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Apr 26, 2011
I downloaded the .mtpref files from the wiki, but they don't look the same on my screen. Justification is different, fonts are words and vice-versa.

The problem I have is if I modify them and try to save them under a new name, when I restore them I just get the default sample.

I love the potential of the widget, I'm just find it a little frustrating at the moment.


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Jun 30, 2010
Hey Devmil, HUGE thank you for "open shortcuts on tap" feature...just love it. :D Olso wondering if you are working on calendar for MT by any chance.
BTW....hope your family is well :).
This is absolutely wonderful. Great job on this. 5/5 and I will certainly purchase the donation version as soon as possible. :)

The only issue is whenever I try to make a new one (typically horizontal), it says there isn't enough room on the page, and starts creating new ones on my Captivate. >_<

I suppose that's just the phone's fault, though. The screens just not big enough. xD
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Mar 4, 2011
Weather Update Failing

Hi. First, I love this app!!

but I can not get the weather update to function properly

here is my Weather log

I have tried auto location and defined location (US Zip Code 22657)


Weather log:
22.05.2011 10:54:43 - Step 1 initialized (location)
22.05.2011 10:54:45 - Step 2 initialized (City name)
22.05.2011 10:54:47 - Step 3 initialized (update)
22.05.2011 10:54:47 - Got no weather information for 6
22.05.2011 11:09:15 - Step 1 initialized (location)
22.05.2011 11:09:16 - Step 2 initialized (City name)
22.05.2011 11:09:16 - Step 3 initialized (update)
22.05.2011 11:09:17 - Got no weather information for 6
22.05.2011 11:24:52 - Step 1 initialized (location)
22.05.2011 11:24:53 - Step 2 initialized (City name)
22.05.2011 11:24:53 - Step 3 initialized (update)
22.05.2011 11:24:53 - Got no weather information for 6
22.05.2011 11:25:16 - Step 1 initialized (location)
22.05.2011 11:25:17 - Step 2 initialized (City name)
22.05.2011 11:25:17 - Step 3 initialized (update)
22.05.2011 11:25:17 - Got no weather information for 6
22.05.2011 11:40:28 - Step 1 initialized (location)
22.05.2011 11:40:29 - Step 2 initialized (City name)
22.05.2011 11:40:29 - Step 3 initialized (update)
22.05.2011 11:40:29 - Got no weather information for 6


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Feb 26, 2011
I use this app and I also love it :p

But I have a problem, I selected that the widget shows the location and weather. But it dont work, only shows some points. I try to update weather but it continues....What can I do?



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Apr 2, 2010
hi devmil.

i would like to create an oversized widget with ex. day.

when i set the fontsize to 200 the digits are cut. it doesnt matter how large the widget is sized in my launcher.

want to realize smth like market "wp live clock" but dont know how.

thx :)

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Nov 18, 2010
Saco, Maine
would it be possible to add a feature that can create a battery widget that displays your uptime since your last unplug? This would help greatly in determining if a change effecs battery life. Thanks.


Jul 1, 2009
Hi. Nice widget. I like the style. Simple is beauty :)

However, there is some confusion to the Chinese localization. The Chinese text (zh) in Google doc is in "Simplified Chinese", which should normally be mared as zh_rCN. On the other hand, zh, zh_rTW, zh_rHK, shall use "Traditional Chinese".

I clone the localization to zh_rTW and change the text to Traditional Chinese. You may choice

1. rename zh to zh_rCN, copy zh_rTW to zh, and zh_rHK
2. copy zh_rTW to zh_rHK

Android itself take method 1, that zh use Traditional Chinese


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May 7, 2011
hi devmil thanks for this free app, but i encountered a problem. this widget slow in updating the time.

i've put typoclock, the stock clock of widgetlocker and minimalistic text onto my widgetlocker to compare as i've noticed the long time it takes to update the time. the other 2 widgets updated in less than a second but minimalistic text took like 5 seconds to update.

is there something wrong? btw i'm using the SGS and for minimalistic text, i've used numbers instead of text for the time. also displaying date and week day as well.

thanks in advance.

I'm having the same issue. I have the donate version and have a Minimalistic Text numeric clock (using an external font in my SD card) on my Widgetlocker lockscreen, and it takes about 1 second for the time to refresh/adjust to the current time.


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Feb 26, 2011
I use this app and I also love it :p

But I have a problem, I selected that the widget shows the location and weather. But it dont work, only shows some points. I try to update weather but it continues....What can I do?


Any idea? It still no updating
Like if it couldnt conect to server


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Nov 19, 2009
Los Angeles
Night Mode Schedule (Off Hours)

Data connection is turned off at night.
MT is unable to update Weather when data is off (makes sense)

I would like to request a setting (schedule) for 'off hours'

PS. Does anyone know if the above can be accomplished by Tasker?


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May 7, 2011
I'm having the same issue. I have the donate version and have a Minimalistic Text numeric clock (using an external font in my SD card) on my Widgetlocker lockscreen, and it takes about 1 second for the time to refresh/adjust to the current time.

And to be more specific...

Let's say I put my device on standby at 2:01 pm. Then, I turn its screen back on at 3:30 pm -- what the minimalistic text digital clock shows is still 2:01 pm, then it takes about 1 second for it to update/refresh to 3:30 pm.

Does anyone have any idea why it's like this?


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I'm sure this is in here, but I'm not finding it in Search.
I have several different widgets I've created, but how do I select the one I want to use that is already created??

In other words, I click the MT app in my app drawer, I see the widgets I have saved. I tap one and I get the menu to edit it, but nowhere to add it to the desktop.

If I long press the desktop to add a widget, I only get the screens to create a new widget...... huh??

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    So here it goes. My first Android app.
    I would like to peresent a first Beta release of Minimalistic Text.
    This app is heavily inspired by Clockr and BattStatt but adds some additional benefits.

    While searching for a reason to dig into Android app development I came across Clockr and BattStatt. So I decided to rebuild them.
    As the first version of a text-clock was ready, I wanted to push this widget one abstraction layer up to some kind of meta-widget that brings the different approaches of displaying information in a textual, minimalistic way in one line so that it gets possible to make all this text widgets look the same way.

    But the main driver for me to spend evenings at my PC developing this app has been just the fun of it :)


    What is Minimalistic Text for?
    In the first case Minimalistic Text is a widget app that displays information in a minimalistic way.
    „Yet another Text Clock?“ one may ask.
    The answer is „Yes“, but more than that.

    Minimalistic Text tries to give you much more control about what information to show and how this information should be presented. The architecture of the widget allows (the developer) to add easily new sources of information and let the user integrate them in a widget.

    Today Minmalistic Text knows 4 sources of information:
    • Time
    • Date
    • Battery
    • Weather
    These information sources provide a set of variables that can be used in the widget configuration to build up your very own widget.

    Resource Management
    Minimalistic Text tries to update the widgets only when necessary. Each widget analyzes the information (variables) it uses and knows when it has to be updated. So the update service updates only the widgets that have to be updated.
    When the screen of the device goes off, Minimalistic Text stops updating any widgets immediately and restarts the update process when the screen goes on again.
    For example: If a widget only has time variables and the voltage of the battery changes, the time widgets doesn't get updated. Sounds naturally? I don't want to know how many widgets out there don't take care about their update frequency :).

    Still under development
    Minimalistic Text is still under heavy development. So many ideas are on my todo-list that haven't been implemented yet.

    This can lead to breaking changes (that would force you to re-add your widgets to the home screen). Of course I will take care to avoid this, but it could happen.

    How you can help
    I am open to criticism and suggestions. One reason for throwing the app in the public at this stage of development is to get early feedback in order to direct the development in the right direction.
    Please tell me if an error occurs. Either here in this thread, via PM or e-mail.

    For a little guide see this link.

    Minimalistic Text supports devices running Android 1.6 and up.
    To download Minimalistic Text you can scan the barcode, tap the barcode or the Market link from your android phone or type "de.devmil.minimaltext" into your market search.

    >Market link<
    >AppBrain link<

    EDIT: Added the sheet for the translation to this post

    Updated the translation file. Better description for the number rules, new values

    Updated the translation file. New values

    Updated the translation file. New values
    Uploaded all translation files I already have.

    Translation state updated, new translation master file.

    New translation master file.

    Translation state updated, new translation master file.

    Translation state updated, new translation master file will follow tomorrow.

    New translation master file.

    Translation state
    The currently used translation files are in my Google docs folder:Klick
    To edit a translation or to add new ones please use the Google docs mechanism to get access to this folder.

    Minimalistic Text Wiki
    Ever since i upgraded to 3.0.4 my Minimalistic text keeps crashing whenever i go under "Text style" and try to press "Normal". I'ts when I've changed the font once that it starts. Anyone else having this problem?
    I just published a new version (3.0.5) that should fix this issue!

    Hello everybody,

    I have published a new version (2.0) that adds
    - French translation
    - Serbian translation
    - style settings per variable
    - font size override per variable
    - Tap to speak

    I've added a donate app for all of you that don't have or don't want Paypal but want to donate.

    I'm quite busy at the moment so the progress of Minimalistic Text is not very fast.

    I've removed the "Beta". I think all design-breaking changes are built in. This doesn't mean that I'm no more working on Minimalistic Text :)

    My phone is a wildfire. I have tried it with different roms. BattStatt describes condition as not charging.
    My phone (Samsung Galaxy S I9000) also doesn't reach the state "discharging". If you really want to see that your phone isn't connected to a power supply, I could add a new variable that displays all battery charging states.
    Hmmm, will keep trying then...
    Any news on this?
    Great app!Perfect job!The only widget i use now on my milestone:)
    Thank you
    I just purchased an Evo and absolutely love this app. however, is there a way to create folders with this app? I would love to unclutter my pages and group certain apps together. I have another app to help with this but it forces me to user it's ugly icons.
    Folders are something I plan to look into. I can't promise of and when they will be integrated.
    Is it possible to add fonts for this app to use? thanks
    Not yet. Haven't found >THE< solution for that problem yet.
    I just discovered this widget and I absolutely love it.

    While setting up my widgets I too tried to display a Tasker variable but it but blanked out, writing nothing...

    Not much of a fuss, sure, but IMHO it could be a very useful feature. Can I help debugging? Or al'm I doing something wrong?

    Sent from my GT-I9000 using XDA App
    In theory every Tasker variable should work.
    I've had a few Tasker variables in my tests that were very special and only have values in special circumstances (the running music title for example is only filled when the music has been startet through Tasker).
    What variable do you want to display?
    Found this app a couple days ago - put it on my Droid 2 Global and my Viewsonic GTab, absolutely the coolest thing evah!

    Ability to make custom stuff is great - hooking into the email/messaging APIs would be a cool addition (maybe the ability to make a message count widget)
    Thank you.
    E-Mail / SMS is another thing I want to look into. My hope is that there is a common API for that but I fear that every app has it's own approach.
    Great app! I love it. :cool:
    Thank you
    Damn....Now just to spend the next day tweaking this just to my liking. The customizability here is staggering. Wonderful application! Any way to make another way to donate? My bank won't work with paypal.
    There is a donate app online (since today)

    There is only 1 problem I've come across and that is once I've created say a clock widget for my Home, after several hours it vanishes. It then just diplays that the widget cannot be found.
    If I try and recreate by holding down on Home then selecting widget it is no longer in the lists of available widgets.
    If I check in my apps it is still there also. I have even tried moving from SD card to phone in case it wasn't reading it correctly. I've also tried unistalling/installing 4 times now and it doesnt like it.

    anyone any ideas?

    Hero running FroydVillian 1.7.72 running 691MHz
    Launcher Pro
    Is Minimalistic Text on the SD card? Can you collect your Android log and send it to me? (Log Collector can do that)
    Wow. This widget is amazing. Excellent work!

    Does anyone notice a visible lag when having 1 or more widget that uses the blur effect on the accented word? On my widgetlocker lock screen, if I have blur turned on, the sliding lock is jumpy. Further on the homescreens, when I have 1 or 2 with blur, then scrolling between homescreens is --very-- choppy (using launcher pro)

    I have a Desire running Defrost 6.1a clocked on demand (1700+ on quadrant).
    Hm. Have you tried other widgets with blur effects?
    In the end there is only a bitmap in the widget. So if the blur effect is the cause for that it has something to do with the patchy transparency the blur effect creates.
    I agree that this could be super powerful. Is there any way to display a tasker variable that shows the next calendar entry + location + time? Feeding this into minimalistic text would eliminate the need for other widgets like Calendr, etc., and have everything (date, time, weather, next appointment, bat status) all on one widget.
    I will try to find something. My Tasker knowledge isn't that deep.
    I would welcome an option of setting background to desired height and length. I came to this when i was thing of making sth like a custom notification bar...what do you think?
    Yes, I need this also :) My launcher (ADW Launcher Ex) overlappes the widgets or lets a 1px space between them in my 4x5 layout.
    thanks, do you know if the choice of fonts that are in the app can be replaced in the .apk?
    There are no fonts in the apk. Minimalistic Text only uses system fonts atm.
    Sweet App!!!

    Do you have the todo list publicly available so we can view it, should
    help with not duplicating requests.
    Thank you.
    Hm, interesting idea. I have to think about it. I don't know if there are more advantages or disadvantages :)
    Option to duplicate a profile already created and saved to an instance of accidental removal of the profile could easily reload all my settings without having to start from clear profile
    The problem is that the Preference Manager isn't able to add widgets to the home screen. This is something that has to be triggered by the Launcher app. So the manual step of adding the widget is unavoidable.

    adding fonts

    How do you add custom fonts?

    lot's of steps, but it's not that difficult...

    Step 1, plug your USB cable into your phone (and computer), and hit "enable usb storage" on your phone so that you can create a new folder on the SD card.

    Step 2 name that folder "fonts"

    Step 3 go to a font website; I like

    Step 4 download fonts you like to your PC

    Step 5 unzip the files

    Step 6 look for OTF, or TTF files

    Step 7 place those OTF/TTF files into the newly created "fonts" folder on your phones SD card

    Step 8 quit USB storage on your phone and unplug from the computer

    Step 9 open MT on your phone and go to "global settings"

    Step 10 scroll down towards the bottom and there is a "Fonts folder" option, select that and edit it to show /mnt/sdcard/fonts

    Step 11 use the fonts
    Hi all,

    currently I'm working on an improved color selector. I have not that much time as the last weeks but it progresses.

    Great Widgets!

    Is there ever a possibility to integrate Signal Strength and Data State (3G etc.) into your Widgets. When I got that, a never need another widget anymore... :D
    Noted :)
    +1 on this! I've been looking for some minimalist calendar widget but couldn't find a decent one like this..

    Btw that's a great icon for this great app!

    And about the weather keeps disappearing, sometimes mine too! But when I open my stock weather app and update the info, the text appears shortly..

    sent from my Leo on Desire HD2 using XDA App
    In the next version I change the way the weather data is displayed when something essential is missing (data connection, location service). At the moment the variables (all but the weather condition" show nothing. In the future they will show "...".
    Absolutely :)
    Thanks. The white ones will be in the next version.
    I have this little suggestion.. a feature where I can change color of some items at once would be great! So I can change the color theme of my home screen, since most of them are using this app.. :D

    sent from my Leo on Desire HD2 using XDA App
    Some kind of help for tasks like this will be available in the future.
    This is a dope widget thanks bro I love it

    Werrrd Boooty !-.-!
    Thank you
    I can't get the battery widget all in one row, it is always in two rowes...where can I set one row?
    You have to build your own custom layout for that. Change the predefined layout setting to "custom..." and then tap on the custom layout setting. There you can drag the battery bar segments to your layout.
    Ive downloaded it twice now and all it says is loading after I create it using the widget function any advice?

    Sent from my GT-I9000 using XDA App
    Do you have it on your SD card through any 3rd party app to SD hack? And how do you confirm the settings? You have to tap the back key when you have configured your widget.
    If none of this two advices help I would need a log copy to see what's going on.
    This is one of the best apps and arguable the best widget I have downloaded so far in my short life on Android, I just blew two hours customizing my home screen, and I hope more devs jump on this minimalistic look. I guess my only suggestion would be to make the duplication of widgets slightly more obvious, as I have yet to figure out how to do that. Otherwise, keep up the good work!
    This will be improved soon (not the next version but shortly after)

    Your app seems so promising that I needed to do something for it. Here is an udated French translation with number rules. Unfortunately French is not easy at all... You'll see that when you'll see the rules ;)

    If you have any question, feel free to PM me.
    I will try to integrate it.
    just downloaded but... i cant get anything else over the clock.
    how can i use it for weather?
    For weather you have to build your own layout through the layout editor (select "custom..." as predefined layout and then access the layout editor).
    There are no predefined weather sets yet, I think I will have to build one :)
    This is a really great app and I really appreciate your work!

    I have a few suggestions that IMO would make this app perfect, but I realize they must require a lot of reprogramming :-/

    I would like the ability to change each custom "block" their own style (font, style and color) and alignment.
    And with the ability to control font size for each block. I could make "Charging" under battery stats to be smaller than the rest of the text. (Is invisible in the pic, because its not charging, maybe it should say "Discharging" or something ;)).
    My current plans are to support text-orientation and style settings per variable. This would solve your issues, I think.