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May 6, 2011

It’s only been a few hours since Google announced the all new (WP7-ish?) Android Market version 3.0.26. If you didn’t feel like waiting a few weeks for it to hit your device, @Eminembdg from Twitter was nice enough to provide the leaked apps and I’ve gone ahead and uploaded the extracted app for you to install NOW.

That’s right, guys. Just download from your phone’s browser and install like a normal app. It’s currently working great on my HTC Desire HD although I’m not sure if this will work on phone’s equipped with Android 2.1 and lower (per Google) but I don’t think that will stop you from trying, right? Let us know if it works for you! Enjoy!

Oh — and if the new Market ISN’T your cup of tea or starts to act a little wonky, you can always go back to the old Market following these simple steps:

Go into your phone’s Settings
Select “Manage Applications”
Select the “All” tab at the top
Scroll down to Market app and select it
Select “Uninstall Updates”
Now have your old Market back!



  • com.android.vending-new.apk
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