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[app] htc sense 3.0 camera app updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [UPDATED 6/6]

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Senior Member
Sep 30, 2009
Bay Area,Ca
it doesnt work with MikG rom or VR Kingdom b1.3.
please fix.
i wanna use the HDR =)

i've tried to install,it just gives me unable to install it doesnt work.
so that sucks,please fix!

i have tried the root explorer also,no luck..


Oct 30, 2010
If your using MikG rom then go to the site and to the mods and themes section thats where i got mine from. Cause it works for me on MikG 1.03 Rom. Maybe theirs is defferent from this one. Cause i have the orginal and the 3.0 camera. If you want both of them installed just rename it, cause it's just an .apk program.


Mar 21, 2011
I tried it on my desire hd and it works perfect exept the fact that the shutter sound doesn't work. If someone knows how to fix it i'll be very gratefull


Retired Recognized Developer
Jun 20, 2010
St. Louis
I am going to close this thread because TommyTomato's version works much better than this one and I no longer am updating this thread

thread closed :)
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    UDPATED 6/6!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is an updated version (a few bug tweaks that i think will help out a lot) of Francois.d.dillinger's version----check out the original thread here!!! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1084184

    Always do a NAN Backup before changing system files:

    You have to be running a Rom with Sense framework. HTC Sense or MySense

    As in the tread title attached is HTC Sense 3.0 Instant Capture Camera WITH PANORAMA.


    Restart in recovery

    install update from zip

    select Update-Camera-signed.zip from your save directory

    RESTART the phone an ENJOY


    On Sense Roms 2.0+

    Special Instructions to avoid FC:

    - HDR has to be selected thru effects selection or it will FC (SCREEN SHOT 3)

    - Burst function doesn't work.

    -1080 Recording Possibly dual-core required. (on some phones it will just record in 720 even though you select 1080)

    Questions?? Comments?? Concerns??

    DOWNLOAD LINK!!!!!! http://www.mediafire.com/?64mge6uq7zqjncd THE LINK IS NOW AN APK SO DOWNLOAD THIS DIRECTLY TO YOUR PHONE
    Il try this one, the first one didnt work for me...


    hit that thanks button!!!!!
    I flashed this and I still have old camera I don't see new 3.0 camera I am on V's kingdom B1.1 rom, any suggestions please.

    flashing that zip didn't work for me
    so i grabbed the newer HTCCamera.apk (4102 KB in size) out of the zip file
    and using root explorer i went to system/app - mount R/W
    then deleted the existing HTCCamera.apk
    then copied the newer one into /system/app
    long press it and click on Permissions
    this is what you want ............................. then rebooted and HTC Camera 3.00+