App Lock (Lock and unlock your apps so easy!!)


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Dec 31, 2010
App Lock Pro protects your private apps through numeric password, draw pattern and cool gesture pattern!

Worrying about your private apps seen by others when they use your Smartphone? Then you need App Lock which protects your private apps.

Perfect App Lock protects any applications you want: SMS, Email, Pictures, Camera, USB Connect, Calendar, Messanger, Browser, Phone, Contacts, Clock, Settings, Market, Talk, ...any apps you want.

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1 Three unlocking method to select: numeric password, draw pattern and cool gesture pattern.
2 Cool background picture for gesture pattern.
3 One click to add unlocked app to locked apps list.
4 One click to return locked app to unlocked app list.
5 When visitor mode, enter password to open locked apps.
6 When master mode, no need to enter password to open locked apps.

Having App Lock Free in your Smartphone, you will no longer worry about your private apps seen by others! What ‘s more? It is so easy to add any app to locked list. Just one click! And it is the same easy to unlock apps in locked list. Also just one click! When you yourself are using the Smartphone, you can use master mode. In master mode, users can open all apps including locked apps without entering password. When others are using your Smartphone, you can use visitor mode. In visitor mode, users must enter password to open locked apps. So your private apps will not be seen by others.

Thank you very much for using my app. IF you have any advices, feel free to contact me at [email protected].

Download here:View attachment 590799

You can also download the paid version which is no ads in google market.

Thank you all for your support!!!
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Dec 5, 2008
This is such a great app, I love it. Brilliant concept and a simple design make it perfect.

If I had any suggestion it would be a widget to quickly toggle or an optional icon/toggle in the notification bar. Specific folders in the gallery (or specific folders in general) too as I don't mind people viewing most of my videos or pictures but I'm not all that innocent lol
Maybe if you're feeling really adventurous in the future a way to activate this remotely, either by text or PC would be imressive but now I'm just getting ahead of things.
It's wonderful how it is

Desire HD: Leedroid 3.0.3 :D
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Jan 11, 2011
Very nice app, runs great on Desire CM7 :)
A cool feature to add could be the option to exclude apps from the drawer when in visitor mode, and also to hide/lock specific folders in gallery and SD-card


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Jun 18, 2010
Naperville, IL
Awesome thanks! I used another one but it was really iffy, especially when locking the gallery. Sometimes after unlocking it wouldn't show the pictures or allow the camera to function. I love the Visitor/Master mode. Nice work!


Dec 28, 2010
Seems to work great!

I do have a question tho, isn't there supposed to be a gesture option to lock/unlock, Im only seeing the numeric and I missing something? Either way seems to work really good so far, well done!


Nov 20, 2010
Great app!

I've had friends post embarrassing status updates on my Facebook page before. This should stop that from happening again.

My suggestion is changing the Master/Visitor icon a little bit, because it doesn't line up well with other icons.

Other than that, great work!


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Apr 3, 2011
Maybe I''m misunderstanding the setting, but 'permanently locked' and 'single locked' seem to be mixed up? Single makes us enter the password in each time using the app. Not a huge problem tho, awesome app.

Sardo Numspa

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Mar 29, 2011
just found this app via ive got App Lock Free installed on my Xoom and i think i found a bug. it works great, i have the widget on my home screen and anytime i try and access of of the locked apps, i have to put in my pattern. the problems comes when i put my xoom on standby. when i pull it out of standby, the widget still says visitor mode, but when i press on one of the locked apps, it opens right away, no pattern needed. however, if i press on the app lock widget, the pattern request pops up. if i hit cancel, and then try to open one of the locked apps, the pattern request reappears. it seems the app is not activating when the xoom comes back from being on standby until you press the widget. did that make sense?

my xoom is unlocked and rooted with cybertronics 1.4 p8 kernel if that makes any difference.