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Dec 13, 2008
Michelangelo City
This is nothing special, but I was searching for it and couldnt find it, so I threw it together.

It is simply a wrapper for the Myspace Mobile site (m.myspace.com) and should render in all resolutions.

It makes use of the widget capabilities of Windows 6.5, and thus is ONLY FOR 6.5. This is not a ".cab" file it is a ".wgt" file.

Extract the ".wgt" and click to install it!

The only know bug is when installing some users may get the "There is no application associated with Myspace. Run the application first, then open this file from within the application" error depending on how the ".wgt" association is setup . To fix it, install Themuzz's solution which sets the association to open the Widget Installer.


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this is pretty sweet. too bad I almost dont use MySpace anymore.
running on my tilt, I had an issue; fonts are TOO big; and there is an issue that it does not take up all of the available screen like the other widgets do. the scroll bars are useless in winmo6.5.

great thing though. works very quick and loads images quickly too. it would be nice to be able to save images in it (for contacts) but that is probably asking too much. lol.

thanks. this will stay.


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Apr 3, 2007

nice widget, but small letters. Please make it finger friendly. My Device - Touch HD with 480 x 800 pixel.


with friendly greet