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Jun 2, 2008
Hi, folks! It's me again with the new version of the hdWobble app. Although it looks like the previous one, this version is done from scratch. It is based on the OpenGL ES library for Windows mobile. I recently got my self a new HTC HD2 phone, and since it is supporting multitouch technology I decided to see if I can use it in this app. As it is shown in the video, I managed to implement pinch-zooming and rotation of the loaded image as well as resizing of the wobbling area. There are lots of things that need to be polished and implemented, but I hope that this version will live to see it, unlike the previous one. There is no download available yet. At first it will be released only for the HTC HD2 device. As soon as it is completed I will release it for download. Not sure yet if it is going on the Marketplace or not. Anyway, enjoy the existing app and this clip, and don't forget to watch this thread for updates.

Watch the movie here

Work progress
New image gallery is finished. I hope you will like it. I'm planning to give it a go as a standalone image gallery that can replace default image and video viewer.
I'll be expecting your recommendations, critiques, suggestions and comments of any kind that will make this gallery even better.
You can see new gallery in action here.

Little contest

Thanks to all of you who have submitted your work for the new visual identity of this app.
My favorite and favorite of majority of people that I've shown these icons is one from De'Key.

TODO list:
  1. app configuration panel
  2. load previous work and save current work
  3. minor glitches and bugs



Download available!!!
Download of the beta version is available @ 1800pocketpc.com.
Please, do not mirror the file, or redistribute it in any other way.

Important installation instructions
After installing, PLEASE, DO SOFT RESET of the device, otherwise multitouch wont work.

Q: How to add or remove images to use with hd2Wobble?
A: Go to the location where you installed hd2Wobble and open Backgrounds folder.

Q: Will there be standalone image viewer, and when?
A: Yes there will be an I don't know when.

Q: Does hd2Wobble work on other devices than HD2?
A: For now it only works on HD2. If it works on other devices it is not intentional. I only tested it and developed for HD2. It won't work on devices that are not "multitouch" capable. In the future release I'll try to enable it to work on other resolutions so it could be used on devices like HD2 mini.

Q: I successfully installed hd2Wobble on my HD2. Why isn't multitouch working?
A: Soft reset your device after the installation.

If you like this application and find any worth in it, you are free to donate :D

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Nov 29, 2009
LOL nice app, i like the wobbling xD well I wont have this on my phone because my girl wouldn't accept it haha xD


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Sep 16, 2008
I've already used some pics of my wife on this app on the omnia...

but now with a bigger screen and it being finger friendly and all.

shame on me!