[APP] Intelli3G - 2G/3G/4G Toggle and battery saver for stock android

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Apr 1, 2007
Suggestion for power saving network switch condition

For fast network we have charger connected condition, can we have a battery level % condition for switching to power save network?


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Oct 25, 2013
Many thanks for this explanation. The sad thing was that I don't even use the 2nd sim and basically using the device as a 1-sim only phone. I was even thinking to have my I9192 replaced by I9190, but couldn't find it anywhere in my city.

I recently saw you posted an update with experimental dual sim support. Without much hope I downloaded it, installed, rebooted and... guess what... voila! it's fully working now on my I9192!!! :victory::victory::victory: Man, you are THE MAN! :D thanks a lot for your support and for not giving up! I've been playing with the app and settings and it works seamlessly, significantly saving my battery's life!

p.s. as the app is now working, I'm not sure whether you still need my logs, but if yes, just let me know. And thanks again!!!

Hi, how do you make it work on i9192? On me not work, I'm on kk 442, thanks


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Jan 24, 2013
hey guys,

i have intelli3g setup to switch to 3g when screen is unlocked, but i also have it set to go 2g when wifi is connected.

my phone still switches to 3g when i unlock the screen, even though wifi is connected. i guess the first rule overrides the second. anyone also have this happen? is there a solution?


Aug 3, 2015
Perfect app, when I was on AOSP i used gravitybox to do some of these but on miui causes problems. Also just for info, since need xposed, why a running service is needed? all modules i'm using for xposed none of them requires a service to runs constantly.


Sep 6, 2014
On Cyanogenmod 13.0 Marshmallow, it seems parameters are not saved across reboots (I disabled GSM, setting "LTE/WCDMA", and after a reboot, phone connects to GSM network).


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Apr 22, 2016
On Cyanogenmod 13.0 Marshmallow, it seems parameters are not saved across reboots (I disabled GSM, setting "LTE/WCDMA", and after a reboot, phone connects to GSM network).
On my CM13 working quite ok. Just once the system didn't keep the options of the app. Too bad the project has been abandoned. Any suggestions to replace intelli3g?


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Dec 21, 2010
Thanks, JazzMozz. Right now I am trying Smart Network and works fine. But I will also give a try to that option.
I used to user Intelli3G but in the end it gave me too much trouble on my Nexus 6P. Therefore I switched to Smart Radio as featured in Gravity Box. It isn't flawless, but most of the time it works quite well. And it's one app less installed[emoji3] (I use GB anyway so I might as well use Smart Radio).
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Apr 29, 2016
On my CM13 working quite ok. Just once the system didn't keep the options of the app. Too bad the project has been abandoned. Any suggestions to replace intelli3g?

Same issue here. I'm running CM 13. Parameters were not saved upon rebot. Though, if i reacticate the fast mode and the services, it works like a charm.

I really hope this gets revived.

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    ** This app will only work on ROOTED Stock Android 4.1+ or AOSP ROMS **
    ** Xposed framework is required http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1574401 **
    ** Nexus 4 is only device supported as of now **
    Nexus 4 is officially supported. Devices on which this app works as confirmed by users:
    - Nexus 5
    - Galaxy S4/S2 TouchWiz
    - Note 3 ToutchWiz

    Intelli3G will intelligently manage your 3G connection and prevent your phone from losing battery when you are not using it. Intelli3G will put your phone on 2G network when its your pocket. It will not disable your data like most other apps. You will still get all your notifications with minimal battery drain.

    - Manual 2G/3G toggle.
    - Option to use GSM Auto mode for 3G which is more battery friendly than the default WCDMA preferred mode.
    - 3G only mode, for those times when you need bandwidth immediately.
    - A lightweight service to disable switch to 2G when you are not using your device.
    - Delay switch to 2G if a download is active.
    - Option to disable service on call or WiFi.

    I observed the below facts about the Nexus 4:
    - On 3G idle, you lose around 3-4% battery per hour depending on your 3G network strength.
    - On 2G idle, you will lose less than 1% per hour.
    I realized that I was constantly disabling 3G to get through the day. Then, I wrote this app to replace all the manual toggling to conserve battery.

    If you have had the following problems on your Nexus 4, do try this app
    - You lose a significant amount of battery charge overnight.
    - You see msm_hsic_host wakelock (related to 3G radio) eating away most of your battery.
    - You get less than 3 hours screen on time on a full charge.

    Intelli3G is still in development, your suggestions are welcome.

    - If you are rooted, install Xposed framework from here http://dl.xposed.info/latest.apk and reboot your device.
    - After installing the app, enable the Intelli3G Xposed module and reboot

    Thanks to the @Robin>Hood, this was on XDA homepage


    Tasker integration

    Google play download

    Download mirror

    Paypal donate

    Join this test group https://plus.google.com/communities/112708768870659073124
    And opt in to get beta in play store https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.voidvapps.intelli3g

    @rovo89 for the awesome Xposed framework
    @C3C076 for gravitybox source, which was of great help to understand xposed basics, and write this module, my first android app

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Intelli3G, Tool/Utility for the Google Nexus 4


    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 2.14

    Created 2014-05-07
    Last Updated 2014-05-10
    Tasker fans, this is how you can switch your network with intelli3g.

    0:WDCMA Preferred


    Supported network modes
    Yes, and it works very well :)

    Thanks for reporting that. :D

    Well, I was busy with other things and had stopped working on Intelli3G completely in the last few months because of lack of xposed support on lollipop. I have hardly visited this thread in the last few months, so I apologize for not replying to all of your comments.

    Now, I hope to start working on this again and be more active here. :)
    The author of the app @veagles hasn't been seen for a while. Maybe he has some other ideas to enhance the user experience.

    Hello, I had been busy with a few things in real life. :)

    I have fixed a couple of issues in the code that I came across in the last month. I am also working on a few things
    - Option to trigger 3g based on apps (YouTube=3G, WhatsApp=2G)
    - 3G when data is disabled (few people mailed me asking for this)
    - Fixing the "Check Network" part which isn't quite working as expected

    Also, I have been thinking of adding a way to donate, and looking at what other developers are doing. Though, people have offered to donate on this thread, I haven't shared my paypal account yet. I didn't want to take any contributions until the app is complete and stable. Now, I guess it almost is. I am thinking of the following options.
    - Ads, I think almost everyone hates ads, let me know if are ok with it
    - Donate app and experimental features unlocked by donate app (Greenify)
    - In app donations (Xposed GEL Settings), not really in favor if this because I want to keep the main app free of any billing code
    - Paypal donations, and premium features (GravityBox)

    This main app and the core features you have now will remain free, so there is no need to worry for users who do not want to donate. :)

    Let me know your thoughts.