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Mar 28, 2014
The camera doesn't work after getting the paid version and getting the instruction for ADB. On uninstalling the app and restarting rhe phone too the icon of the app is still seen in the notification panel above. Any suggestions on how to remove it completely. Or how to install it afresh.

The other issue is the flex mode come on even when the phone is not folded. Not sure how to address these.
You have turned on Sensors Off. Disable it. Please post in the correct thread. This thread is for Note20 Ultra.


Aug 29, 2018

I have not saved the activation code for the premium version. I don't think I can find the email. Is there any way to recover it or generate a new one?



Aug 10, 2013
i see a problem,
when the screen switch between 60-120 hz on my device (galaxy a52s-5g), the brightness of the screen will slightly change. I think this action will hurt my eye in the long use,
any solution to fix that?

Mostafa Wael

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Jan 11, 2013
Cc: @tribalfs
It's been quite a long while since I last logged in on XDA, let alone engage in any threads of relevance to any of the devices I own or used to own. Yet I decided to take the time to log in and search for this thread just to express my infinite gratitude and appreciation to the developer of this wonderful app. I usually tend to shy away from premium licenses of any app I use, unless it really stands out for a quite significant reason, and in the case of this app, there are a lot more than just one reason to justify my purchase of the premium license. From the aesthetics and design of this app to the extra functionality it brings to the table, this app has the lot. PSM + high refresh rate + adaptive motion smoothness mode + QHD (sort of) executed that seamlessly deserves a standing ovation. Dare I say, this is one of the best premium apps I bought for one of the strongest causes for a device. Here is hoping that this app continues to be maintained adequately, or shall I say here's hoping Samsung doesn't mess about with any of what this app offers to the table. Hats off!

P.S. For those wondering, I own a Galaxy S20+ Exynos 990 model, running OneUI 4 latest update.

Signing off!
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Ygor Cortes

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Apr 18, 2014
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
This is a low brightness issue with the screen on all S21 Ultra variants. On the stock settings with 120hz adaptive, the refresh rate will not drop below 120hz below a certain minimum brightness threshold, presumably to prevent the colour shift you are seeing.

This was pointed out on Anandtech review of the S21 Ultra and verified by myself. I have also tested the same after using GMH app and also see the colour shift, so just keep the minimum brightness to a slightly higher setting to avoid this, or remove adaptive refresh rate at the minimum brightness setting
When I set the refresh rate to 60-120hz the option to change the brightness threshold disappears, why is that?


May 2, 2016
Dear tribalfs,

I just discovered your app and I have just one word to say: great work, thx!

One question though - I searched the thread and could not find it - : what about the 70% CPU limit when enabling the standard saving mode?

I'm using an app for my rides which would work well with less CPU power and I would found great if this 70% limit could be tweaked to be even lower.

Did you already consider this option?
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Mar 28, 2014
Dear tribalfs,

I just discovered your app and I have just one word to say: great work, thx!

One question though - I searched the thread and could not find it - : what about the 70% CPU limit when enabling the standard saving mode?

I'm using an app for my rides which would work well with less CPU power and I would found great if this 70% limit could be tweaked to be even lower.

Did you already consider this option?
However custom CPU limit not is possible for a standalone app. This requires a rooted device and a custom kernel.


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Aug 31, 2022
I appreciate that. Unfortunately, based on my experience, adaptive refresh rate does little to nothing when it comes to battery life on my phone (also S20 FE, Snapdragon 4G variant).
So to update you. I get in average 4h sot sometimes 4.5h

Mind you i use gps and sync on all the time, never turn it off also lte is spotty and half bars many times max brightness many times outside.

All in all im very happy.


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Jun 18, 2010
I'm trying to activate premium version, but I always receive the message that servers are unavailable. I can't activate the app because of that.
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Dec 18, 2014
I'm trying to enter my activation code but I am getting the following error:
"Unable to reach remote server. Please try again later."
Screenshot_20220924-122812_Galaxy MaxHz.png
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Jul 13, 2011
I wonder why Samsung didn't give Adaptive option on S21 FE. It has either fixed 60 or 120. Thanks for making this app with an adaptive 60/120 option. I am sure it will save some battery life.

I hope the app keeps working with future system updates too and there is no need to use ADB after every phone update.


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Mar 28, 2014
I'm trying to activate premium version, but I always receive the message that servers are unavailable. I can't activate the app because of that.
I'm trying to enter my activation code but I am getting the following error:
"Unable to reach remote server. Please try again later."

Please message me your activation code if you have not been able to activate yet.

Thank you.
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Sep 25, 2022
I bought premium and I accidentally refunded it due to my mistake. So I tried to buy it again, but the donation app just shows the activation code that I refunded. Can you help me?

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    I can't activate my premium in the v7.14.58 version, it says no premium license is found in my device. I bought the premium again and still can't activate it. Also put the code and still won't activate. Only time it activates is when i switch to the latest version, but the lastest version doesn't work well in my device, i have a lot of lags in instagram, facebook and youtube videos
    The same based on our test except for Auto SensorsOff (api already blocked). The rest are same for N20U.
    Has there been a workaround for Android 13 UI5 yet?
    Hi I have a problem rebooting
    when on cqhd phone loops but if quickly open app and switch to fhd it won't loop
    On N20B A13
    Hi, Note20u A13 here also experienced same issue. Even on FHD sometimes it just reboots by itself.
    Did a full wipe after upgrading to A13.
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    Screenshot_20220819-154719_Galaxy MaxHz.jpg
    Screenshot_20220819-154703_Galaxy MaxHz.jpg
    Screenshot_20220819-154652_Galaxy MaxHz.jpg

    About this app:

    Refresh Rate Mods

    • Change default refresh rates
      -Easily change the overall refresh rate settings of devices supporting multiple refresh rates.
      -Set supported mid refresh rates as the maximum refresh rate limit for battery savings (e.g. 96hz instead of 120Hz).
      -Quick settings shortcut
      -tasker plugin support.

    • Motion smoothness mode switcher(Normal, Adaptive or High)***
      -Set you device motion smoothness mode to stationary refresh rates (high mode) for better smoothness if so desired on Samsung devices with native Adaptive motion smoothness with a little trade-off to the battery.
      -Apply adaptive mod on device that don't natively support adaptive mode [premium]
      -Tasker plugin support.

    • Per-app refresh rate settings:
      Set different refresh rate settings for every app either adaptive or fixed(stationary) [premium].

    • Motion smoothness on power saving mode (not working to all devices with OneUI4.**+, test first). ***
      -GMH will apply a workaround to bypass 60Hz limitation on Power Saving Mode (PSM) on supported Samsung smartphones.
      -Automatically apply workaround when PSM is enabled [premium]
    Note: Stopped working out-of-the-box on Note 20 Ultra updated to OneUI4.*.
    Extra steps to bypass restriction on OneUI4.*. After selecting Adaptive or High in GMH while on power saving mode, do either:
    - Do a quick fake/mock video call to any number using the stock video call app(not google duo). Availability depends on network support
    - Connect and disconnect to a wifi display or miracast receiver (e.g. smart tv, chromecast, windows laptops) using the Smart View function (Credits to @albiGib and @rblckmnjr84 for sharing the discovery)

    Screen-off Mods:
    • Force to Lowest Hz: Force the lowest refresh rate on screen-off or Always-On Display(AOD). This overrides Samsung's strange stock behavior which sets the refresh rate to the highest on screen off (update: it is now at 60hz since OneUI3.0) to improve standby power consumption a bit.
      -Tasker plugin support

    • Auto apply power saving mode during screen-off (after ~ 10 secs)***

    • Auto disable Autosync***

    • Quick-doze mod
      Quickly enter doze mode during screen-off that can not be interrupted by motion [premium].***
      -Tasker plugin support

    • Auto SENSORS OFF (experimental non-root workaround)
      -Device sensors will automatically turn off while screen is off until the device is unlocked to help minimize battery-draining motion-triggered wakelocks while device is not being used.
      -Tasker plug-in support

      - Supports up to OneUI4.1 only (api blocked in OneUI5)

    • Battery protection mod (Experimental)
      -Option to set maximum charge to 86%-95%(for OneUI4+)[premium]

    • Quick resolution switcher
      -Easily switch to any supported resolutions using the included quick setting tile***
      -Tasker plugin support

      Caution!! Be careful on applying CQHD+ on Note20Ultra with OneUI4.* - it causes the UI to shrink after reboot or long sleep that causes difficulty on entering the lockscreen.

    • Customizable refresh rate monitor
      Use statusbar or overlay which you can place anywhere on screen.
      -Tasker plugin support.

    • Net speed statusbar indicator

    OneUI inspired UI. Dynamic theme and Icon. Manual language selection

    Note: The premium license is on a per device basis (not per user).

    ***these marked features require a one-time ADB procedure (this is not root)

    Galaxy Max Hz background service is highly optimized. Background battery usage p is very negligible .

    This app targets older android sdk in order to control refresh rates without ADB setup or root. Just tap OK the dialog that says "This app was built for an older version of Android...." when opened for the first time. If OK button is not visible, just tap the blank space on the lowest portion of the dialog.

    If google play protect will prompt during install that the app is built for older version of android and doesn't include the latest privacy protections, you can ignore it and proceed to the installation. For privacy related concern, please refer to FAQ No. 3.


    Github wiki

    Demo video of v5.4. More features have been added in the later versions


    Italian: @Orlaf
    German:devj3ns, drbeat
    Russian: @a43
    Turkish: osmanakar312
    Greek: Nick
    Spanish: @Sebastiansm
    Czech: Chrono Leggionaire
    Simplified Chinese: xiaolu7233123
    French: Jaxom84
    Polish: Pichulec
    If you want to contribute on translations, please send me a message.


    Try to clear data of this app if you encounter issues after update.
    Please report any bug that persist. Thank you.

    Please check here for the latest changelogs

    Previous changelogs (old app)

    - Fixed landscape orientation layout bug and other layout improvements
    - Added support for Note 20 Ultra Non-5G models (all features)

    - Fixed disabled "High/Fixed Motion Smoothness Mode" switcher on Galaxy Z Fold 2. You should be able to use this function now in Z Fold 2.
    - Fixed force close bug on Galaxy Z Fold 2
    -Fixed missing resolution label for Galaxy S20 series
    - Other code clean up

    - Qs tiles for refresh rate control and resolution switcher now have dynamic icons. Better visibility for partially expanded notification panel.
    - Added high/fixed refresh rate mode/option for Galaxy Note20 Ultra and Z Fold2. If enabled, the device will be set to 'High Motion Smoothness' mode and refresh rates will behave like the Galaxy S20 series.

    - Added support for Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra and S20FE. Resolution switcher is not applicable to S20 FE.
    - Renamed app to Galaxy Max Hz

    -Added 'Resolution - Motion Smoothness Mode' switcher (button and qs tile). Switch resolution and motion smoothness mode anytime even on medium power saving mode. This specific function requires ADB.

    - Changed overlay display FPS to screen refresh rate (Hz)
    - Refresh rate monitor now switches color to red if 60hz or below and to green if above 60hz
    - Added toggle switch for refresh rate monitor on app's home screen

    - The 3-way toggle button and quick settings (qs) tile are now aware if the current Motion Smoothness mode is set to Adaptive or not. If not, they will show 'Standard' and will open the display settings when clicked
    - The switch for the FPS monitor overlay is moved to a new qs tile. You can now turn the FPS monitor ON/OFF anywhere without opening the app.
    - Changed text color of fps monitor from red to green. Green color has the longest lifespan in amoled, so lesser chance of amoled burn.

    v1.00 Initial release

    If you want to get GMH Premium features and/or support GMH development but paypal is not available in your place, you can use Google Play Store.
    Just download GMH Donation app from Google Play Store.

    Note: The price might be slightly higher due to the relatively higher tax imposed on play store.
    Apologies for being inactive in the past weeks due to some medical/family reasons.
    I will still be inactive in the next 1 or 2 weeks.
    Thank you for understanding.
    GMH_v7.14.16 in-app update now available:
    -fixed bug: unable to turn off accessibility when no feature requiring such is enabled
    -experimental workaround for enabling Adaptive/High refresh rate on PSM on OneUi4.0
    -other bug fixes
    v7.12.20 in-app update is now available. :)
    - Fixed intermittent bugs:
    - Power saving mode on screen-off: PSM not turning off back on screen on.
    - Turn-off autosync on screen off: autosync not turning on back on screen on