[APP] NaviComputer – Offline GPS Mapping Software [UPDATE v0.96 - 2011-06-23]

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Jul 29, 2010
I'm using Navicomputer and I find it marvellous.
Coud someone helm me with Mapsources.xml config to get zoom 18 maps.
I also would like to understand how to import POI. I'm planning a trip to Budapest and would like to import "tourist POI" in navimapper.
Thanks if anyone can help.


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Oct 1, 2008
pls help me...i need satellitar maps...but i don't be able to mod mapsource to work with google earth or virtual earth...can anyone help me? i need italy map. thank you


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Aug 18, 2009

1. a bug
I managed to pu Gooogle maps in Map sources XML and set MaxZoom to 19


but Navimapper shows the slider bar up to only 18.
Is this a bug ? or am I missing something?

2.sqlite map converter.
I used mobile atlas creator 1.7.0 and created some maps for Bigplanet sqlite
like "Hong Kong.sqlitedb"
Can I convert it to .nmap file?

3.use another map settings
I also used gMapMapker(MgMaps) and created .mgm files can I also convert this to .nmap file?
I'm not sure it's open format. but I hope to use it's configuration file. since it supports polygon area. (download from

18-18: 37.54229229579987, 126.7822265625 : 37.57712467701497, 127.19970703125
18-18: 37.52487610519231, 126.80419921875 : 37.54229229579987, 127.177734375
18-18: 37.57712467701497, 126.80419921875 : 37.59454086762253, 127.15576171875
18-18: 37.49004372397721, 126.826171875 : 37.52487610519231, 127.15576171875
18-18: 37.455211342762105, 126.84814453125 : 37.49004372397721, 127.06787109375
18-18: 37.43779515215455, 126.8701171875 : 37.455211342762105, 126.97998046875
18-18: 37.59454086762253, 126.89208984375 : 37.62937324883763, 126.9580078125
18-18: 37.62937324883763, 126.9140625 : 37.646789439445186, 126.93603515625
18-18: 37.59454086762253, 126.9580078125 : 37.62937324883763, 127.0458984375
18-18: 37.62937324883763, 126.97998046875 : 37.646789439445186, 127.02392578125
18-18: 37.646789439445186, 127.001953125 : 37.68162182066029, 127.02392578125
18-18: 37.43779515215455, 127.02392578125 : 37.455211342762105, 127.0458984375
18-18: 37.62937324883763, 127.02392578125 : 37.699038011267845, 127.0458984375
18-18: 37.59454086762253, 127.0458984375 : 37.699038011267845, 127.06787109375
18-18: 37.47262753336965, 127.06787109375 : 37.49004372397721, 127.15576171875
18-18: 37.59454086762253, 127.06787109375 : 37.68162182066029, 127.08984375
18-18: 37.59454086762253, 127.08984375 : 37.664205630052734, 127.11181640625
18-18: 37.59454086762253, 127.11181640625 : 37.646789439445186, 127.1337890625
18-18: 37.59454086762253, 127.1337890625 : 37.62937324883763, 127.15576171875
18-18: 37.47262753336965, 127.15576171875 : 37.507459914584764, 127.177734375
18-18: 37.57712467701497, 127.15576171875 : 37.611957058230075, 127.177734375
18-18: 37.57712467701497, 127.177734375 : 37.59454086762253, 127.19970703125

any solution for converting .mgm maps???

I want to convert them so that I could somehow use it on my PC? Anyone?


Jun 28, 2010
modifiying/generating .nmap files

Hi hdaackda,
I don't know a direct solution for your problem(s), but there is a small python script, which shows how to manipulate .nmm files and if you look inside and know a bit about programming, you can easily use it as a base for an own program, that does what you are looking for.
Look here:


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Dec 6, 2008
excellent! I was considering buying a Nokia phone for the offline maps but NaviComputer was the answer I was looking for!

Thanks a lot, works great on Windows 7 64bits and HTC HD2.

I haven't tried the GPS yet but just being able to use offline maps on my phone is a life and money savior. No need of any data plan!



Aug 4, 2008
still like it

hence my Android is on repair;
had to pull out my old XDA/Diamond.

On Android I'm using endomondo for tracking,
also on wm6.5 there is/was a version of endomondo.
But endomondo just crashed every view minutes on my wm6.5

NaviComputer is what I used years ago - and now again.

Still like the offline maps.
If somebody knows about something simmilar to NaviComputer
for Android - please let me know about ;)
Also a port to Android of NaviComputer would be a nice thing.

(sorry for "no beer" but PayPal is a no-go for me)


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Apr 27, 2007
Can anyone please upload a link for the software for wm 6.5 and if anyone has the UK map would be awesome, as I dont know if the maps are still available since the website is down.

Many thanks for any help on this. ATB

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    Remark: Please do not upload or mirror this software on any other websites or servers without my explicit permission. Thanks.

    NaviComputer v0.96

    NaviComputer is a GPS mapping and offroad navigation/tracking software designed for windows mobile devices.

    What makes NaviComputer outstanding is the ability to view maps offline, so there is no need for internet connection or dataplan when you are on a trip.
    Maps can be easily downloaded from various online map sources like OpenStreetMap either with the bundled PC software “NaviMapper” or directly with NaviComputer on the mobile device. Maps are saved as single, easy to handle and space-saving files.


    NaviComputer also allows you to track your movement, display information such as distance travelled, speed or elevation profile and save your tracks in the common gpx format. Gpx-files with tracks, routes and waypoints / POI can be imported as well, so for example you can follow imported tracks on the map.




    With these features, NaviComputer is the perfect solution for all kinds of outdoor sports, adventurers, city sightseeing trips etc.

    - Offline map navigation without internet connection/dataplan
    - Easy map download from online mapsources like OpenStreetMap
    - Finger friendly and fluid user interface
    - Track recording with statistics like time, distance, average speed and elevation profile
    - GPS Compass view
    - Conform to the common gpx file format (import and export)
    - Multilingual userinterface (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch)

    Device Requirements:
    - Windows Mobile 6 operating system
    - WVGA, VGA, QWVGA or QVGA touch display
    - .NET Compact Framework 3.5 installed
    - GPS receiver (internal gps receiver recommended, but external receivers may work as well)

    PC Requirements:
    - Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 OS
    - .NET Framework 3.5 installed
    - Internet access
    - Active Sync (for installation) recommended

    Connect your device to Active Sync and run the .exe installer
    This will install NaviComputer on your device and NaviMapper on your PC.
    If you cannot use activesync, you will find the CAB in your program directory after running the setup.

    Download link as well as further information, blog and changelog can be found on the new
    NaviComputer Website.

    Complete changelog as well as a short introduction video to version 0.90 can be viewed in the
    NaviComputer Blog.

    Support Development

    NaviComputer is free to use for everyone. However, I have spent a lot of time and effort for development and I’m going to spend a lot of time in future for further development and improvements.

    If you like this software and use it regularly, please donate to support further development and encouragement.

    After donating any amount (just donate what you can afford or what you think is adequate) you will get a personal license file via email. The donation hint which comes up after regular use on startup every now and then, won’t come up again then. You will also get subscribed to NaviComputer Newsletter which will inform you about updates and new releases.

    Paypal links:
    Donate €
    Donate $
    If you can’t use Paypal, please send me an Email

    Thanks for your support!
    Ok guys, I will try to fix this Windows 7 issue. I hope I will find the problem (without actually having Win7)

    If you can give me symbols for the desktop version, I can try to debug into it and see where it gets stuck. Unfortunately, without symbols, it's almost as hard to do as without Windows 7:)) I could decompile the application, but that's too much effort:)

    Regarding protecting yourself against Google Maps User Agreement, sorry, I don't know what to tell you. All I know is that when I was researching the subject, I saw in a few places, that Google Maps doesn't allow you to cache their maps, Microsoft does, that's why they have a lot of corporate clients using their APIs.
    And if you will stop distributing desktop version of the software, then your mobile version will become more or less useless, cause you can never get the maps into it:-(
    This post is a question
    The Navi computer program is the best I have used so far THANKS .
    However, I tried to use it with an external BT antenna, it always defaults to internal GPS antenna.
    How can I select the com port, to use Navi computer, with an external BT antenna.
    My TomTom program allows me to select the BT com port and it automatically closes internal GPS and opens bluetooth GPS.
    My HTC P3650 Touch cruise (polaris), is equiped with WM 6.1
    I have searched the net and found a reg hack in navicomputer blog/?p=14
    I think they are for other models and did not work for my HTC touch cruise P3650, Polaris.
    Is there any body who could help me.

    Use GPSMOD and then set the external COM port for BT receive as priority in GPSMOD setup, you have to put value as 0 for it to have high priority, that causes your BT device to be used than internal.
    Another easy method would be to switch OFF phone function and leave bluetooth ON, that would naturally make your BT device to be chosen, but it's not recommended
    thanks a lot great app
    but can someone make a mapsource.xlm for( www geoportail fr)please
    there great hikingmaps for france

    I looked at it, I didn't have any joy. Some of these Navicomputer doesn't handle, could be one.
    png2nmap-converter and nmap-modifier-tool

    Hi starbright_,
    to your second wish: I don't think, that it is a good idea to use .png-tiles stored in a directory structure on the mobile, but this is a matter I leave to the programmer of NaviComputer.

    But there is a small tool to convert *.png and *.jpeg from directory structure to .nmap - database format. Originally created for the use of NaviComputer together with Linux (cause NaviMapper as the .nmap-creating tool only was available for Windows), this tool is really doing what you asked for: converting tiles to nmap. Look at my post #1076 in this thread ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=6977980&postcount=1076 ) You need a python interpreter to use it, so if you don't have it already, go here: http://docs.python.org/using/index.html and look for the chapter "Using python on ..." for your operating system.

    At the moment there is no conversion back from .nmap to .png, because I had no need for that, but if you have a little knowledge on programming it is very easy to modify the python script to do that. If you have any questions, donn't hesitate to ask me (u.dahms(at)arcor.de).

    In the meantime I developed another tool for manipulating .nmap-files. It has no GUI and is only terminal-oriented, but nevertheless easy to understand and perhaps can give you some more idea on how to program a tool for your own needs. Type "nmt --help" to get advice for usage. Perhaps you will find some useful functions already without modifying. For example there is an option to extract a tile from the .nmap database to .png/.jpeg file.


    NEW VERSION: I changed the name to 'nmm', because it is an .nmap-modifier now and very flexible. Sorry that I don't have a howto or readme yet. Call 'nmm --help' to get some advice.
    NEW VERSION: Now also supports bing map and bing satellite. Elaborated README with howto and detailed description of all options added.