[APP] Google Dialer [v5-Pixel][MM+][w/o root]


Sep 1, 2015
Hi guys,

first of all I'd like to give the credit to @jastonas, @umnex and others who created flashable APK, this wouldn't be possible without them.
I modified and signed APK from this thread to allow installation without root.

Current release is based on version 5.1.131226882

  • This is beta release, so please expect bugs
  • Dialer will NOT work on Lollipop, sorry
  • I focus on pure stock experience, so I'll never support themes/changing colors/whatever, but feel free to modify app on your own if you want.

What works
  • Calling
  • Incoming call UI
  • Internal contacts lookup
  • Contacts and call history access
  • Phone number blacklist

Known bugs
  • Application freezes while interacting with settings. Workaround: Use settings directly, not through this app.
  • Caller ID doesn't work (and probably never will)
  • Unable to delete individual calls from call log INVALID: Option is not available even on Nexus

  • Download attached APK
  • Upload to the device and install using common tools
  • Go to Settings > Applications > Default Applications and switch Calling app to Google Dialer


Any feedback is welcome, but I don't have much time to spare, so please don't expect any regular updates.
Thank you for understanding.

P.S.: You can also give a try to accidentally released Google version, which seems to have Caller ID working
Google has released new update of Phone app which apparently solved everything.
- APK doesn't check for device, so it can be installed anywhere
- Contact lookup on Samsung is fixed (no hacks required anymore)
- Caller ID seems to be working too (worked for me after 2nd call)
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Oct 10, 2009
Tahnk's for your work! Works fine!
Sometimes freezes in settings, when I try to enter calls menu, but that's ok!
I can recieve calls, I can call anybody!
Don't you think that we need Google Contacts app, to work with this?


Sep 1, 2015
Hi folks, thanks for all responses! My primary target is to fix contact lookup in incoming/outgoing calls. It's harder to fix than I thought, it seems Samsung modified query mechanism somehow. I hope I'll post update soon.
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