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Dec 19, 2015
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
v7.14.19 in-app update:
  • Fixed: Retain previously selected mode(high or adaptive) when switching back from standard mode
  • Refresh rate overlay now visible on settings/notification panel and lockscreen - stock-like but customizable
  • Improved Swedish translations

Hey man, thank you for your work.
Just reporting a very small issue: I can't seem to disable the refresh rate monitor (status bar). It enables itself even when it's supposed to be disabled.


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Jun 7, 2013
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
anyone else having the issue where the screen flickers when changing from 120 to 48hz? during the day it's hard to notice but it drives me crazy at night. the screen always becomes "yellower" when downgrading to 48hz and "whiter" when going up to 120hz.


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Mar 28, 2014
Yes, because when set at 60hz min, it's just the default Samsung implementation.
48Hz min Hz, is GMH own implementation.
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Aug 29, 2011
Latest version gmh use

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    Another some thing:

    - During firmware search on CheckFirm app (with Sherlock Script...when the new Samsung loading animation is visible), refresh rate lowers to 48hz. Can you remove the frame limiter during Samung animation?

    - Forced dynamic refresh rate with power saving, doesn't work on S21.

    - Can you evaluate the possibility of reducing the refresh rate to 48hz during writing with keyboard?

    - Can you force 120hz on Galaxy Store (currently locked on 60hz)?

    Thanks in advance.
    - not possible to detect loading animations at the moment, only windows and transition animations. Samsung native adaptive also ignores loading animation for this reason I think.

    - S21 base model?

    - will check

    - This occured after a certain Galaxy Store update, strangely it became incompatible to 120hz - but works fine with 96-48.
    Let's continue discussion in S21 thread.
    Please tell me about the algorithm of work in new versions of the application.
    When I select the minimum frequency of 48 Hz, the screen almost immediately goes to 48 Hz (when I stop scrolling).
    When I select the minimum frequency of 60 Hz, the screen almost constantly works at 60 Hz, and occasionally goes to 48 Hz (most cases in video). Is this the "stock" algorithm of the device?
    Setting min hz to 60 is stock. Yes, it still goes to 48hz when compatible video is played (i.e. 24fps/48fps format)
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    About this app:
    • Refresh Rate Control: Easily control the max refresh rate (Hz) of android devices with multiple refresh rates (e.g. note20 ultra, s20/S20+/S20Ultra, z fold 2, s21/s21+/s21Ultra, tab S7/S7+, z fold 3, z flip 3). This app can limit max refresh rate to 96hz (or any available refresh rate) on supported smartphones - you can save power with negligible difference on smoothness. Use either the in-app toggle or quick settings tile - ADB setup or Root NOT needed.

    • Force High: Option to use High(Fixed) motion smoothness mode on Samsung devices with native Adaptive motion smoothness***. Current Samsung smartphones that natively support adaptive refresh rates include the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

    • Refresh Rate Monitor: Show real-time screen refresh rate as statusbar icon and/or as overlay. Overlay size and location is adjustable. Use either the in-app toggle or quick settings tile

    • Quick Resolution Switcher: Easily switch to any supported resolutions using the included quick setting tile***

    • Quick High/Adaptive on Power Saving Mode: Easily switch to high or adaptive motion smoothness mode (from Standard) even on power saving mode on supported Samsung smartphones.***

    • Force to Lowest Hz: Force lowest refresh rate on screen-off/AOD. This overrides Samsung's strange stock behavior which sets the refresh rate to the highest on screen off (update: it is now at 60hz since oneui3.0) - to improve standby power consumption a bit - ADB setup or Root NOT needed.

    • Auto apply power saving mode during screen-off (after ~ 10 secs)***

    • Tasker plugin support: Automate GMH settings with Tasker app. Supported actions/variables: max refresh rate, min refresh rate, keep smooth motion on PSM, motion smoothness mode, quick-doze mod, change dispaly resolution, auto sensors off. More info in FAQs below

      Premium Features:

    • Keep High/Adaptive motion smoothness when power saving mode is enabled whether manually or by the system/adaptive power saving***

    • Adaptive refresh rate mod for devices supporting multiple refresh rates but do not have the stock Adaptive motion smoothness (e.g. S20 series, S20FE, TabS7/S7+) with the ability to set the brightness threshold for its activation***

    • Quick-doze mod: Quickly enter doze mode during screen-off that can not be interrupted by motion ***

    • Override default minimum refresh rate for adaptive to lower value(if supported)***

    • Resolution switcher filter: Filter what screen resolutions to include for the resolution switcher QS tile.

    • Auto turn off Autosync: Turn off autosync settings while the screen is off.

    • Auto SENSORS OFF (experimental non-root workaround):
      Device sensors will automatically turn off while screen is off until the device is unlocked. This helps minimize battery-draining motion-triggered wakelocks while device is not being used.

    • Statusbar net speed indicator

    • 7-day Premium Trial is available. Just click "Activate Premium|Trial" button and activate free trial when prompted.

      Note: The premium license is on a per device basis.
    Galaxy Max Hz background service is highly optimized. Background battery consumption of this app is very negligible .

    ***these marked features require a one-time ADB setup (this is not root)

    Info: This app targets older android sdk in order to control refresh rates without ADB setup. Just ignore the dialog that says "This app was built for an older version of Android...." when opened for the first time.


    Read FAQs and other important info in here
    Mate got a question for you, as many of us have issues with one wake lock, CameraService_worker. It trigger when you walk and only way to get rid of it is to disable sensors. Is there any chance you could make it happen in the app when screen is off? Add function for it as there is a tile from dev options but it's not perfect as it has to be done manually. Thanks
    Good suggestion. I have quick tile for sensors but maybe you could implement it in your app. Turn off when display off. Like with PSM
    Thank you for this suggestion. I'll do some research on this and check what I can do.
    v7.14.18 in-ap update:
    -Fixed bugs on OneUi4.0: brightness threshold for adaptive mod bug, netspeed indicator bug
    -Fixed bug on minimum hz tile and minimum hz tile tasker command
    Unfortunately no, that's a display calibration issue
    Mate got a question for you, as many of us have issues with one wake lock, CameraService_worker. It trigger when you walk and only way to get rid of it is to disable sensors. Is there any chance you could make it happen in the app when screen is off? Add function for it as there is a tile from dev options but it's not perfect as it has to be done manually. Thanks
    v7.14.00_beta now available
    Added auto SENSORS OFF experimental feature (no root needed).