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[App+Magisk Module]ACC - Custom accent colour creator [Android 8+]

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Dec 24, 2015
I saw it works with some Xiaomi phones. I have redmi note 7 with xiaomi.eu miui 11 based on Android 9. I can install acx.apk, create accent, Magisk module is installed after reboot, accent is active. Colors are still default by the system.

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    ACC - Accent Colour Creator​


    Android 10 introduces an option to change the system accent colour. In pure AOSP, it is limited to certain preset colours(Custom ROMs may have more colours). What if you want to set your own accent colour? That's where this app comes into play. The app gets your choice of colours (You can select from presets, wallpaper colours or create a custom colour) and creates an overlay targeting android (framework-res). A Magisk module is created by the app, which injects the created overlay to the system (Read: Systemless :angel:).

    • You can select colours from your wallpaper, presets in the app or set your own custom colour.
    • Multiple accents can be created.
    • Separate accents for dark & light theme [Android 10 only].
    • Adjust Hue, saturation & lightness of the chosen colours to your liking. Android 10 users can use this to create desaturated dark theme accent.
    • Enable/disable accents.
    • Remove created accents (swipe from sides).

    • As of now, this is untested on OEM skins(OOS, OneUI, MiUI etc). But should work on custom ROMs, if they don't block overlays.
    • If something goes wrong, remove the module created by the app in /data/adb/modules/ using TWRP or adb shell with root access.
    • Uninstalling the app won't remove the custom accent colour.




    • Grant root access when prompted.
    • Pick your new accent via wallpaper colours, presets or a custom colour.
    • Set a name for your accent colour. This is the name will be shown in system settings.
    • Once the new accent colour is created, a snackbar will be shown with an option to reboot.
    • After a reboot, you should see the new accent colour, either in developer options or the custom ROM's setting. If not manually enable it from the app.
    • To create a new accent, repeat the above steps. You can create multiple accents in one go and reboot once.
    • To remove a particular accent, swipe from the sides and reboot.
    • To remove all the custom accent colours, remove the Magisk module and reboot.

    Find the latest release here


    • [*]Allow creating multiple accent colours.
      [*]Include some preset colours in the app.

    Thanks to/Credits

    Alternate method

    Shell script
    Script for Linux/macOS. More info in the read me:

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Accent Colour Creator, App for all devices (see above for details)

    Source Code: https://github.com/Akilesh-T/QACC

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: v1.51
    Stable Release Date: 2020-1-18

    Created 2019-11-29
    Last Updated 2020-1-18

    What's new:

    Redesigned UI.
    Create separate accent colour for dark theme [Android 10 only].
    Customise Hue, saturation and lightness of chosen colours.
    Reduced app size.

    Overlay is now installed as a normal app on Oreo [Untested].

    Added support for Oxygen OS [Untested].
Accents can be deleted by swiping from either side.

    Added colour preview from Styles and wallpapers app.
New Info screen with links and app version.

    Fragment transition animations from Android 10.

    Download link
    @thecoolkid, yeah still being worked on :D Try this.
    @chasemyass check if this works on OOS please.

    What's new in v1.51:

    • In-app updates
      1. Get notified when there is a new update
      2. After your download is complete, click the notification to install
    • Dark theme is now #000000

    Download link
    (Won't be needed next time :D)

    What's new:

    • Initial support for Android Oreo.
    • Support extracting colours from live wallpapers.
    • Revamped colour preview UI.
    • Refactored overlay package name creation.

    Download v1.40

    I have some personal work for the next 2 weeks or so. There won't be any updates in the meantime. If you face any issues, leave a reply here or in the telegram group.
    @thecoolkid thanks for all the testing and comments :)
    Update v1.30

    What's new:

    • Add both arm & arm64 binaries (credits: Substratum)
    • Add an option to manually toggle app's dark theme
    • Allow creating multiple accents
    • Enable/disable accents
    • Remove created accents (swipe left)
    • Refactor Text Input EditText

    Download v1.30