop and clear app data..please help
    Same here, I think the dev mentioned that screen profiles aren't being loaded properly but the link seems to be broken to the update that fixes the issue. All we can do is be patient for now. I tried to get back 48hz by wiping and uninstalling but that broke adaptive for me as well

    Hello everyone.

    v6.61.10 build is now up - should fix bug on refresh rate profiles not properly loading introduced in v6.61.0*.

    - Fixed bug on refresh rate profiles not properly loading(bug inroduced in v6.61)
    Clearing app data is highly recommended after this update

    Thanks to all who reported the bug.