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[APP] Notch/Cut out battery bar

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    Testing is closed as I have enough data for this update. Thanks to everyone who tested

    This is one of my little apps that add a battery bar around the notch of a phone. I have ported the feature to the S10 and S10+. Please try it out

    The trial version link.

    The pro version link
    Please check out the latest build, everything can be customized, so should be able to make it fit.
    Ok, now it's almost perfect, i think the last touch to reach the perfection would be the corners a little bit more rounded.
    I attached a better quality picture.
    Thanks a ton. Can you please tell me what the resolution options are?

    Here's a screenshot of the options
    So I've been messing around with it a little and it's nice, but if I set the width or height to the lowest the app crashes.
    Hi Dev, great job! One request is to make width/height movable with arrows too, just like with the positioning. The sliders are very sensitive and it takes quite a while to position the cutout perfectly.