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Oct 5, 2011
Vietnamese keyboard support

Please help to create a Vietnamese keyboard.
I attached the keyboard layout here, hope it can help

Thank you very much.


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Apr 28, 2006
Not of any working with Samsung Focus S ?????????
Maybe Focus S is the powerful device for developers.

where are you guys?


May 31, 2011
Hi, i use 3v and when i want to use bulgarian keyboard application says: could not find a suitable patch for this phone. :confused: My phone is HTC 7 Trophy with custom ROM 8773.


Jun 15, 2008
doesnt work on my focus s

try almost every version. when i run it on my focus s, interlop unlock
i get Initializing native libraries... failed


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May 1, 2012
NativeKeyboard-v2.21: Does not work on Mango 7720

NativeKeyboard-v2.20: Work on Mango 7720, Does not work on Mango 7740
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May 6, 2012
nokia lumia 800 latvian keyboard

hi,please tell me how can i install latvian language in my nokia lumia 800? and need to pay or that is for free?


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Aug 9, 2011
it does not work on my Htc 7 Pro. i have os version 7.10.8107. but the error says:
"initializing native libraries... failed
HTC initialized but didn't pass the registry check."

i have a unlocked device, what is the failure here? :(


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Oct 18, 2009
I got a new Samsung Focus Flash and cannot install native keyboard
Could you please recompile this app with wp7 root tools 0.9 alpha?

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    The program alters Spanish or German system keyboard into one of the supported languages (see the list), or extends English keyboard. That will allow you to write text in your language anywhere in Windows Phone 7.

    Starting from version 3.0 the application registers the keyboards in the system. So they are available under their own language switch.

    If your phone hangs and restarts after installing version 3.x, then read the following post: #321.

    Supported languages:
    • Russian
    • Ukrainian
    • Danish
    • Norwegian
    • Swedish
    • Finnish
    • Polish
    • Romanian
    • Czech
    • Hungarian
    • Bulgarian
    • Estonian
    • Latvian
    • Lithuanian
    • Bosnian
    • Croatian
    • Slovenian
    • Serbian
    • Slovak
    • Greek
    • Portuguese
    • Turkish
    • Hebrew
    • Macedonian
    • Thai (thanks to varavut for the layout!)
    • Arabic
    • Persian (Farsi)
    • Georgian (no font support, just a layout!)
    • Mongolian
    • Icelandic
    I cannot test all keyboards personally. Please let me know if you find anything wrong in a keyboard layout.

    • Use it on your own risk. In case of a problem, you might need to hard-reset your smartphone.
    • Your smartphone must be dev-unlocked: ChevronWP7 Unlocker, Tom XAP Installer.
    • The application supports Samsung, HTC and LG smartphones.
    • Version 3.x works on Samsung smartphones only. Other devices will be supported as soon as technically possible.

    Versions 2.17+ support Mango. Imprortant: Your phone must be INTEROP-UNLOCKED to be able to run this application on Mango!

    Changes in v2.21:
    • It works on Samsung phones with Mango now!
    • HTC COM-interfaces were updated to match the new libraries. It may fix compatibility with HTC phones on Mango.

    Changes in v2.20:
    • New HTC libraries (extracted from Mango ROM). I hope it will fix the problem when the application cannot recognize an HTC phone.

    Changes in v2.19:
    • Fixed alternative characters on Mango. (Note: this version is not compatible with older versions of OS anymore!)

    Changes in v2.18:
    • Improved reporting of the initialization errors.

    Changes in v2.17:
    • Experimental Mango support. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on Samsung devices yet. So I cannot test it on my Omnia 7. But it should work on HTC and LG devices. Please let me know whether it worked for you.
      Imprortant: Your phone must be INTEROP-UNLOCKED!
    • Fix: Some keyboard layouts referenced nonexistent RegistryPatch.xml file.

    Changes in v3.3:
    • New keyboards: Icelandic.
    • Greek: 7-bit layout can be installed side-by-side to the regular Greek layout.

    Changes in v2.16:
    • New keyboards: Icelandic.

    Before upgrading to a new version of the application, use "Revert patch" function.
    I tried this, it worked like a charm on my pre-nodo Omnia7 until I restarted the phone. After restart when I tried to use the keyboard it just hung and the phone restarted. Also I wasn't able to undo it until I realized to uncheck the keyboard layout from Settings menu. I tried with Finnish keyboard, also tried with swedish but it had the same problem.

    Did you try this? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=13090631&postcount=269
    Now it's in place :)

    v2.6.0 has a fix for Segoe WP font. It fixes Hebrew characters in the input boxes. Can you tell me where the Calibri is used?

    calibri is for office mobile
    I have some problem with patching Farsi to my HD7. After applying the keyboard instead of Spanish, I got error which says,
    “Checking the current state… failed
    Current registry values do not correspond neither original nor patched state. This patch might be incompatible with your phone.”
    I have changed the Farsi layout in v2.11.0 to avoid this error.

    For Farsi users: To revert changes made by v2.10.x use Override->Revert patch.

    And after that every time I use the Farsi keyboard (ES keyboard) , words are separate from each other and do not connect to each other. For example when I want to type “سلام”, the phone shows “م ا ل س”.
    WP7 has incomplete support of this feature at the moment.

    I also can't type these word: "گ" "ج" "ح" "چ"
    Press '->' key.

    I also suggest to group similar words together like iOS. For example in iOS ج ح خ چ are from one catagory and every time we want to type them, we just hold the corresponding key (for example ح) and these letter shows up.
    You may send me a suggested layout. Look at the new Arabic layout as a reference.

    1- I choose "Türk" (or others languages)
    2- I choose "Instead of Spanish" (or others options)
    3- I Apply the patch

    After, (reboot or not) I have again the Spanish keyboard
    It seems the firmware on your HTC is too old. Try to update it. Or replace DMXMLCOM.dll in XAP file with the attached one.
    Hi, can you make czech keyboard if you get the specification of it?
    OK. I'll try to implement Czech keyboard, if it's possible.