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[APP] New Blimps 2.0 - Floating Dialer Buttons


New member
Mar 2, 2011
Blimps 2.0 - Floating Dialer Features

Hi all,

Its back and its 2.0 !
With Blimps the dialer buttons floats on top of your screen and you can do whatever whenever while talking with someone.

New UI and new floating Buttons
What's Floating:
- Hide'em
- End call
- Loud Speaker
- Mute
- Quick Note
- Dialer (might have 5 sec. delay after pressing the home button)

Features :
- Compatible with Android 6.0.1+
- Dynamic positioning on screen (hide mode)
- Proximity enable/disable to prevent clicking mistakes

I often find myself doing something else with my phone while talking on it. like : SMS, chat, Mails...
by doing something else i always send my dialer to the background and loosing the control of my call options (mute, speaker, hangup...)
whenever i want to use my dialer options i need to stop what i was doing -> pull down the notification bar -> press the dialer -> use it (long time)
well... NO MORE.

As you all know Android has many OS UIs (Touchwiz, LG UI....) so it hasn't been tested on every one of them.
So if you can help me check Blimps on different UIs I'll appreciate your feedback.

Checkout short video:

Play store link : Blimps

changelog :

2.0 -
- New UI
- New Buttons

1.3 -
- Visual loud speaker state
- choosing the Blimps default position (Left / Right)
- New Splash screen
** still working on the major version update with more buttons

Thanks :p
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Nov 28, 2012
feedback anyone ?
Seems to be working as advertised. Actually using it right now as I type. :) The speakerphone button works fine, and the end call button works fine. Very handy. However, when I switched from speaker to regular phone, my screen didn't shut off when I held it to my ear. I'll try it a few more times with and without your app running to see if it's my phone or the app.

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Feb 4, 2012
Buenos AIres

Thanks for your work! great idea!

I found a BUG:
* It keeps the proximity sensor ON all the time (I can see the red light) after a call. Until I kill the Blimps process.

Also, for improvement, I think it needs to be implemented as some sort of Service, just so it's not being killed so easily. Virtually any kill app, even the same Android OS, will kill it since it's "just an app in the background". (or you can code it for Xposed Framework!)

The rest of the app seems to be working perfect! Tested for outgoing calls on Defy with CM11.

Just to be curious, why does it need connectivity access permission? Just to open playstore?
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New member
Jun 29, 2012
Thanks for this useful app :good:

Can u implement some features from Call Popout like grouping all the options under one movable head (like facebook chat head) and have more options like the call time, silence the ring, pick up, hang up... etc, as Call Popout development seems to be discontinued.

Just thinking the same, Call Popout works quite bad, but its features (answer calls, blacklist...) are interesting, so would be nice to have a decent, active mantainted multitasking call app! :good:
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New member
Jan 6, 2012
West Valley City
Worked perfectly on my Samsung G'Nex running a flavor of cm11!!! I had no issues with my proximity sensor or touchscreen. Such a simple concept yet there never really has been a good solution. I for one am glad you made this :highfive:
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