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Jul 9, 2012
is there any app out there that has the same function likr this app?? i mean the function that u can decide who can have an internet. example they can connect to me but they cant net cuz i didnt giv them permission. this app isnt woRking on my new fone so im looking for an alternative

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Nov 30, 2012
is there any app out there that has the same function likr this app?? i mean the function that u can decide who can have an internet. example they can connect to me but they cant net cuz i didnt giv them permission. this app isnt woRking on my new fone so im looking for an alternative

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Try this one


Works well for me so far, I just could not get Treve to work anymore.

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Jun 23, 2009
T-Mobile galaxy Note 2 Jedi Master x2 With 4.3 With newest Modem and cant get it to work ???? some Please Advise thanks


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Nov 2, 2010
+1 for WiFi Tether Router on play store.

Takes a little long to "enable and disable" than this app, though everything else fine. Both tether program ran warm for me and I could not tell if one is "cooler" then the other.


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Nov 11, 2008
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3
+1 for WiFi Tether Router on play store.

Takes a little long to "enable and disable" than this app, though everything else fine. Both tether program ran warm for me and I could not tell if one is "cooler" then the other.

This app does work, but it makes me miss the days of WifiTether. The above app runs significantly hotter, eats more memory, and seems to take up more cpu cycles. Also it is much less polished, gives me weird errors about not having purchased the app (I have) and takes much longer to enable/disable.

Unfortunately it's the only thing that works right now.
Nov 30, 2014
tethering days are Not over

Yeah i understand this app didnt work for my phone but i have a solution even if you have dreaded boost mobile which no tether program is allowed for your carrier on google play... scew them all you need is to read this post and i garantee you will be tethering anywhere in no time...... if you can do it on a lg730zv8 restricted everything firmware restrictions you can do this process on ANY phone... its not $10 free unlimited tethering anymore... w/ boost mobile it's $30 a month 5-10gb limit... get charged after screw that read below

okay guys i figured it out.... if you have boost mobile like me and dont want to pay a penny more for tethering b./c the bastards now want you to pay $30 a month and it's limited and are frustrated w/ this phone... i guess this is sprint ip b/c they block me from registering to xda .... ALL you have to do if you don't want to pay for tethering for the LZG730zv8 and are lazy and don't want to pay more than $50 a month or load the lg730zv5 older version ... then Step 1.) Go to walmart and buy a "onn" or "on" brand usb synch cable it's about $10 even(i tried every other usb synch cable it DOES NOT work) yes i am telling you need this cable if you want to proceed to the next step... its a one time fee
Step2.) factory flash your phone clean....
Step3.) go into settings check allow unknown sources, go into development options check allow mock locations and usb debugging
Step4.) type in google " lg 730 tethering " it's the 8th one down from CNet ... (sorry would post all links and official drivers but xda won't allow it
step6.) Now you need the drivers for PC!! I do not know if lg website detected i was using windows and offered me the drivers for windows.... i only have windows OS's but you need to download the drivers for your lg730 from the official LG website
step7.) starting the tether(clockwork) app on your phone..... dont bother trying to download this app on google play or anything they block your ip b/c your not allowed to abuse sprint network ...... it just says this app is not compatible w/ your carrier ... believe me it is very compatible!
step8.) understanding how this program works w/ your onn name brand 4 ft "Oon" usb synch cable, well theres alot to describe, ummm i don't want to leave anything out .... once you load the drivers and install the .msi windows program on your computer you need to know what it does and how it will **** w/ your mind... it runs flawlessly for hours little slow but your running on a $45 phone now u can get these off ebay for... your boost mobile monthly plan costs more... so if the clockwork program on your PC says tether not connected don't worry, hit the Stop button go back on your tether app and click the usb thing until it glows Blue then go to your tether application on your PC and hit start... now it should connect if it doesnt click the blue tether button untill it tells you " are you sure you want to disconnect from tethering" then hit the stop button on the tether application on your PC... do that couple times until it connects then do the update depending on your Operating system click the button on the phone app and it will say updating PC... but it likes to say the version of tether application running on your PC is outdated.... don't worry about that .... your tether connection should be closed after and while it's updateing your pc supposably... anyways hit the stop button on your tether application running on your pc and RESTART your phone ... once it's booted up make sure data is active and start the tether app on your phone dont activate it..... start the tether application on your PC first let it run then click on the usb thing on the tether app on your phone.... THE TRICK IS to let the application running on your PC turn the app on your phone ON all by itself .... you may have to hit the usb looking thing to start the tether. Thats it..... i CANNOT stress enough guys how important it is that you get this Onn usb sync/charge cable.... i know it's gonna run you like $10 but anything less like a cable i bought for $4.88 will not allow you to tether using clockwork mod ... and who know it may solve a-lot of your rooting problems... like slow sd card mass storage transfer to pc.... well i hope my experience will provide free anywhere internet for potentially $45 unless you wana pay clockwork a $5 for unlimited after 15 day (psss... i'm prolly gonna use less than 30mb so i'm not worried)

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    Before we start I have to throw out props to Eschelon, NxtGenCowboy, Virus, Ziggy471 and of course to the wifi-tether guys as well as cyanogen for the needed source/binaries (pre-11/18 versions) which allowed me to find the right path to get this 100% working. Also had awesome testers proxhack / jlmr731 and especially joshbeach. They all were essential to getting this all working. I still don't have a GS3 so poor Eschelon/NxtGenCowboy probably wiped/installed about 100 builds before this worked (and after when I lost source... grumble). Thanks to everyone that helped.

    Legal/GPL Stuff
    Carriers hate tethering, you all know that. Use at your own risk/with common sense & dont blame me for anything that goes wrong :)

    WifiTether is under the GPLv3 license, so below is the source for the mods
    Original Source - https://code.google.com/p/android-wifi-tether/
    Modded Source - http://svn.ziggy471.com/treve-tether

    *Latest Build recommended, these are just a few devices I have tested on*

    Setup-Method:: (auto should have right defaults, might need to force)
    Galaxy S3 - Netd-ndc with driver reload 2
    Evo 3d SoftAP with driver reload 2
    Sensation SoftAP with no driver reloads
    Evo 4g SoftAP with no driver reloads

    Other Settings
    -Device-Profile: Leave this on auto (default)
    -Netdndc Max Client Cmd: Required for GS3ish devices. If not enabled you will likely get an AP but cannot connect.
    -MSS clamping: on (default)
    -Routing fix: on (default)

    Heres some geek details on basic binaries how the backend of wifi-tether works. The main modes I played with and required files are as detailed below:
    [B]Netd-ndc mode[/B] (Wifi Tether JB Default)
    -/system/bin/ndc (wrapper for netd)
    -/system/bin/netd (actual netd service)
    --Commands Executed
    /system/bin/ndc softap stopap
    /system/bin/ndc softap stop wlan0
    /system/bin/ndc softap fwreload wlan0 AP
    /system/bin/ndc softap start wlan0
    /system/bin/ndc softap set wlan0 wlan0 SSID encryption key channel (maxclients) 0 8
    /system/bin/ndc softap startap
    /system/bin/ndc interface setcfg wlan0 up 
    [B]Netd mode[/B]
    -/system/bin/netd (netd service)
    --Commands are basically the same as above, but direct to netd service
    [B]HostAP mode[/B] (used by stock tether app/fallback mode)
    -/system/bin/hostap (hostap service, init.qcom.rc looks for config /data/hostapd/hostapd.conf)

    New Options
    Framework Tether(Fallback)
    Use this if you have issues with wifitether mode. It forces on a wifihotspot using just framework. This has been reported to not throw up the paywall nag screen on some devices/carriers but YMMV. It may be able to be used nonroot as well if you ignore the initial warning.

    Send NetdNDC Max Client CMD
    This modifies the standard ndc command string to add in the Max Client parameter. More details are in post here

    Wifi-Driver reload
    This is the standard driver reload for wifi tether. It runs inside one script "./tether start|stop".

    Wifi-Driver reload 2
    This is a modified command that reloads firmware in a separate su request before the tether-edify code is run. May require SuperSU.apk

    Use Cyanogen Hostapd Binary
    This is the old method and is totally removed stating with the 11/20 update

    The hostapd binary contained in atleast touchwiz JB contains extra fields explained above. If the extra commands are not working on X device you can try to fall back to this binary. This uses a dirty hack which installs hostapd and symlinks between versions for native or WifiTether mode. As long as you start and stop wifitether things should always line up. If you get into an issue where you crash things might get out of sync but should fix themselves next toggle of wifi tether. I have also added in menu items for the gs3 to manually swap binaries around.

    *You must have a proper setup busybox for the GS3 code to work right. It moves system files around - you might win a reflash if things really go bad*
    *Cyanogen Hostapd Symlink option only*- Make a system backup, it modifies sys files so theres a chance it will break something

    • You might have to toggle stuff on and off once first if you run into errors. I think there's an error on first creation of config
    • If you switch modes between native wifitether and fallback mode (or stock tethering), your phone may spontaneously combust(wifi crashes) after the routing mess that ensues. Just reboot and you'll be all set again.
    • Seems to work better on SuperSU - Probably due to the per-app permissions vs per command.

    -If you have problems, scroll down and read FAQ in post2 before posting

    WifiTether-TrevE_Mod_04-17-2013.apk - Link Soon

    Older Versions:
    WifiTether_TrevE_Mod_11_22_2012 (defaults to Wifi Driver Reload 1) - http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=9390195663897100312
    WifiTether-TrevE_Mod_11_22_2012_driverReload2 (defaults to Wifi Driver Reload 2) - http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=9390208427046731813

    Try to merge together what worked for everyone across different devices. There are 2 options in settings with mild enhancements
    -Wifi-Driver Reload - Driver reload inside of tether script. Similar to 11/20 version
    -Wifi-Driver Reload 2 - Driver reload outside of tether script. Similar to 11/18 version

    Please report in with Carrier/Device and what option works best for you. Valid combinations are no reloads checked or one of the reload methods. Do not check both (theres no code to stop you from doing it now)
    There is no code differences between the two apk versions, I just recently added in reload method 2 so rom devs can cook in whatever apk just works without changing settings.

    Apparently I botched code along the line somewhere between 18-20. Please let me know which one of these versions you are on and what works.

    WifiTether_TrevE_Mod_11_20_2012_insmodv3.apk - If v2 doesnt work this should - http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=9390169635556426691
    If insmod v2 doesnt work, insmod v3 switches to insmod on load, rrmod to unload, then reloads the driver when finished with with mfgloader -u / mfgloader -l

    - Hopefully working- http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=9390169635556426686
    Driver Reload did not like loading with mfgloader in original build. This switches to insmod on load, mfgloader/rrmod to unload, then reloads the driver when finished with mfgloader -u / mfgloader -l

    WifiTether_TrevE_Mod_11_20_2012.apk - Broken - Thanks halmo20 for catching that

    GS3/E3D driver load/unload methods cleaned up, wifi driver reload checkbox should now be used, it was forced previously in code.

    NetDndc Max client mode ported down to netd as well. Setting enables/disables with netd
    all superuser code removed outside of tether binary, should have less popups for non-supersu users
    Framework tether mode moved to setup
    Fixed settings being applied reverting user settings at first start
    All Cyanogen hostapd binary leftovers removed
    Busybox check removed

    WifiTether_TrevE_Mod_11_18_2012.apk - http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=9390190389996027907
    Bam - Symlinks gone by default thanks joshbeach for all testing
    New option Netdndc Max mode, this should be devices default setting.
    Encryption works starting this build with netdndc max mode

    WifiTether-TrevE_Mod_11-17-2012.apk - http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=9390188424645836869

    cut down symlinks to only move hostapd around.
    Made a checkbox that controls symlink code. Trying to axe it all. Moved this and fallback to settings screen. now save/load
    define wifi.interface where it is undefined like on t0ltespr (hack to wire it to ndc settngs)
    try to work with t0ltespr's /lib/ directory
    cut down root code significantly (hopefully spam/timing issues resolved)

    WifiTether_TrevE_Mod_11_15_12.apk -
    Code cleanup
    e3d code driver reload mess moved
    samsung symlink mess in separate class, hoping to ditch this all soon
    fallback mode in separate class, wired up to wifitether settings (encryption should work)

    WifiTether_TrevE_Mod_11_12_12.apk - http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=9390169635556426338
    ***This app is signed with my certificate, you will need to uninstall old versions of wifitether first to use this***

    Debugging Issues

    For those people having issues on other gs3 like devices / roms / whatever I do not even have a gs3 so this is all blind. To try to help debugging I created a script to hopefully grab information needed. This should help from both working/nonworking devices to help eliminate the stupid symlink code and fix up other devices.

    The scripts point is to try to get a working AP. If you can post how you did it and we can get source changed. By default it does no driver reloads and starts an Open AP with SSID TrevScript.

    First grab the latest script from svn (ill update it with more info after I get some logs so make sure you have latest)

    http://svn.ziggy471.com/treve-tether/ grab tetherdebug.sh
    adb push tetherdebug.sh /system/xbin/
    adb shell chmod 755 /system/xbin/tetherdebug.sh
    adb shell busybox dos2unix /system/xbin/tetherdebug.sh

    Make sure wifi is on but do not start witfitethering. All you want to do is run "Set Binaries to WifiTether" option in the menu of app then follow below code

    adb shell su -c tetherdebug.sh
    adb pull /data/local/tmp/tether.log
    rename the file to tether_wifibinaries.log. Check to see if any AP is available.

    now run "Set Binaries to Native" option in app and reboot device
    adb reboot

    When the device comes back up, rerun the script.
    adb shell su -c tetherdebug.sh
    adb pull /data/local/tmp/tether.log
    rename the file to tether_nativebinaries.log. Check to see if any AP is available.

    reboot after you get the file.
    adb reboot

    If you know what you are doing you can try to find a working combo. I added in the following command line args

    ARG2 = DRIVERRELOAD. NONE/insmod/mfgloader
    ARG3 = DRIVERTOLOAD. /system/lib/modules/dhd.ko (or whatever module is, required if ARG2 is set)

    Make sure wifi is on but do not start witfitethering. All you want to do is run "Set Binaries to WifiTether" option in the menu of app to start with a known working base then follow below code

    try no encryption with insmod where your wifi module is /system/lib/modules/dhd.ko
    adb shell su -c tetherdebug.sh NONE insmod /system/lib/modules/dhd.ko

    try no encryption with mfgloader where your wifi module is /system/lib/modules/dhd.ko
    adb shell su -c tetherdebug.sh NONE mfgloader /system/lib/modules/dhd.ko

    try wpa2 (password is Trev) with insmod where your wifi module is /system/lib/modules/dhd.ko
    adb shell su -c tetherdebug.sh WPA2 insmod /system/lib/modules/dhd.ko

    There shouldn't be personal information in the debug logs, the most I can think of that would be displayed is if you have an encryption passphrase set in wifitether. Sending the 2 files named with what mode you were in will help get it going elsewhere and hopefully kill the symlink code
    mineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
    Guess androidfilehost is down