[APP] LUMOS v1.0 *FINAL* (Complete HTC Auto-Backlight replacement) [UPD.:08-02-2011]

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Oct 25, 2006
Hi guys,
I use it on Touch Pro with WM 6.5. The only problem is when I use power button to screen off then my TP waits about 1-3 seconds to do that.
Is it normal? How can I change it to screen off imediatelly?

edit: Done ;)
When Lumos Wizard stays in running processes then do that. Just killed this process and Lumos works fine! :)
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Oct 23, 2008
Can this program bind on the button(FastKeys) - BackLight Level, for quickly change BackLight ??

I`m have smartphone (HTC Ozone) and need regular change backlight Day/Night. Standard procedure - trought System Menu is long and too hard.


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Feb 24, 2008
I am sure there are other apps that do this. Lumos is supposed to be fire and forget.

Since I'm writing here anyway, I am looking for volunteers who would want to help with Lumos for Android. PM me with your device and usual ROM preference (stock/aosp/miui branch + android version) if you are interested.

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    Final Version

    Lumos version 1.0 FINAL
    has been officially released.

    Most notable new features:
    - stability/performance fixes
    - Relative Exceptions (see FAQ)
    - exceptions that prevent device sleep
    - support for simple command-line services (see FAQ)
    - support for QVGA / HVGA displays
    - fixed issues and detection of defective light sensors that never report 0
    - automated handling of built-in auto backlight related issues (may require restart after installation to apply fix)
    - some ability to identify missing HTC drivers and offer a solution

    Please note you can freely update over RC2 version and keep most of your settings but you will lose all per-app exceptions due to compatibility problems.

    Also note that some new features may appear in English as they are not yet translated. Fixed translations may be released in the future if there is demand.

    Download the new version in first post.

    FAQ is in second post and is being updated if you have any questions about the new features.
    You're right, someone should write the documentation... someone.. :D

    For now this will have to do:
    Backlight change 2500 (ms) - set to 1250 means
    Lumos checks for backlight every poll but doesn't usually change the backlight on every single poll to save CPU cycles.

    Basically you are looking for light every 1250ms (looking at sensor is quite cheap if it's not polled extremely often) and you use a multiplier of 2x for backlight change 1250*2=2500ms (actually performing the BL change is most CPU costly thing Lumos does, about 3,5% peak).

    BL = min below (lumens) dims the display to absolute minimum regardless of other settings once sensor is below the value.

    HW keyboard dim timeout - obviously keyboard backlight duration when you slide open/type.

    CLP was removed in last version, it had no practical use.

    MODE tab specifies how backlight behaves in relation to sensor values, there are 3 presets or you can mix your own flavor. The default is best for most users.

    Relative exception (and this IS explained in the FAQ I believe) means amplification/attenuation of the automatic backlight for some app rather than one fixed level. Retais auto-levelling but increases or decreases the result by some amount when your app is running. Basically gets you better readability for some apps and still saves battery compared to static level. Or it can be used to decrease backligh by an amount for some apps.. can't think of an usage scenario but I'm sure there is one ;)

    I tried to explain the stuff that is not self-explanatory in the FAQ (second post here) take a look.
    I remember now why I haven't implemented it. The problem is when you turn the device on under direct sunlight, this behaviour would make you unable to see anything for the duration of one cycle (little over a second in worst case scenario on stock settings). That's why this should be an option if anything and not forced. I for one like it the way it is and having high-ish (last used) backlight for a second is better than not seeing anything for a second.

    Your argument that you turn the display off and on often just proves my point. When there's sunlight, you would have to wait every time for the backlight to adjust to current conditions, instead of having it rather brighter and then dimming to appropriate levels if it got darker since you last used it.

    I suppose it's a matter of preference, but current model is unarguably more practical outside and the effect on battery is actually positive.

    Lumos remembers the last backlight used, so unless you change bright and dark places between the switches, it doesn't need to do any work at all, actually doing less adjustments in the long run - saving CPU time and in turn battery, since the actual BL change is most costly task.

    If the display is darkened when you turn it on, unless you are indoors in minimal light, Lumos will have to do at least the same number of changes as now in best case scenario - making more work in the long run (not saving battery) and making you miserable in the process, delaying the first interaction with your device by over a second in some conditions.
    Lumos for Android is now available at Google Play Store
    looking forward to trying and testing it.

    OK - I'll make sure to send a beta link your way when I *think* it should work. I'm kind of blindfolded at the moment.
    The changes are not dramatic, you can see all changes in the second post it's mainly tweaks and bugfixes.