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Nov 27, 2021
Hello i have a problem with youtube basic youtube it working but this pne stop to work do i need a new wersion or? Could you help me some body please?


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Aug 31, 2013
Anybody on A12 having issues with vanced not opening YouTube links, but going straight to the play store to enable the stock YouTube app?? I'm A12 Pixel 5
I am not running A12, but what you describe sounds like you are running the non-root version and its redirecting you to install google YT. Which the root version would appear as, if it were installed.


Sep 25, 2017
I've tried searching but couldn't find similar questions. I just wanted some pointers to the right direction. Is there anyway to block or move the ad right below the video? If it can't be blocked, it would be great to at least move it below the recommended videos section. I've been forced to see this add on every single video I watched for several weeks now. Thank you.



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Dec 20, 2015
Samsung Galaxy S10e
Redmi Note 10
I second this, maybe by adding support for the "returnyoutubedislike" plugin?
This is EXACTLY how I would like to see it executed. Just include the plugin coded into the app as a settings panel (like how they included the SponsorBlock plugin) and see that many people will turn the feature on.

Also, the dev of the plugin gets credit and his work will get popular thanks to the MASSIVE exposure of YouTube Vanced.


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Jan 31, 2011
Google Pixel 3a XL
Google Pixel 5
After searching around not on XDA it seems that there some kind of issue with Android 12 and vanced. The vanced app has zero verified links in the open by default section.

Edit: Just installed the root version and it works as it should except it'll show an update in the play store. The non root version is clearly not working right with Android 12
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Aug 31, 2013
Edit: Just installed the root version and it works as it should except it'll show an update in the play store. The non root version is clearly not working right with Android 12
only a few posts above yours.
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    Just download Vanced Manager from here, and install YouTube Vanced as previously.
    So just download an app from a website that's trying to look the official vanced site but isn't and then install it and run it?

    Not recommended.
    Vanced Manager is back....
    https://youtubevanced.com/ this is the site... Hope it's clean. My antivirus didn't warn me...
    The official site is https://vancedapp.com/
    Don't rely on anti virus, just check the first post of this thread for the info 👍
    https://youtubevanced.com/ this is the site... Hope it's clean. My antivirus didn't warn me...
    I don't know if it is safe but it is NOT their official site. As I said, just be careful ;)
    edit: Maybe run the package through virustotal just to be safe.
    Vanced Manager is back....
    What is the source of this information?
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    ‼️Before asking or posting anything, please read the first and second posts.‼️

    Always check the official Vanced website or XDA thread when downloading. Other sites are fake, contain advertisements (possibly even malware), and have older versions.

    Vanced Banner-01-01.png

    Vanced is a well-known modded version of the YouTube app with many features such as ad-blocking and background playback. Vanced also offers some extra features to enhance the user experience. The entire list is available below:



    Since YouTube v14.41.52, Google has moved to split APKs format. The Android package installer doesn't support Split apks yet, so we are now using Vanced manager for installing all vanced apps. The steps to use the vanced manager are below:
    Especially for MIUI, there's a separate guide that can be accessed using this link. For all other devices, please follow below:

    For Non-Root:
    1. Install Vanced Manager
    2. Open Vanced Manager and tap the blue arrow in the lower right corner.
    3. Begin installing Vanced microG. (Without which you won't be able to install Vanced (or Music Vanced) or use login)
    4. Then install Vanced (or Music Vanced), log in to your account and enjoy!
    For Root:
    1. Install Vanced Manager
    2. Open Vanced manager and tap on the "Magisk" icon to grant root permissions.​
    3. Once you are in, begin installing Vanced (or Music Vanced).​

    Important information:

    • We replaced our root installation with vanced manager, which directly mounts vanced on top of Youtube in the /data/app directory, making it easier and faster than before.
    • Vanced will not block ads while casting since when you use the casting feature, it doesn't send the video from your phone to the Chromecast/TV. Instead, your phone acts like a remote controller for the youtube app in your Chromecast/TV. That is why the advertisement is displayed.
    • Purchasing items in the non-root version of the app will not work as microG doesn't support it. Hence, it is preferable to use the original YouTube app or using the web version for any purchase.
    • If your videos are lagging or the application starts to crash while watching live videos, please enable VP9 codec from codec override present under vanced settings. Google forced the ExoPlayer v2, which is highly experimental and unstable on unsupported devices.
    • YouTube has dropped support for Android 5 (Lollipop) with v17.xx.xx. Hence, the minimum supported version is now Android 6 and above.

    Known bugs:

    • Swipe down gesture for refreshing home feed breaks randomly. It's an issue with litho that only Google can fix. There's nothing we can do to fix it. (Tap here to learn more)
    • As of v16.16.38, casting won't work due to an upstream microG bug. (Tap here to learn more)
    • On portrait/vertical videos, preferred quality options do not work.
    • Swipe controls triggers when swiping either upwards or downwards to scroll through description or in live chat when in landscape mode.
    • On new action bar layouts(server-sided feature), the new toggles won't work.
    • Info cards toggle is broken (Temp fix: Disable it through your Google account settings. This setting disables info cards everywhere.)
    • App crashes with java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError while playing some video outside of vanced.
    • Manual codec override is broken and very experimental.
    • Some users might face geographical ads on YouTube Shorts tab.
    • SponsorBlock segments at the end of videos in playlists causes playback on the next video to start where the previous one ended.

    Social links

    Thread Managed by @ZaneZam, @Razerman, @KevinX8 and @laura almeida


    BUG Reports:

    Steps to do before reporting a bug:
    1. Do a search and see if it has already been reported
    2. Check that the bug is actually a Vanced bug and doesn't happen in the original YouTube.
    Steps to do when reporting a bug:
    1. Make sure you are being enough descriptive of the problem.
    2. Take a logcat (Google search if you don't know how). Especially if the issue is a crash.
    3. Taking pictures of the problem doesn't hurt.
    4. If the report is vague (missing information), it will most likely just be ignored. If you are not going to show any effort in resolving the problem, why should I?
    Bug report template:
    1. Vanced exact version number (Do NOT say latest).
    2. Download link used to download Vanced.
    3. Installation method (whether user SAI or Vanced Manager)
    4. Device.
    5. ROM (optional may not help).
    6. Any applied Substratum/swift overlays.
    7. Logs if there are any crashes/force closes (upload to Pastebin or hastebin or katbin) and paste the link of it with your report. [Check here to know how to get logs]
    8. A brief description of the issue
    9. Any installed mods to the system.
    10. Test your issue on the stock youtube app

    Important links:


    Alternative Mirrors for pre 15.x: AFH Mediafire
    New site up https://vanced.azurewebsites.net/ with latest version of YouTube as base (13.10). Includes some bugfixes and other changes detailed on discord. At the time of writing this post apkmirror lacks apks for arm so you will have to wait a while until it has them and then we will be able to make arm root builds.
    New update is out v13.28.54 with following changes:
    - 13.28.53 Full width search bar fix
    - Translation support for more strings
    - HDR brightness bug fixed when using swipe controls
    - Auto repeat can now be linked to autoplay toggle
    - Top-Swipe paddig range added
    - Seek buttons fixed
    - COMPLETE REWORK of all mods for v13.27+ versions (many thx and all credits to @Razerman !!)