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Dec 14, 2010
can't set custom wallpaper
You need to grant access permission to internal storage or will not have access to images on it and this list will be empty. Launcher must ask for it on 1st enter to this prefs. Or it will show any images placed in root of internal storage (usually /sdcard) here and they can be seleced as wallpaper.
recommendations does not work (I gave it WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS)
Recommendations are disabled on Oreo+ (Android 8 and above) as apps doesn' produce them on such Androids and do Channels instead. You will no have opion to enable it even on LeanbackOnFire v 1.23
I can't hide apps, the launcher shows no apps to hide in the menu
You will see hidden apps here to unhide, but you can hide them in Apps options which accessible on Menu or Info buttons on the remote for focused apps banner.
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Mar 18, 2016
Amazon Fire TV
I am using this with my chromecast with google tv and I am liking it so far but I got some bugs with it.

1) I can't set custom wallpaper

I am using the latest version

Use the attached version (for Android 10+)
Its because of google.

I will have to create a pull request i think.

NOTE: Only Storage is fixed and nothing else is changed.


  • LeanbackOnFire_1.23.apk
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Oct 26, 2012
Google Pixel 5
On v1.24 I moved my apps into a custom order, but as soon as you rebooted the devices, the apps reset back to their default order.

Tested this a few times and seems to happen every time. Not sure if its a known bug?

Also is there anyway to get the search working as the apk original listed doesn't work, not does the latest google APK
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Aug 24, 2017
Is anyone going to update the TV Settings on Fire App that goes along with it, I can Mirror the Repository if he deleted it. The app has issues and crashes when opening certain settings.


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Nov 16, 2012
Can someone tell me why changes to app order in Leanback Launcher, on a Firestick, don't stick? I make the changes, it looks fine but the next time I hit the Home button the order goes back to the way it was.


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Apr 16, 2021
I have the same issue on my firestick: I hit the home button and the custom order is gone.

Does anybody know how to fix this?


May 31, 2012
There is major update of LeanbackOnFire which address Favorites sort issue and add some new features as auto update check, local weather, new app prefs etc ;-)

Have fun!
Great update, loving the weather feature, Is there anyway to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius?


Mar 8, 2015
hello, I'm new to the topic. can I set this launcher to start automatically? firetv stick 4k with root. greetings


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Jul 26, 2012
Works great on my shield tv. Hide apps doesn't work for me but that's no big deal. Great work.


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Jul 5, 2021
Just wanna share that the latest version works perfectly on Sony X90J (Chinese version)
All features work good and smooth, recommendations are set banner size to 120%, maximum volume at 5, close appearance to Apple tvOS


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Nov 22, 2017
How do I access recent apps with this launcher on my Android TV box? I tried double-clicking the Home button and also holding it but it doesn't work. Thanks.
@tsynik Thank you for your work.
On fire tv stick 4k max (system version there is a problem. Cannot exit edit mode properly (mode after holding ok button). Returning from it the wallpaper and some icons disappear. Only the favorites section remains. To fix this, the application has to be reloaded.

This is what it normally looks like

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    Leanback on Fire
    Android TV Launcher Ported to Fire TV

    Source Code: https://github.com/leanback-on-fire/LeanbackLauncher
    Releases: https://github.com/tsynik/LeanbackLauncher/releases (no longer offered by rockon999, forked releases)


    (More screenshots are attached)

    Tested on:
    - Fire TV Stick 2

    - Can open Bluetooth and WiFi settings without the stock launcher installed.
    - Opens notification center, notification settings, and displays the current amount of unread notifications.
    - Can display Amazon-downloaded apps in the store for easy updating and management.
    - Can open individual app's settings.
    - Can sort applications by categories (video, music, favorites, etc)
    - Stripped of all Google services (to prevent crashes!)

    - Recommendations were removed (unfortunately they are too unstable and unworkable without root, though I am exploring a method of adding them back into the launcher in Alpha 3)
    - As this is based on decompiled sources there are bugs that must be squashed
    - The uninstall button in edit mode is broken via the traditional Android TV method. Instead use the Fire TV app menu.
    - Also, the done button in edit mode is broken too. Simply use the back button on your remote :)

    - The menu button will open up an app menu.
    - The edit favorites launcher in the settings row can be used to add apps you want easy access to. Press back to exit the selection screen.

    - Install like any other APK over ADB. (adb install [path])
    - If you want the notification counter you need to execute the following command: "adb shell pm grant com.rockon999.android.leanbacklauncher android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS"
    - If you are on firmware 5.2.6 or lower you can disable the stock launcher. See this thread for more information. I don't recommend disabling all amazon features. Only OTA and com.amazon.tv.launcher.
    - You should install LauncherHijack v3 for a fully functioning home button.
    - If you want Google Search you'll need to install a specific version. 've found a working 2.x series version that is better looking, more stable, and much faster than the previous 1.x version. You can get the APK here. Note: The current version of Leanback on Fire may crash if you try to use the "microphone" orb to interact with the 2.x version. Always use the keyboard orb.
    A future version will remove the microphone orb. Unfortunately the latest version is incompatible but an older version works surprisingly well. I've found version to be the most stable. You can download the APK here.

    -The notification counter is still in its infancy and may not always function exactly.
    - The app must be restarted for WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission to take effect.
    - I'll be posted a full guide to the various Android TV APKs that function on Fire TV soon :) - The guide is posed in General
    Alpha 3 is coming soon (hopefully in a few days)... I still have some issues to fix (as is readily apparent in this screenshot). But on the plus side I've figured out how to get notifications working :)

    Did you get a chance to check?

    I am on FireTV2 with latest update btw

    It is working on my end but I'll wipe my system and try a clean startup. This should be (mostly) mitigated in Alpha 3 as Alpha 3 is based on Leanback 1.11.x instead of Leanback 1.1.x. 1.11.x has a complete database overhaul that should speed up the launcher and generally get rid of some of the annoying database glitches that 1.1.x has.

    Also, as an update. I've got recommendations sorta working. Images sometimes load, sometimes don't. I won't have a lot of development time until Friday/Saturday though :)
    Latest source code commit was on 23 Feb, 4 months ago.

    The Alpha 3 branch was created on 25 Mar, but still contains identical sources of Alpha 2, no new code.

    That's a very long construction phase, but let's see what else @rockon999 is up to ;)

    Hey all! It's not dead, but I've been without my Fire TV Stick since May (working on it, I promise). Actually Alpha 3 is significantly more stable and has numerous improvements over Alpha 2 and I was using it as a daily driver starting in late April. There are certainly bugs but it is rebased on a much newer leanback launcher and includes a ton of bug fixes. I'm going to try to finish packaging Alpha 3 soon. My actual work has been consuming a lot of development time though, so I won't make any promises. I did get recommendations fully working but it requires old firmware due to Amazon blocking.