[App] [keyboard] Themed Keyboard with Number Row [4.28 mb]


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Feb 1, 2014
Upgrade your phone's keyboard with this and get Lollipop style keyboard. Type faster with powered predictions. The keyboard is ported from Samsung 4.2.2 and is moded with themed background.
Three in One Themed Keyboard only for you.

Key Features
  • 3 in 1 Themed keyboard
  • Custom Theme style Qwerty keyboard
  • Custom Theme 3x4 keyboard
  • Number rows included at the top
  • Supports 51 languages
  • Autocorrect your quirks
  • Always learning from your phrases,nicknames & slangs :D
  • Swipe to type
  • Powered predictions let's you type faster
Samsung 4.1.2 and up devices
Ported from 4.2.2 Samsung
Official Samsung keyboard Modded
Background changed [2 different background in one theme]
Invisible button background
Number rows at the top of the QWERTY keypad

One app stop
File size low beyond your imagination [4.28 mb]

Installation process 1
  1. Download Samakkykeyboard.zip & put it into your SdCard
  2. Boot your device into recovery mode
  3. Select the option install from zip
  4. Choose install from external SdCard or whereever you have kept Samakkykeyboard.zip
  5. Wait till the flash completes
  6. Remove your battery & Reboot your device normally

Installation process 2
  1. Download & decompress Samakkykeyboard.zip and keep it in your SdCard
  2. Extract SamsungIME.apk from the zip, you will get it /system/app/SamsungIME.apk
  3. Install any Root Browser
  4. Navigate to /system/app/
  5. Backup your stock Samsung keyboard by renaming SamsungIME.apk to SamsungIME.apk.Copy
  6. Now copy & paste the extracted SamsungIME.apk in the folder /system/app/
  7. Change it's permission to rw-r--r--
  8. Reboot your device

Congrats & Enjoy !! ;)

Download links
Flashable zip -------> Samakkykeyboard.zip [4.28 mb]


If you use it in your ROM, don't forget to give proper credits :D
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