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[APP] New Android Market

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Mar 27, 2010
The new market is an absolute disaster, slow and laggy, i have a Galaxy S2 with a custom ROM and everything else is blazing fast but the marlet takes ages to open, bugs galore ive gone back to the older one until Android sort it out.


Nov 27, 2009
Looks like Google has listened to the complaints!

Reviews are now sorted newest first.
App comments are still not sorted by newest on my Desire HD. The web version is also not in newest order. Doesn't make any sense to read comments of an app of previous version when it has already been updated many times.

What is the Google Android team thinking? Maybe they can share their rationale why they want to sort the app comments in other order rather than newest 1st.


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Sep 24, 2008
East Coast - Canada
The new market is an absolute disaster, slow and laggy, i have a Galaxy S2 with a custom ROM and everything else is blazing fast but the marlet takes ages to open, bugs galore ive gone back to the older one until Android sort it out.

I got it pushed to my Nexus S over the weekend. Has no lag, just as fast as the old market. Curious why some seem to have no issues while others do.


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Oct 22, 2010
the new market so stupid !!! sometimes give me USA UI in market and now it's show me Verzion apps !! without using any apps !! i am in Bahrain


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Feb 16, 2008
I don't know what everyone else's problem is, but I am running the latest 3.0.27 market on my Evo 3D and it runs great for me.

Updates work how they should. Reviews are in the proper newest first order. No lag moving around the UI. And carrier billing works.


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Dec 3, 2010
Comments sorted by dates now on. 27, which is the latest one! Fast on sgs here.

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Oct 22, 2010
What's wrong in this pictures ??? xD

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Apr 4, 2011
So I still haven't had the update pushed to my phone. If I install this would it be basically the same?
I heard about weird data problems and I dunno if that was an older version or what..?

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Dec 3, 2009
New York
Google Video / Market Rental with Root check bypass

I placed a note in the Google Video thread, but I figured I might place one in this thread as it directly relates. I've released a patched version of Google Videos that allows rooted devices to rent Movies without having to modify the /system/ directory. This patched apk works with the Market or through the Google Video app directly. It should work on any 2.2+ device.

I've also included a complete writeup of how I modified the apk for themers and fellow apk manipulators.

Edit: I should add that this app will only work in countries that previously had access to Google Video rentals. I did a quick check and even if you rent the movie with an American IP, it won't let you stream it to a country that doesn't already have access to Google Videos rentals. Sorry guys.
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Dec 18, 2010
Is it just me or what. I can't stand this new market-it's pretty...damn...slow. I tear the old one out of previous roms and replace the new one. All that waiting...unreal.

/rant over

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    Here it is!

    Edit: Sorry for the late post, couldnt be on XDA that much today!
    Edit 2: Thanks everyone for making this my first big post! :D
    No I will not marry you, but Will take all the Thank You clicks you can give :) .

    You're all welcome, gald I could help finally!
    Anyone have a workaround for rooted devices to rent movies?

    you can rent the movie with a rooted device...you just can't watch it (but you can with this trick)

    open terminal on phone
    mount -o rw,remount /system
    mv /system/bin/su /system/bin/mu

    close terminal and you will be able to watch rented movies on your rooted device

    to revert open terminal
    mount -o rw,remount /system
    mv /system/bin/mu /system/bin/su

    google movie looks for su by name, easy work around because naming it to mu you still have suid, but rooted apps (as well as google movie) are looking for su "name" as well..with the terminal you can tell it suid is mu;)
    gsript doesn't work on this because it too looks for su on the revert
    you can copy the code to a notepad and paste it in terminal so you don't have to type every time:p