[APP] HTC Sense 3.0 Camera APK for HTC EVO/HTC Glacier on Sense ROMs (with PANORAMA)

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Aug 28, 2010
Largo/Clearwater Area
installed on incredible opens, shows what the camera sees for about 2 sec, then closes camera(normally not crash) and FC's.... any chance we can get this problem solved????? seems like it is a small error if it does that much.


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Apr 13, 2010
Any chance on getting this working on mynZ ? I tried both ways. No icon. I chAnged the name of the original to .bak first.


Dec 4, 2010

anyone get it working with an htc thunderbolt? if so, how and are you willing to share that information with me?


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May 23, 2010
I had this working on the Kingdom rom B1, just installed on B1.1 and now I get the Flash turned off to save battery life error even though I'm at full battery. I tried removing and reinstalling it, same error. Anyone have any ideas? I LOVE this camera.

think its a b1.1 issue, me and others have posted in the virus thread using the normal cam.


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Feb 25, 2011
Yes, can someone describe how the panorama works and post a few shots, how does this compare with the panorama apps that are available? is it just taking a very wide shot and cropping the top and bottom?


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May 6, 2010
anyone get it working with an htc thunderbolt? if so, how and are you willing to share that information with me?

Tried it on my Thunderbolt. Doesn't work. I have tried both Update-Camera-signed.zip and HTCCamera.apk found in the OP, changed permission, triple checked my settings, restart a couple of times... nothing. No camera present.

You can try and see if it works for you but I give up :)


Dec 4, 2010
tried and again...fail. this sucks man for what the thunderbolt is worth its a really great phone but its sad that only 2 months after its initial release we can't have the newest sense...i kinda feel let down in a big way. hopefully in due time this phone will recieve full on sense 3.0 until then F:(@#[email protected]#$K!

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    Always do a NAN Backup before changing system files:

    Works on HTC EVO and HTC Glacier, possibly other HTC on Sense ROMs.

    You have to be running a Rom with Sense framework like HTC Sense or MySense (seams not to work on pure sense versions)

    As in the tread title attached is HTC Sense 3.0 Instant Capture Camera WITH PANORAMA.


    Root Explorer

    Move .apk to /system/app/

    replace original

    change permissions to rw- r-- r--

    RESTART the phone an ENJOY



    Download Zip file (Thanks to JGW310 for the tweaks on the Zip): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1087353

    Restart in recovery

    install update from zip

    select Update-Camera-signed.zip from your save directory

    RESTART the phone an ENJOY


    On Sense Roms 2.0+

    Special Instructions to avoid FC:

    - HDR has to be selected thru effects selection or it will FC (SCREEN SHOT 4)

    - Burst function doesn't work.

    -1080 Recording Possibly dual-core required. (on some phones it will just record in 720 even toe you select 1080)

    - Don't change Widesceen to normal setting, if you did then go to system settings/applications and find camera and clear data, it will fix the permanent FC it caused. (Thanks eliasadrian)
    Anyone tested this on HTC Desire HD ( Overclocked to 1.50 Ghz) Is it possible to record in 1080? (Hopely it is) :-/

    Hey it doesn't work in my HTC Desire HD with my LeeDroid 3.0.3 GB Rom. Do someone know a solution? :S

    to all desire hd owners: the original apk is not for you it will NOT work. see here. I am currently working on a fully functional dhd port (there will be no 1080p / burst / instant capture)
    same here..app is a no show..im on kingdom b1

    Make sure you change permissions.

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    I would like to say "thank you" for sharing. got it working (with little changes) on desire hd sense 2.1 roms :D
    could you post it for sense 2.1 :)

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    panorama & instant capture doesnt work. working on panorama right now. take a look here

    EDIT: it is for desire hd (ace) no idea whether it will work on other devices