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Jun 26, 2016
Moto G7 Power
🇺🇸 BSG public version changelog (8.4.300 from 12/30/2021):
- Added "interface\model" Pixel 5A
- Added forced "astro"
- Added AWB correction
- Fixed photo resolution for some devices
- Fixed bugs in the modification for some devices



Jun 2, 2012
Soory if it's a 'noob question', but what are the differences between all these versions?
Which one should I download for iQoo 7?

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Jun 26, 2016
Moto G7 Power
🇺🇸 BSG public version changelog (8.4.300 from 12/30/2021):
- Added "interface\model" Pixel 5A
- Added forced "astro"
- Added AWB correction
- Fixed photo resolution for some devices
- Fixed bugs in the modification for some devices

I tested this on my Moto G7 Power (Android 10 version) but camera shuts down and take me to homescreen every time i take photo and photo not saved.


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Sep 24, 2011
Hi I have 2 phones LG V60 and Mi 11 I can install the app but I can not use Wide in any of these. Is there a way to fix that? Thanks


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Jan 1, 2019
I love this Gcam version, really !
What a good job !
But I've got a problem in video mode on may RN5 Pro (Whyred, LOS 18.1) : the sound recording is awfull, muffled...
It's strange, it's the only app on my phone which records sounds badly, for exemple Audio recorder or the native cam app of LOS 18.1 are OK. More strange, sound recording is ok with Gcam in selfie mode ! The problem is only present with the rear cam !
Can i configure correctly Gcam rear microphone for my phone with advanced settings ? I tried many things, without success...


Oct 30, 2020
Hi. I like your port, everything works on my Mi Note 10 lite, except for stabilization. How to enable EISV2?


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Nov 22, 2017
I have a MGC_CRASH_LOG folder in Downloads on my Redmi Note 9s with a crashlog. I'm using the latest Version and it started appearing in the couple of previous versions.


  • Xiaomi_RedmiNote9S_curtana_2022-01-17_23-30-36.log.zip
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May 1, 2009
Happy that you have the Poco F2 pro now.

-16/9 resolution 12MP (yes!)
- Video Stabilization, got it working

Camera seems to shut down if you make a selfie in portrait mode at x1.2 (not crashing at x1.0)

Trying to make a config file but will only upload if I am satisfied with my own stuff. The mi-note-10-lite seems to be a good basis for a beginner to edit.


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May 1, 2009
Just found out that the FixDots seems to kill the exif info on my F2 pro. No more info on ISO, camera etc.


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Mar 26, 2010
Is there any option to HIDE/DISABLE modes?
I want to only keep "Normal" in video mode and hide/not show in the menu all other video modes such as Slow Motion, Time Lapse

The reason is these modes do not work on my Motorola phone and seeing those menus make it cluttered m

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    🇺🇸 BSG public version changelog (8.4.600 from 04/16/2022):
    - All changes from the MGC_8.4.500_A10_V6 modification have been moved to google camera version 8.4.600
    - Added "Hard level" to settings
    - Found errors in the work of the modification have been fixed.



    🇺🇸 BSG public version changelog (8.4.600 from 04/23/2022):
    - Added loading of libraries (the application can run on libraries from 8.4.400, 8.4.500, 8.4.600)
    - Added session ID in photo modes.
    - Found errors in the work of the modification have been fixed.

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    Mod Google Camera
    @B-S-G on base 8.1.101, 8.4.400
    The latest version by B-S-G

    This post is about the mods created by @B-S-G. Here you will find instructions on how to use this port and how to configure it properly for yourself.
    Telegram public group BSG.

    - The Camera 2 API must be activated on your device.
    - Most versions run only on Snapdragon SoC, but some run on MKT processors (will be added soon), Kirin and Exynos (we will also work on this processor;
    - 64-bit ROM is a must;
    - Doesn't work on phones without RAW support (for example, some Sony, Samsung and Huawei devices);
    - Newer versions (8.x) can only work on newer versions of Android. Version 8.x will run on Android 9+.

    Additional Information:
    - Now Moding is my full time job, so I will try to make support for all devices;
    - I will try to make a unique mod with many innovations;
    - I want to return the built-in gallery and drawing with light from GCam 7.2;
    - I want to add the ability to use Saber for all modules, including Samsung modules;
    - I want to automate the choice of configurations depending on the conditions;

    What version should you use:
    We are trying to make an all-purpose application for many devices, so it is recommended to install the latest version. Google table of supported devices. P.S. This table is based on the information from members of the private group. If there is no your device it DOES NOT MEAN that it will not work on your device.

    If you want to say "thanks" to @B-S-G, use his donation link:
    @Arnova8G2 PayPal https://www.paypal.me/fofy

    F.A.Q. - Frequently asked Questions said:
    FAQs and troubleshooting by Celsoazevedo
    0. If your camera starts, but the video finder freezes or black, then you need to change the Preview Format to YUV (for Level 3).

    1. If your front camera is blurry, change the HDR model to Pixel 3XL.

    2. If your front camera doesn't work, change the Preview format to YUV.

    p.s. will be replenished with the development of the mod ...
    - Added additional lenses, they are still in development, but we decided to share with you an intermediate version. We are now working on dividing the libpatcher into additional modules.
    - Added autodetection of modules that support Raw format.
    - Added an item to enable zoom instead of additional modules if you do not need them.

    Known Issues:
    - All the problems of Sony smartphones, it is recommended that they skip this update and wait for fixes for them.
    - Departure of additional modules for Redmi Note 9, we will also fix it soon.

    P.S. We made many versions with different signatures. If additional modules do not work for you, then you need to install the version signed org.codeaurora.snapcam or com.google.android.GoogleCameraEng. If you have Samsung, it is recommended to install the version with Samsung signatures.

    P.S.S. There is no need to report problems with add-on modules on some devices, we know about them and almost all problems have already been fixed in future updates.
    - Added new items to the RAM patcher.
    - Improved the resolution of the GL preview video finder, by default 1280 (you can also increase it even further in the developer settings - camera.cuttle.glpreview_max_res, but it will use the closest one available to you)
    - Added new Merge method (3 - Spatial RGB)
    - Fixed the problem of the video finder freezing in the dark, turn on the GL preview (the problem is known on LG smartphones and OnePlus Nord n10).
    - Disabled RAW image compression.
    - Added a test version of the libpatcher (Eszdman), at the moment there are not all the settings that we wanted to add in it (please do not ask us about the libpatcher settings, we will make a complete instruction when it is added completely).
    - Added selection of Merge Saber (I advise you to choose the value for your device).
    - Added reboots for applying settings and reduced their number during the porting of libpatcher.
    - Added selection of profiles for Slow motion.
    - The application has become more automated and optimized.
    - Fully optimized mod, the application should work faster.
    - Added tracking focus to video mode (needs a lot of resources, can slow down).
    - Finally all the problems of the Google Pixel have been fixed (all models, everything works without restrictions. Select "Pixel" in the settings and your model).
    - Fixed crash of frontal video for some devices that do not support 1080p (can be changed in the settings).
    - Temporarily added an item to activate astro as in Pixel devices.
    - Added support for Redmi Note 8 Pro (MTK) smartphone.
    - Fixed interface freezing issue for Xioami Mi Note 10 (when the interface was slow to respond).
    - Fixed problems with the Xiaomi Mi 9se interface freezing (when many additional functions were connected: Auto NS, focus tracking).
    - Fixed video crash on some devices.
    - Added some fixes for Sony smartphones, purple circles should disappear in night mode.
    - Fixed problems with Auto NS and night mode for Realme XT (when the snapshot was not saved and the processing was frozen).

    P.S. The next update will focus on adding additional modules and libpatcher.
    - Updated Google Camera 8.1.101 database.
    - Fixed the problem of black portrait mode for Google Pixel.
    - Fixed an issue where none of the modes worked in Pixel 2, 2XL.
    - Fixed some issues for Redmi Note 8 pro (but we are aware of existing issues, will be fixed in the next update).
    - Fixed some interface issues.
    - Changed the size of the interface in video mode (has been reduced).
    - Fixed the problem when the camera did not work without the Internet (maybe some will have it).
    - Many minor issues fixed.

    Known Issues:
    - Redmi Note 8 pro has shutter and exposure issues.
    - All known Sony issues (we are working on them).
    - 4K problem on some devices (Realme XT).
    - Improved color and noise quality.
    - Added session selection for video and Slow mo (you can choose a session suitable for you, there are no instructions for this function and will not be, you need to select it manually).
    - Fixed extended HDR and night mode for Sony Xperia 1, 5 (Mark I, Mark II). there are still problems
    - Added Developer Settings, there are no instructions for this item either, everything needs to be tested personally, we are not responsible for the operation of these settings.
    - Stabilization modes ported for all models.

    Known Issues:
    - Sony has Astro limit of 1 second (there is a possibility that this cannot be fixed).
    - All previous problems.
    - added AWB (auto white balance) selection to settings
    - fixed problem Andrey Kosolapov (@Osopan)
    - Fixed Pixel 4, 4XL issues (main camera not working).
    - fixed portrait issues of some Google Pixels (black screen), now works on all items.
    - the stabilization mode "Cinema effect" is set to 60 FPS by default (it does not work for everyone).
    - Minor device bugs fixed.

    P.S. For pixel devices, the following settings are recommended:
    - Smartphone - Pixel
    - Interface and HDR + device - your phone model (exactly the pixel you are using).
    - Added manual Shasta selection (bracketing).
    - Added RAW fix for OnePlus.
    - Fixed Focus Tracking for OnePlus.
    - Fixed camera crashes for POCO F1, F2 on MIUI 12.
    - Samsung S9 + problems fixed (HDR + extended error).
    - Fixed problems with optical and electronic stabilization.
    - Fixed stabilization modes (Pixel V model).
    - fixed video recording for many devices and MTK (thanks, wyroczen)
    - fixed a lot of minor problems (by logs that were sent to the Bug bot).
    - The mod has been completely redesigned (now it is divided into 3 components: Full, Level3, Pixel phones).
    - tracking focus without using GL Preview (for Level3).
    - added auto white balance.
    - Added Auto Night Sight for all models.
    - Added Top Shot (short video).
    - automatic format selection.
    - added the ability to use 60 FPS for some devices.
    - fixed astrophoto problem.
    - fixed front camera for OnePlus.
    - Fixed Pixel 2, OP3T issues.
    - Fixed Slow mo problem on some devices.
    - fixed digital zoom for all models.
    - Fixed stabilization modes (Model - Pixel V).
    - many minor bugs fixed.
    - new devices added to support.
    P.S. If your front camera doesn't work, change the Preview format to YUV.
    +Minor update with fixes.
    +added auto-focus reset after touch focus, 7 sec delay
    +added a fix of some system keys for problematic devices
    +added merge and shasta (up to x50000) to settings
    +added quality of HDR+ to settings
    +various fixes for more stable work
    +added fix video and fix limited on samsung
    +fixed black screen on Samsung (not for everyone)
    +the camera now works on MTK (you need to turn off GL preview)
    This version is based on the new base 8.0.101.
    - added automatic Astro depending on illumination (no need to stabilize the device now);
    - added advanced HDR to portrait mode;
    - Shasta factor is now enabled forcibly
    - added a button for Pixel devices (may has bugs);
    - fixed slowmo for some device;
    - fixed 60 fps for some device;
    - fixed an issue with incorrect photo resolution
    + Added Shasta factor
    + Fixed black screen on some devices
    + added disabling the gl preview (on the 9th android there will be no camera preview)
    + added disabling of tracking focus
    + added custom lib from r0m10
    + made fixes by logs (one old fix had to be removed to check the operability of op6 \ 7)
    + Minor update and bug fixes
    + Fixed camera preview for Pixel V (Redfin).
    + Added 60 FPS for some devices.
    + Added a point to completely disable the Saber.
    + By default, logging is disabled.
    + Few bug fixes.
    Google Camera 8.1.101_A9_PV0e by B-S-G from 01/30/2021
    Google Camera 8.1.101_A9_PV0da by B-S-G from 01/25/2021
    Google Camera 8.1.101_A9_PV0c by B-S-G from 01/19/2021
    Google Camera 8.1.101_A9_PV0b by B-S-G from 01/14/2021
    Google Camera 8.1.101_A9_PV0a by B-S-G from 01/09/2021
    Google Camera 8.1.011_A9_PV0 by B-S-G from 01/04/2021
    Google Camera 8.0.101_A9_V0b by B-S-G from 12/30/2020
    Google Camera 8.0.101_A9_V0a by B-S-G from 12/24/2020
    Google Camera 8.0.101_A9_V0 by B-S-G from 12/21/2020
    Google Camera 8.0.018_A9_V0je by B-S-G from 12/17/2020
    Google Camera 8.0.018_A9_V0jc by B-S-G from 12/14/2020
    Google Camera 8.0.018_A9_V0ja by B-S-G from 12/11/2020
    Google Camera 8.0.018_A9_V0j by B-S-G from 12/06/2020
    Google Camera 8.0.018_A9_V0ha by B-S-G from 12/02/2020
    Google Camera 8.0.018_A9_V0h by B-S-G from 11/30/2020
    Google Camera 8.0.018_A9_V0g by B-S-G from 11/26/2020
    Google Camera 8.0.018_A9_V0f by B-S-G from 11/22/2020
    Google Camera 8.0.018_A9_V0e by B-S-G from 11/18/2020
    Google Camera 8.0.018_V0d by B-S-G from 11/14/2020
    Google Camera 8.0.018_V0c by B-S-G from 11/11/2020
    Google Camera 8.0.018_V0b2 by B-S-G from 11/07/2020
    Google Camera 8.0.018_V0b by B-S-G from 11/07/2020
    Google Camera 8.0.018_V0a by B-S-G from 11/05/2020
    Google Camera 8.0.018_V0 by B-S-G from 10/30/2020
    Google Camera 8.0.018_BSG_Alpha by B-S-G from 10/29/2020
    P.S. The Google Camera mod is under development, there may be some problems that are being addressed gradually.
    New public version
    ⚠️ Development disruption:

    BSG lives in the eastern part of Ukraine and is affected by the Russian invasion. He lives close to frontline and the area was without electricity for a few days. This update contains work made before the war started.

    If you see a slow down in development and less updates, this is why. The outages makes it hard to work on GCam and connect to the internet, and with the war there are probably more important things to focus on.

    📋 List of changes:

    🇺🇸 BSG public version changelog (8.4.400 from 03/04/2022):

    - Added number of frames in night mode
    - Added visualization of the process of saving photos in the top curtain
    - Fixed bugs in the work of the modification on some devices.

    🇷🇺 Ченджлог публичной версии от BSG (8.4.400 от 4.03.2022):
    - добавлено кол-во кадров в ночной режим
    - добавлена визуализация процесса сохранения фото в верхней шторки
    - исправлены ошибки в работе модификации на некоторых девайсах.

    Hello everyone please help me. I'm in the download page of the latest BSG apk but there seems to be many choices ending with snap, eng, mgc, ruler, scan3d and there's no description about their differences. What are the names all about?

    Screenshot 2021-03-12 202602.png
    does macro work on for eample poco f2 pro ?
    additional lenses have not been added yet, but I think it will be soon