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[APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

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Mar 1, 2014


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Mar 8, 2016
Install the app and there will be a popup when you run it

This is not the full change log

Vanced 13.07.55 (Anniversary Update)
- Pretty much all mods have been re-done
- Added YouTube's own Dark theme along with fixes to it
- Added HDR forced brightness toggle
- Added preferred speed
- Added cast button remover
And much, much, much more.

“Check out the XDA -thread for more.”


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Feb 25, 2015
This is not the full change log

Vanced 13.07.55 (Anniversary Update)
- Pretty much all mods have been re-done
- Added YouTube's own Dark theme along with fixes to it
- Added HDR forced brightness toggle
- Added preferred speed
- Added cast button remover
And much, much, much more.

“Check out the XDA -thread for more.”

Oh sorry, I always tap dismiss instantly on that?.


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Mar 1, 2014
This is not the full change log

Vanced 13.07.55 (Anniversary Update)
- Pretty much all mods have been re-done
- Added YouTube's own Dark theme along with fixes to it
- Added HDR forced brightness toggle
- Added preferred speed
- Added cast button remover
And much, much, much more.

“Check out the XDA -thread for more.”
That about all ya gonna get for now. Lol. Razerman may pop in with a better answer but what exactly are you looking for? That seems like a decent changelog. You can check the playstore for all the official "G" changelogs.


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Feb 5, 2012
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OnePlus 7 Pro
Is there an easier way to see the file names in Google Drive on mobile? Hard to tell what's what. Anyway thank you guys very much for your continued support on YT Vanced!

Edit: Nevermind I just noticed someone previously posted about this. I can also see the full file names if I open the link in the actual Drive app instead of the browser and click on the little "i" in the menu options.
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Dec 20, 2011
Tampa, Florida
Any benefit upgrading from 12.49.55? YouTube seems to still work fine for me on that version at the moment.

I see theme issues others report. Will using Substratum overlays fix the theme issues for those that have them?

Marco Lomas

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Feb 17, 2012
I have a problem with the non-root version, my history doesn't work, it doesnt save the videos I see.

Anyone know how to fix it?

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    For those of you who updated to latest manager release v2.6.1 and facing errors while installing root variant. Please downgrade back to an older build(V2.6.0).
    Please tap on "Cancel" button when the update popup appears on that old version.

    A suitable fix will be made soon.

    NOTE: Please do NOT update to latest manager yet!

    Link to downgrade: https://github.com/YTVanced/VancedManager/releases/download/v2.6.0/manager.apk
    Yeah I found it.
    I use Adaway and when I closed the Adaway, vanced started record the history.
    Can u fix this?
    Who, what to fix?!

    You need to fix yourself, on your phone to put the particular site (it has been mentioned several times which one, read carefully) to the AdAway Whitelist

    If YouTube (not Vanced) cannot access the YT server for history, history cannot work

    Or find out in which of the host source you use in AdAway the site is blocked and then ask the maintainers of that hosts source to 'fix' - i e., to remove from the the hosts source.
    But maintainers of that hosts source would say they block the site for privacy reasons (and those who want YT to record their history should whitelist the site or not to use their hosts source)

    See the post right before your own:
    Yes I had to whitelist s.youtube.com in adaway for history to work for me, root version.
    Screenshots how to whitelist in AdAway are attached. Reboot to take in effect
    I'm using root vanced, disabled google play auto update and other measures but that doesn't work dear developer, how about vanced magisk module?
    There is also TeMeFI which is thorough and has a GUI.

    Method 3 For YouTube.
    Nice answer. I was talking about the non root version. If I want to root that device as most others I own I wouldn't have asked.
    I have reasons to not root it at the moment.
    New update to Vanced Manager 2.6.2 has been released!



    • Fixed root installer
    • App now checks for Magisk and displays an error message if it's not detected
    • Various optimisations

    Changelog from v2.6.1:

    • Added Android 12 support
    • Added a confirmation dialog for uninstalling
    • Fixed a bug with the save button going offscreen when the versions list was too large
    • Removed all Crowdin libraries (didn't function correctly)
    • Small optimizations

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    ‼️Before asking or posting anything, please read the first and second posts.‼️

    YouTube Vanced


    Vanced is a well-known modded version of the YouTube app with many features such as ad-blocking and background playback. Vanced also offers some extra features to enhance the user experience. The entire list is available below:


    • YouTube Vanced IS NOT YouTube Premium
    • Blocks all YouTube ADs (some options are togglable)
    • Background playback feature
    • Force VP9(or HDR) or vice versa
    • Override Max Resolution
    • Pinch to Zoom on all devices
    • Casting togglable (can be forced off)
    • Togglable Theme (White/Dark/Black)
    • PiP (Android 8.0+)
    • Video window new or old style
    • Repeat video feature
    • Preferred Resolution & Speed feature
    • Swipe controls for Volume and Brightness
    • Sponsorblock integration
    • Tap to seek feature
    • Copy video link + with timestamps feature
    • New Logo by @Logan

    Always check the official Vanced website or XDA thread when downloading. Other sites are fake, contain advertisements (possibly even malware), and have older versions.


    If your network is down or the website isn't loading, you can download vanced manager from the GitHub page.

    Alternative Mirrors for Older versions below v14.x releases:

    Since YouTube v14.41.52, Google has moved to split APKs format. The Android package installer doesn't support Split apks yet, so we are now using Vanced manager for installing all vanced apps. The steps to use the vanced manager are below:


    Especially for MIUI, there's a separate guide that can be accessed using this link.

    For Non-Root:
    1. Download and install the latest Vanced Manager using our official Vanced website.
    2. Open Vanced Manager and tap the blue arrow in the lower right corner.
    3. Begin installing Vanced microG. (This app is mandatory to install if you want to login with your Google account)
    4. Then install YouTube Vanced (or YouTube Music Vanced), log in to your account and enjoy!
    For Root:
    1. Download and install the latest Vanced Manager using our official Vanced website.​
    2. Open Vanced manager and tap on the "Magisk" icon to grant root permissions.​
    3. Once you are in, begin installing YouTube Vanced (or YouTube Music Vanced).​

    Important information:

    • Disabling "APK signature verification," which was previously required, is no longer needed.
    • The magisk version has been discontinued and removed from the magisk repository since Google has switched to Split APKs format. We replaced our root installation with vanced manager, which directly mounts vanced on top of Youtube in the /data/app directory, making it easier and faster than before.
    • Vanced will not block ads while casting since when you use the casting feature, it doesn't send the video from your phone to the Chromecast/TV. Instead, your phone acts like a remote controller for the youtube app in your Chromecast/TV. That is why the advertisement is displayed.

    Known bugs:

    • Purchasing items in the non-root version of the app causes the app to crash. It's most likely due to MicroG. However, for greater security, it is preferable to use the original YouTube app.
    • If your videos are lagging or the application starts to crash while watching live videos, please enable VP9 codec from codec override present under vanced settings. Google forced the ExoPlayer v2, which is highly experimental and unstable on unsupported devices.
    • As of v16.16.38, casting won't work due to an upstream microG bug.
    • On portrait/vertical videos, preferred quality options do not work.

    Installation guide for old versions:


    1. Download and install the Vanced microG using the latest Vanced manager
    2. Download the necessary Vanced APK file using the old versions link above.
    3. Install the APK like you would for any other app.


    1. Download the official TWRP installer found in the downloads above
    2. Download the suitable APK of the theme you want for your device (check your architecture using an app such as CPU-Z)
    3. Place the downloaded APK into a separate new folder with the TWRP installer zip you downloaded or inside the installer zip
    4. Uninstall all YouTube updates and disable auto-update in the play store (If you can completely uninstall the youtube application)
    5. Flash the installer in TWRP
    6. Profit!


    There are a total of 2 ways to install the magisk version.
    • The first and most effective way is to install it via the Magisk app. Since we have discontinued the Magisk version and removed it from the magisk repository, you can get the last available magisk version using this link.
    • The second way is to place "Install via magisk.plz" alongside the official installer zip or enable magisk install in the settings.sh and flash via the magisk app.
    Note: Make sure you have uninstalled the stock YouTube app or at least uninstalled its updates below v14.21.54. A newer version will override the vanced installation, preventing you from seeing vanced in your app drawer.

    Explanation of the (Ad)Vanced options of the official installer:

    Vanced makes use of both settings.sh and plz files as parameters while installing.

    Using the settings.sh:

    • SEARCHFOLDER - Path where to search for iYTBP Apk's (must be a subfolder on sdcard!)
    • MAGINSTALL - Use magisk installation instead of root installation. (Possible Values: YES/NO)
    • DETACH - Detach Youtube from the play store to disable update notifications. (Possible Values: YES/NO)
    • ATTACH - Attach Youtube to play store if it was previously detached. (Possible Values: YES/NO)
    • UNINSTALL - Completely uninstall iYTBP: root version, magisk module, and detach module (Possible Values: YES/NO)

    Using the plz files: (Use only the ones you want)

    (Place the downloaded file in the same folder as the official installer zip)
    • iYTBP_install_via_magisk.plz - Use magisk installation instead of root installation
    • iYTBP_detach_from_playstore.plz - Detach Youtube from play store to disable update notifications.
    • iYTBP_attach_to_playstore.plz - Attach Youtube to play store if it was previously detached.
    • iYTBP_uninstall.plz - Completely uninstall iYTBP: root version, magisk module, and detach module.

    Thread Managed by @ZaneZam, @Razerman, @KevinX8 and @laura almeida

    Social links


    BUG Reports:

    Steps to do before reporting a bug
    1. Do a search and see if it has already been reported
    2. Check that the bug is actually a Vanced bug and doesn't happen in the original YouTube.
    Steps to do when reporting a bug
    1. Make sure you are being enough descriptive of the problem.
    2. Take a logcat (Google search if you don't know how). Especially if the issue is a crash.
    3. Taking pictures of the problem doesn't hurt.
    4. If the report is vague (missing information), it will most likely just be ignored. If you are not going to show any effort in resolving the problem, why should I?


    Q.Where did the normal(white) apk go??
    A. White is included in both versions by default as a primary theme. Simply choose the alternate theme you prefer for the night time then use it accordingly with your system theme.

    Q. How to install updates?
    A. When using vanced manager, simply tap on the "update" button to begin updating your vanced. If you are installing an older version, just download the latest apk and install it as you previously did before.

    Q. Do I need to re-install detach script for every new YouTube Vanced update?
    A. No!

    Q. Can I install this as I normally install any other apk?
    A. Only the non-root version.

    Q. Can I download videos with this?
    A. No (and you never will)! But the official YouTube Offline Video feature is working in Supported countries.

    Q. Why is the <xyz> variant not available to download?
    A. We release 2 Unified builds of non-root, one with the stock youtube theme and another with an AMOLED friendly theme. Use the latest vanced manager and choose the theme and language you would like to install.

    Q. Installation successful but YouTube is not showing up in launcher, why?
    A. If you are facing this issue that means you are not using vanced manager. Please use vanced manager to install vanced applications. If you are installing old versions of root variants, make sure the stock youtube app is uninstalled or at least you uninstalled its updates.

    Q. Does the 'Crop to fit' feature work for S8 and S8+ users?
    A. Yes! It works on the rooted version but not in the non-root since the package name is changed. However, there is an alternative new Pinch to Zoom feature with basically the same functionality.

    Q. Is history working?
    A. Yes! Make sure you whitelist *s.youtube.com in your ad blocker. And non-root users need to check that they are not using a brand account due to the MicroG bug. If you are, you need to merge the accounts to get the history working (YouTube Settings). The merging process will clean the current history.

    Q. Does PIP mode works?
    A. Yes, from Android 8.0+ only!

    Q. When will you release the new version?
    A. Usually within a couple of days after the official apk is available in apkmirror. But please don't ask for ETA!

    Q. Does background playback download video?
    A. No, it does not. After going into background playback, you will only download audio so there will be much less data usage.

    Q. I can't log in on Non-Root, I get stuck on the I agree page. What to do?
    A. If you are facing this issue, that means you are using older versions of vanced microG. Please update to the latest version using the latest vanced manager which can be downloaded via our official website. Links can be found in the first post.

    GDrive (All versions)
    Alternative Mirrors: AFH (rarely updated) Mediafire (only the latest)
    New site up https://vanced.azurewebsites.net/ with latest version of YouTube as base (13.10). Includes some bugfixes and other changes detailed on discord. At the time of writing this post apkmirror lacks apks for arm so you will have to wait a while until it has them and then we will be able to make arm root builds.
    New update is out v13.28.54 with following changes:
    - 13.28.53 Full width search bar fix
    - Translation support for more strings
    - HDR brightness bug fixed when using swipe controls
    - Auto repeat can now be linked to autoplay toggle
    - Top-Swipe paddig range added
    - Seek buttons fixed
    - COMPLETE REWORK of all mods for v13.27+ versions (many thx and all credits to @Razerman !!)