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    About this app:

    Refresh Rate Mods

    • Change default refresh rates
      -Easily change the overall refresh rate settings of devices supporting multiple refresh rates.
      -Set supported mid refresh rates as the maximum refresh rate limit for battery savings (e.g. 96hz instead of 120Hz).
      -Quick settings shortcut
      -tasker plugin support.

    • Motion smoothness mode switcher(Normal, Adaptive or High)***
      -Set you device motion smoothness mode to stationary refresh rates (high mode) for better smoothness if so desired on Samsung devices with native Adaptive motion smoothness with a little trade-off to the battery.
      -Apply adaptive mod on device that don't natively support adaptive mode [premium]
      -Tasker plugin support.

    • Per-app refresh rate settings:
      Set different refresh rate settings for every app either adaptive or fixed(stationary) [premium].

    • Motion smoothness on power saving mode ***
      -GMH will apply a workaround to bypass 60Hz limitation on Power Saving Mode (PSM) on supported Samsung smartphones.
      -Automatically apply workaround when PSM is enabled [premium]
    Note: It's reported that this workaround is blocked and not working in OneUi5.0

    Screen-off Mods:
    • Force to Lowest Hz: Force the lowest refresh rate on screen-off or Always-On Display(AOD). This overrides Samsung's strange stock behavior which sets the refresh rate to the highest on screen off (update: it is now at 60hz since OneUI3.0) to improve standby power consumption a bit.
      -Tasker plugin support

    • Auto apply power saving mode during screen-off (after ~ 10 secs)***

    • Auto disable Autosync***

    • Quick-doze mod
      Quickly enter doze mode during screen-off that can not be interrupted by motion [premium].***
      -Tasker plugin support

    • Auto SENSORS OFF (experimental non-root workaround)
      -Device sensors will automatically turn off while screen is off until the device is unlocked to help minimize battery-draining motion-triggered wakelocks while device is not being used.
      -Tasker plug-in support

    • Battery protection mod (Experimental)
      -Option to set maximum charge to 86%-95%(for OneUI4+)[premium]

    • Quick resolution switcher
      -Easily switch to any supported resolutions using the included quick setting tile***
      -Tasker plugin support
    • Customizable refresh rate monitor
      Use statusbar or overlay which you can place anywhere on screen.
      -Tasker plugin support.

    • Net speed statusbar indicator

    OneUI inspired UI. Dynamic theme and Icon. Manual language selection

    Note: The premium license is on a per device basis (not per user).

    ***these marked features require a one-time ADB procedure (this is not root)

    Galaxy Max Hz background service is highly optimized. Background battery usage p is very negligible .

    Info: This app targets older android sdk in order to control refresh rates without ADB setup or root. Just tap OK the dialog that says "This app was built for an older version of Android...." when opened for the first time. If OK button is not visible, just tap the blank space on the lowest portion of the dialog.


    Github wiki


    Italian: @Orlaf
    German:devj3ns, drbeat
    Russian: @a43
    Turkish: osmanakar312
    Greek: Nick
    Spanish: @Sebastiansm
    Czech: @Chrono Leggionaire
    Simplified Chinese: @xiaolu7233123
    French: @Jaxom84
    Polish: @Pichulec
    If you want to contribute on translations, please send me a message

    If you want to get GMH Premium features and/or support GMH development but paypal is not available in your place, you can use Google Play Store.
    Just download GMH Donation app from Google Play Store.

    Note: The price might be slightly higher due to the relatively higher tax imposed on play store.
    logs and more information here (specially before asking questions or reporting bugs).
    @tribalfs Hi, I have updated the app to Beta 8.
    Noted that the new quick tile for Protect Battery Mod is misaligned on my Tab S8+.
    Maybe you can look into it. Thank you.
    View attachment 5689719
    I will. Thanks
    Wow, nice app. Can confirm that adaptive refresh rate saves a bit of battery life on S8+. But switching refresh rate on low brightness levels gives a noticeable 'jump' in shades of grey. Btw what will happen to premium if I factory reset the device?
    You just need to enter the activation code sent to your (paypal) email or provided on GMH donation app to re-activate premium
    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I cleared Kodi cache and tried with standard mode. I just unistalled Max Hz with no avail Kodi keeps FC even after a restart.

    I'll try the adb command tomorrow, I'll report back if anything changes.
    I mean clearing app data not just the cache. You might have some unintended setting change in Kodi that needs to be reset.
    Since it's not working even with standard mode, it's probably not related to GMH.

    It's also unlikely that it to do with WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS granted to GMH.
    Well, first of all thanks for this excellent app. Secondly, I don't know if the problem I'm having is completely related to galaxy max hz. But it's the only change I made on my tab s8+.

    The issue is with Kodi (media player app) . It worked before tinkering the hz app. I mean I was able to set it up competently, but after enabling the adb setting for Galaxy max hz, Kodi opens and Force closes after a few seconds.

    It might be related because kodi has problems with 120hz screens, but now, not even on standard mode kodi FC.

    Any way to disable the setting on adb or any other thought?

    Did you try clearing app data of Kodi?
    The open it in standard mode?

    WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS is automatically revoked once GMH is uninstalled.
    You can also do it by ADB without uninstalling:
    adb shell pm revoke com.tribalfs.gmh android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS