[APP] myPlayer - On Demand streaming [v2.300 15-Dec-2011]

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May 17, 2007
Can I get a link to the Windows Mobile version please? The website only lists android and iOS...


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May 15, 2023
BBC iPlayer (stylised as iPLAYER or BBC iPLAYER) is a video on demand service from the BBC. The service is available on a wide range of devices, including mobile phones and tablets, personal computers and smart televisions. iPlayer services delivered to UK-based viewers feature no commercial advertising. The terms BBC iPlayer, iPlayer, and BBC Media Player refer to various methods of viewing or listening to the same content. loklok apk


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May 21, 2023
It seems like you're referring to an app called "myPlayer" with the version number 2.300 released on December 15, 2011. However, as an AI language model, I don't have access to specific information about every app that has been released. The information I have is based on data available up until September 2021.
If you have any specific questions about on-demand streaming apps or if there's anything else I can assist you with, please let me know!. nekopoi


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Jan 8, 2023
A light-weight application that provides access to media streams directly - eliminating the requirement for a (flash-enabled) mobile browser.

Requires a QVGA, VGA or WVGA device running Windows Mobile Professional (Pocket PC) 6.0 or higher (see the additional requirements below).


> Choose your own media player - define how each stream is played (CorePlayer v1.3.6 is recommended‡)
> Full streaming integration - browse the content as you would from any other supported device
> Extensive TV feed index - hundreds of live TV feeds from around the globe
> Live Radio stations - a selection of International broadcasts
> Custom TV / Radio stations - add your favourites

* CorePlayer is required to watch the high quality live TV channels (please use this config.xml for the best experience)

> A media player that supports RTSP streaming and the mpeg4 codec (CorePlayer v1.3.6 is recommended‡)
> The .NET 2.0 Compact Framework (which is bundled with Windows Mobile Professional 6.0 and above)

‡ HTC's bundled StreamingPlayer and Windows Media Player should also work for users with faster devices (for example the HTC HD2)

*** Whilst streaming video this application will use a considerable amount of bandwidth - please ensure you use it via an unlimited data policy ***

User feedback is always appreciated and should help to improve the usability of future releases.

myPlayer is an independent application and is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with any other content provider.

Latest version: 2.300
Windows mobile apps and games significantly enhance the overall user experience.

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    my player

    Hi All

    Fantaststic software works well on my HTC touch 2 i download vis cable fron pc and stoer in history ready to watch, only thing is it does not let you search other channels like itv , channel 5 etc is this normal or have i missed something. once great software.

    Regards Mark
    I find get_iplayer the best tool for downloading iplayer content to your pc and transferring to your phone. If you install all the options it will save as mp4. You can even choose the resolution right up to HD

    The latest working version is on the infradead.org website - google for it.
    This program is what myplayer could have become (with subscriptions, etc), but seeing as how it also had an order to stop developing from the BBC, how come it's still going and myplayer isn't?

    It was going for several years in its original form, playing a cat and mouse game with the beeb. Every so often the beeb would change the iphone authentication procedure and every time the developer would "mend" the program again! But last year the developer was threatened by the beeb, he stopped mending it, and the broken program lapsed.

    Then, from the ashes, another dev took it up, not using the iPhone streams any more but with flv to mp4 conversion, making it even more useful. I suppose it's down to just how threatened the dev feels and whether someone else is willing to take the risk for a while. It warms my heart ...
    *** Updated to version 2.100 ***

    Change list:

    - Digital TV channels updated
    - Various other minor bug fixes
    *** Updated to version 2.300 ***

    Change list:

    - Fixed DTV stream connection
    - Player preference issue resolved