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@tsynik can you add option to use own API key? Thanks
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Nov 5, 2010
I looked for a feedback section on Github but couldn't find one.

I have installed the latest Leanback (LeanbackOnFire_v1.51-release.apk) on my 4k Firestick MAX.

There seems an issue with keeping the sections spaced in alignment and also when I set my Favourites section to 6 Wide by 4 rows the icons line up all in one row. This is after restarts etc as well.

Also can I rename sections? I'd rather Tools and Amazon rather than Music and Movies.

Cheers and thanks for the launcher.


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Feb 10, 2008
Hello, when I have leanback for fire tv launcher as default launcher via launcher manager my fire stick (sheldon) takes forever to boot, It did not happen before, it started to happen recently so I guess it could be because of a recent Amazon software update? Anyone else experiencing the same?

The launcher is awesome many thanks for your work, been using it since I bought the stick a couple of months ago.
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Dec 29, 2012
For some reason PeacockTV shows up as 2 icons in both on LeanbackOnFire v1.52. in favourites it shows as 2 icons and if removed from favourites it shows as 2 icons in Apps section.

- I don't have 2 versions installed, only Peacock
- I've rebooted twice.
- Disabled and re-enabled the launcher.

Anyone else have the same issue with PeacockTV?


Mar 4, 2013
Hello again.
After updating to AndroidTV 11 on a Nvidi Shield 2019 PRO I have something like this. It does not display app icons. I don't have any app added to hidden.
I'm having the same issues with apps not showing up. Worked perfectly before and on non-Android11 versions.

It would be great if Leanback could be updated to support the new OS.


Mar 13, 2021
I'm having the same issues with apps not showing up. Worked perfectly before and on non-Android11 versions.

It would be great if Leanback could be updated to support the new OS.
Hello every body,
Good news, it works again with new release v1.53 on Nvidia Shield TV Experience 9.0 (Android TV 11).
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Jun 10, 2012
Not sure what happened, but the past few days my Nvidia Shield with LeanbackOnFire v1.54 has been blowing up my PiHole devices with requests for location data. When I say blowing up, I mean over 1000 requests a second. I have 2 shields, both have Leanback configured the exact same way, but only one of them is having this issue. I've tried rebooting, reinstalling LeanbackOnFire, etc. Can't figure out why this device is having this issue and the other is not. Both had the local weather enabled with location services, but even after disabling local weather, this device is still submitting thousands of DNS requests to *.edns.ip-api.com. I finally had to just disable location permissions for LeanbackOnFire, which it complained about because it can't provide WiFi status info without that, but my Shields are both wired in, so no biggie.

Is it normal for the LeanbackOnFire to submit so many location requests so frequently? What's going on here?


Jun 10, 2012
Also, regarding using OpenWeatherMap API for weather data, can we get the following added if we want to manually specify location:
  1. Latitude and longitude - Optional - use this if provided
  2. City, State, Country - State would be optional, use if provided
According to the OpenWeatherMap API, you can provide a state and not just a city and country:
When you don't provide a state, it makes it hard when the same city exists in multiple states in the same country. For example, the cities Bangor, Lansing, Jonesboro, etc. Having the option to provide the state or optionally to provide your latitude and longitude should suffice to be a more accurate way to pick your location for the weather API.

Edit: There's also an option for zip code and country in the API documentation:


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Oct 9, 2015
Does chromecast built-it work with this launcher?
Or, as I think, is just a different thing?
Anyway, do you know if is there a way to intall it on this fireTV?

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    Leanback on Fire
    Android TV Launcher Ported to Fire TV

    Source Code: https://github.com/leanback-on-fire/LeanbackLauncher
    Releases: https://github.com/tsynik/LeanbackLauncher/releases (no longer offered by rockon999, forked releases)


    (More screenshots are attached)

    Tested on:
    - Fire TV Stick 2

    - Can open Bluetooth and WiFi settings without the stock launcher installed.
    - Opens notification center, notification settings, and displays the current amount of unread notifications.
    - Can display Amazon-downloaded apps in the store for easy updating and management.
    - Can open individual app's settings.
    - Can sort applications by categories (video, music, favorites, etc)
    - Stripped of all Google services (to prevent crashes!)

    - Recommendations were removed (unfortunately they are too unstable and unworkable without root, though I am exploring a method of adding them back into the launcher in Alpha 3)
    - As this is based on decompiled sources there are bugs that must be squashed
    - The uninstall button in edit mode is broken via the traditional Android TV method. Instead use the Fire TV app menu.
    - Also, the done button in edit mode is broken too. Simply use the back button on your remote :)

    - The menu button will open up an app menu.
    - The edit favorites launcher in the settings row can be used to add apps you want easy access to. Press back to exit the selection screen.

    - Install like any other APK over ADB. (adb install [path])
    - If you want the notification counter you need to execute the following command: "adb shell pm grant com.rockon999.android.leanbacklauncher android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS"
    - If you are on firmware 5.2.6 or lower you can disable the stock launcher. See this thread for more information. I don't recommend disabling all amazon features. Only OTA and com.amazon.tv.launcher.
    - You should install LauncherHijack v3 for a fully functioning home button.
    - If you want Google Search you'll need to install a specific version. 've found a working 2.x series version that is better looking, more stable, and much faster than the previous 1.x version. You can get the APK here. Note: The current version of Leanback on Fire may crash if you try to use the "microphone" orb to interact with the 2.x version. Always use the keyboard orb.
    A future version will remove the microphone orb. Unfortunately the latest version is incompatible but an older version works surprisingly well. I've found version to be the most stable. You can download the APK here.

    -The notification counter is still in its infancy and may not always function exactly.
    - The app must be restarted for WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission to take effect.
    - I'll be posted a full guide to the various Android TV APKs that function on Fire TV soon :) - The guide is posed in General
    Alpha 3 is coming soon (hopefully in a few days)... I still have some issues to fix (as is readily apparent in this screenshot). But on the plus side I've figured out how to get notifications working :)

    Did you get a chance to check?

    I am on FireTV2 with latest update btw

    It is working on my end but I'll wipe my system and try a clean startup. This should be (mostly) mitigated in Alpha 3 as Alpha 3 is based on Leanback 1.11.x instead of Leanback 1.1.x. 1.11.x has a complete database overhaul that should speed up the launcher and generally get rid of some of the annoying database glitches that 1.1.x has.

    Also, as an update. I've got recommendations sorta working. Images sometimes load, sometimes don't. I won't have a lot of development time until Friday/Saturday though :)
    Latest source code commit was on 23 Feb, 4 months ago.

    The Alpha 3 branch was created on 25 Mar, but still contains identical sources of Alpha 2, no new code.

    That's a very long construction phase, but let's see what else @rockon999 is up to ;)

    Hey all! It's not dead, but I've been without my Fire TV Stick since May (working on it, I promise). Actually Alpha 3 is significantly more stable and has numerous improvements over Alpha 2 and I was using it as a daily driver starting in late April. There are certainly bugs but it is rebased on a much newer leanback launcher and includes a ton of bug fixes. I'm going to try to finish packaging Alpha 3 soon. My actual work has been consuming a lot of development time though, so I won't make any promises. I did get recommendations fully working but it requires old firmware due to Amazon blocking.