[APP] GPS Aids - Aiding the SGS GPS [V3.0 @ market]

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Sure, but it is in spanish... I need a translation to the english!

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Some text here...
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Feb 26, 2006
What exactly does it do and what are the exact results?
Just faster fix or also increased accuracy while on the move?

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What exactly does it do and what are the exact results?
Just faster fix or also increased accuracy while on the move?
Native mode > force system to download and inject the XTRA data to the GPS.

SU mode > Only download de lto.dat

In fact, it's only help in faster fix and maintain a fix... and if you didn't have a mobile connection, or you will go far away from civilization; you can dowload, before go away, the gps aid files in order to have a faster fix without any kind of connections :) do you understand me? I cannot uderstand me!
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Sep 29, 2010
If I'm not wrong it downloads lto.dat and xtra.bin files. It also let you choose your preferred ntp server.
Basically it helps to get a faster lock.

I really can say that it works; after installation my SGS was able to get 11/11 with Gps Status in two places where my SGS only could view a maximum of 8 satellites.

The accuracy is a different story we have to live with, but this app is really a must have ( unfortunately :( )

Gracias ondoteam, jejeje


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Aug 8, 2010
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<string name="app_name">GPS Aids</string>
<string name="GPS_Aids_Text">GPS Aids</string>
<string name="caution">This application needs busybox and root. It's for the Samsung Galaxy S but it may work on other phones. It downloads the lto.dat file, copies it to /sdcard/data/ltodownloader.canaryx.net/ and then its moved to /data/gps. Test it!
Its my second app, so dont expect so much \n(all is automatic, it doesn't need user intervention)</string>
<string name="close">Close</string>
<string name="no">No</string>
<string name="yes">Yes</string>
<string name="configure_menu_text">Configure</string>
<string name="about_menu_text">About</string>
<string name="exit_menu_text">Exit</string>
<string name="xtra_auto_download_text">Download XTRA data</string>
<string name="xtra_auto_download_summary">Download GPS aiding data every time I run the application</string>
<string name="xtra_connection_type_text">Connection type</string>
<string name="xtra_connection_type_summary">Select which kind of connection will the program use to download XTRA data.</string>
<string name="xtra_downloaded_alert">XTRA data its supposed to be downloaded and installed</string>
<string name="xtra_downloaded_ok">XTRA data have been downloaded and installed successfully.</string>
<string name="xtra_deleted_alert">XTRA data is supposed to be deleted./string>
<string name="xtra_wifi_change">Ops, system doesn't detect an active connection. Do you want to enable/disable WiFi network?</string>
<string name="no_BusyBox">No busybox found. Do you want to close the app?</string>
<string name="no_internet">Application couldn't find an active connection.</string>
<string name="no_internet_auto">But not the kind you've chosen!</string>
<string name="si_internet">Connection detected!</string>
<string name="auto_download_check">Checking connection to download XTRA data...</string>
<string name="auto_download_uncheck">Data won't download automatically.</string>
<string name="download_now">Download data now...</string>
<string name="root_separator_text">Root operations</string>
<string name="use_root_text">Enable Root options.</string>
<string name="use_root_summary">Enabling this option will give you access to special capabilities (just for samsung galaxy S owners)</string>
<string name="ntp_server_text">NTP Server in use.</string>
<string name="ntp_actual_server_text">without information</string>
<string name="ntp_server_select_one">NTP Servers</string>
<string name="ntp_help_text">Select your desired time server. The one that cames by default is for America. I've added another one for Europe and one specific for Spain.</string>
<string name="ntp_server_autoselected_text">NTP Server changed to:</string>
<string name="ntp_server_no_need_changes">No changes will be applied to NTP Server.</string>
<string name="auto_download_separator_text">Options to automate tasks</string>
<string name="gprs_connection_text">3G connections</string>
<string name="wifi_connection_text">WiFi connections</string>
<string name="aceptar_text">Accept</string>
<string name="lto_age_text">LTO file age:</string>
<string name="delete_aids_text">Delete GPS aids</string>
<string name="download_aids_text">Download GPS aids</string>
<string name="native_method_text">Native methods:</string>
<string name="native_method_summary_text">Native methods may fail, agains that nothing can't be done. By clicking "Download GPS aids" a new window will open. When this one closes, data will have been downloaded successfully. If connection timeouts, data wouldn't be downloaded and the application will ask you to enable/disable the wifi.</string>
<string name="brute_force_text">Bruteforce:</string>
<string name="brute_force_summary_text">Bruteforce is not as smooth as native methods but its more reliable. Root and busybox needed.</string>
<string name="ayuda_gps_activity_text">We're trying to force GPS to download XTRA data. When the data is downloaded, window will close automatically. Be patient, and be sure you have an active data connection.</string>
<string name="force_lto_download_text">Force data download</string>
<string name="force_lto_download_summary"> If you've enabled "Download XTRA data", this option will force its download by using Root permissions.
<string name="force_lto_button_text">Force LTO data download.</string>
<string name="agradecimientos_text">Thanks to:</string>
<string name="agradecimientos_summary_text"> julianico @ htcmania.com for the original idea. EseLoKo @ htcmania.com for that cute icon. All users @ htcmania.com for being testers. And the last one for Coco, thanks you for loving me that much, cutie!</string>
Example to translate text:

Spanish -> <string name"something">¡Hola!</string>
English -> <string name"something">Hello!</string>

As you can see, the bold text it's the only one thing that change

Ale, hecho, de nada
PD: lo he hecho lo mejor posible, seguramente habrá algún que otro fallo xD


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Sep 16, 2010
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<string name="app_name">GPS Aids</string>
<string name="GPS_Aids_Text">GPS Aids</string>
<string name="caution">This application needs ROOT permissions and Busybox. This is an application for Samsung Galaxy S (may work on others terminals). It will download the lto.dat file from a server, copy it to /sdcard/data/ltodownloader.canaryx.net/ then to /data/gps/ This is my second application, do not expect too much \n(everything is automatic)</string>
<string name="close">Close</string>
<string name="no">No</string>
<string name="yes">Yes</string>
<string name="configure_menu_text">Configuration</string>
<string name="about_menu_text">About</string>
<string name="exit_menu_text">Exit</string>
<string name="xtra_auto_download_text">Download data XTRA</string>
<string name="xtra_auto_download_summary">Download datas to help the GPS everytime you start the application.</string>
<string name="xtra_connection_type_text">Connexion type</string>
<string name="xtra_connection_type_summary">Select under what kind of connection XTRA data will be automatically downloaded.</string>
<string name="xtra_downloaded_alert">XTRA data will be downloaded and installed.</string>
<string name="xtra_downloaded_ok">XTRA data have been downloaded and installed.</string>
<string name="xtra_deleted_alert">XTRA data will be deleted.</string>
<string name="xtra_wifi_change">Error, no active connection detected. Do you want to activate Wifi?</string>
<string name="no_BusyBox">BusyBox not found. Do you want to close the application?</string>
<string name="no_internet">No active internet connection have been found.</string>
<string name="no_internet_auto">Maybe not the type you have chosen!</string>
<string name="si_internet">Connection found!</string>
<string name="auto_download_check">Checking the connection to download XTRA data.</string>
<string name="auto_download_uncheck">Data will not be downloaded automatically</string>
<string name="download_now">Downloading data...</string>
<string name="root_separator_text">ROOT options</string>
<string name="use_root_text">Enable ROOT options</string>
<string name="use_root_summary">Enable this option to access to special features (only for Samsung Galaxy S)</string>
<string name="ntp_server_text">NTP server in use:</string>
<string name="ntp_actual_server_text">No information...</string>
<string name="ntp_server_select_one">NTP servers</string>
<string name="ntp_help_text">Select server for your location. Default server is America. I added a server for Europe and another one more specific to Spain.</string>
<string name="ntp_server_autoselected_text">NTP changed to:</string>
<string name="ntp_server_no_need_changes">No need to change the NTP server.</string>
<string name="auto_download_separator_text">Automatic task option</string>
<string name="gprs_connection_text">3G connection</string>
<string name="wifi_connection_text">WiFi connection</string>
<string name="aceptar_text">Accet</string>
<string name="lto_age_text">LTO file age:</string>
<string name="delete_aids_text">Disable GPS aid</string>
<string name="download_aids_text">Download GPS aid</string>
<string name="native_method_text">Native method:</string>
<string name="native_method_summary_text">Native method can fail, in that case you cannot do anything. Click on "Download GPS aid" another window will pop-up, it will close when data have been correctly downloaded. If after some time no date have been downloaded, the application will ask to active Wifi connection.</string>
<string name="brute_force_text">Brute force:</string>
<string name="brute_force_summary_text">The brute force is less subtile than the native method... but fails rarely. ROOT and BusyBox are needed.</string>
<string name="ayuda_gps_activity_text">Estamos intentando forzar al GPS para que baje los datos XTRA. Cuando los datos estén bajados, la ventana se cerrará automáticamente. Debes ser paciente, pero sobre todo... tener una conexión de datos activa </string>
<string name="force_lto_download_text">Forzar bajada de datos</string>
<string name="force_lto_download_summary">Si has activado "Bajar datos XTRA" esta opción forzará que se bajen utilizando permisos ROOT.</string>
<string name="force_lto_button_text">Forzar bajada del fichero LTO</string>
<string name="agradecimientos_text">Agradecimientos:</string>
<string name="agradecimientos_summary_text">A julianico @ htcmania.com por la idea original. A EseLoKo @ htcmania.com por el bonito icono de luce la aplicación. A todos los usuarios @ htcmania.com por hacer de testers. Y por último a mi Coco bonito por quererme tanto ¡Guapa!</string>

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@franklin01 @Guzmanus thank you so much! ¡Muchas gracias!

Updated the first post! With the app of course :)

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    Questions, support and everything @ http://www.canaryx.net/
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    New version on market, and the last until two weeks! (if not FC's reported). I will go out for exams. So... pray for me!
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    can you add italian ntp server ?


    NTP Server for Italy it's there since lot of versions ago.

    hi, I downloaded the free version 2 days ago, the app il almost perfect :) but I can download xtra only by wifi, the normal internet connection (3g or h) doesn't work.. is it normal or i'm blind and I can't see some options?

    my italian galaxy s is branded tim, with stock 2.2.1 rom

    thanks in advance
    Mmmm.. it isn't normal, you should have mobile Internet connection in order to download XTRA (almost in ours SGS... with HTC isn't mandatory). So..

    I installed GPS Aids V2 (Free) on my new Samsung Galaxy GT-i5800. This phone is new, not rooted, and is Android 2.1

    After installation, the screen shows:

    Checking Internet Connection [green]
    Checking for enabled GPS [green]
    checking for root access [red] - Your device is not rooted, so, all root related options will be disabled.
    Requesting SU access [yellow]
    Checking for BusyBox [yellow]
    Downloading LTO (forced mode) [yellow]
    Downloading XTRA (native mode) [red] -- The Native method to downloadthe XTRA data, has failed. Do yu want to execute an extensive test? - (yes) -
    [Toggle Wifi] [reboot device] -- Native method cheats

    Is there anyway I can enable the root access and get this GPS Aids works, without rooting this mobile phone? I wish to donate when this works. Thank you.
    Can you try to override the setup detections in last version at Market? Maybe you got a message that XTRA cannot be downloaded.. but just test it with GPS Status.

    I've donated and installed V2. While beeing in France without Internet-Connection, GPS Aids had stopped work, "while version wasn't donated", which it was, but without market-ckeck possible.
    Please change licensing!!
    You have got a PM.

    This is a bit of a repost but I'm not sure I'm quite up to date on this. I use 2.3.3 / Gingerbread.
    There has been some discussion about GPS Aids messing up the GPS when you use the "Brute Force" method. What are the latest views on this?

    I guess if you're on 2.3.3 and it is undesirable to use the brute force method, people should be aware of the fact that you have to unckeck the "brute Force" option in settings BEFORE you do a setup. If you don't do this, GPS Aids will do a forced method and perhaps mess up your GPS?

    Sorry If my post is not very clear. (I have no technical knopwledge I'm just a user)

    hmm I just noticed that Forced method is used in Setup even when you unckeck it in Settings

    @ Ondoteam what do you think??
    Well I got people using forced method without problem. Has you checked if GPS Aids mess something? I think that it cannot mess anything... just try and you have problem contact me via eMail :)
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    What exactly does it do and what are the exact results?
    Just faster fix or also increased accuracy while on the move?
    Native mode > force system to download and inject the XTRA data to the GPS.

    SU mode > Only download de lto.dat

    In fact, it's only help in faster fix and maintain a fix... and if you didn't have a mobile connection, or you will go far away from civilization; you can dowload, before go away, the gps aid files in order to have a faster fix without any kind of connections :) do you understand me? I cannot uderstand me!
    Can I use this app in combination with FasterFix, or will there be any conflicts?

    u dont need to use fasterfix anymore, Open GPS Aids, go to settings and click on NTP Server Option. Its the same option that FasterFix do.

    Sorry, just a couple of other quick questions; will this work ok if I'm using the BUJP5 modem and Darky's 9.2?

    If i´m right, than it has nothing to do with your Modem because GPS Aids is adding server location data to your system and not to your modem.

    I'm guessing that if we're in teh UK we should use the Custom NTP server option and switch to uk.pool.ntp.org?

    BTW mate, i´m from Germany, if i set de.pool.ntp.org my GPS is not working that well as i´m runnin it on Europe.pool.ntp.org. I think you all should test some server and run with the best views and accurace !!