[APP] [Nov/09]New Manila TV Player for TF3D 2.0/2.1/2.5

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Apr 4, 2012
i ccould insalled it

htc hd2
rom duty
i disabled htc sense and then i insalled the app but after restart there was no tab of youre app can you just make normal shortcut to start menu please ? :confused:


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May 29, 2009
You can't : its made from Mode9 and LUA scripts launching a media player to stream web TV channels.

They can work only with Sense running.

You can still do the same manually by using a standard streaming media app and typing the addresses...


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Dec 27, 2008
Is it possible to just run Manila TV Player as just a stand alone program, instead of all the XML editing? I don't need it as a TF3D tab.

Will it just work as a stand alone program if I install:

I'm just trying to find the best tv player for HTC Touch HD (Blackstone)

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    [size=+6]New Manila TV PLayer[/size]

    Manila TV PLayer is a tab to add in TF3D & TF3D2 but in this the landscape don't work properly.
    This add-on is based on tab from orange tab tv i'm modificated to work with all languagues and other streams.

    [size=+3]Now is many re-write to use more simple and now you can choose your stream player!![/size]

    [size=+2] Videos in youtube[/size]

    [size=+2]How to create your streams for Manila TV Player [/size]

    [size=+1] 1 - Edit ManilaTV.xml[/size]

    Download clean ManilaTV.xml here
    Open ManilaTV.xml with your xml editor you can see this
    After editing replace ManilaTV.xml in your phone in \Application Date \Manila TV Player\

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
      <Channel ID="http://www.todaypda.com/en/stream/play/television_4141_Eurosportnews.asx"
               Name="Eurosport News"
               Description="24 hour sports news"
               LargeIconUrl="\Application Data\Manila TV Player\logos\?logo_name?.png"
               SmallIconUrl="\Application Data\Manila TV Player\logos\?logo_name?_mini.png" 
               Player="\Windows\wmplayer.exe" />
      <Channel ID=""
               LargeIconUrl="\Application Data\Manila TV Player\logos\?logo_name?.png"
               SmallIconUrl="\Application Data\Manila TV Player\logos\?logo_name?_mini.png" 
               Player="" />

    ID="The stream Link"
    Name="The stream name"
    Description="Here the drescription of stream"
    LargeIconUrl="\Application Data\Manila TV Player\logos\?logo_name?.png" - this png is 200x200 px
    SmallIconUrl="\Application Data\Manila TV Player\logos\?logo_name?_mini.png" - this png is 64x64 px
    Player="" - Your stream player , Coreplayer , TCPMP , WMplayer, Opera , IE , HTC Stream media
    Player="\Program Files\CorPlayer\player.exe"

    Is planed make work in landscape but no date actually

    [size=+1]Before install disable HTC Sense or TF3D[/size]

    [size=+2]Manila HTC Sence 2.5.19xx[/size]

    Manila TV PLayer 2.5 WVGA Only for cookers no find a way to active this after
    Manila TV PLayer 2.5 VGA Only for cookers no find a way to active this after

    [size=+2]Manila HTC Sence 2.1.19xx[/size]

    Manila TV PLayer 2.1 WVGA

    [size=+2]Manila TF3D 2.0 & 2.1 [/size]

    Manila TV PLayer 2.0 & 2.1 WVGA
    Manila TV PLayer 2.0 & 2.1 VGA

    [size=+2]Manila TF3D 1.X[/size]

    [size=+2]Thank's to donators[/size]


    If you make stream files send me to share with others thank's ;)
    Hello, great job, it works perfectly.

    Only slight drawback : it doesn't feature a landcape display mode, so using for instance ChangeScreen won't display it nicely, but it's not lethal ! :D

    The other drawback (not directly related to this mod) is the fact that you can never freely add a single tab to Manila : you have to update the entire tabs list by overwriting the previous one.

    So just installing the CAB will generally result in a big mess, as some of your existing tabs will disappear, and not all of them will be manageable from the HTC parameters.

    Actually, the CAB should be given in two parts : one with the necessary files to have the TV tab working, and another one to display it, made on purpose for the ROM you're actually using.

    As I'm now using NRGZ28's Energy ROMs, I made a variant for this CAB that will work with them, without touching the existing tabs... But beware : it will only work with Energy ROMs or any other displaying the same tabs.

    You'll then end up with 17 fully functional tabs, all being manageable in the HTC tabs parameters (to hide / display them and change their order).

    This is done by manually modifying the 26948339_manila and the registry.

    If you don't use an Energy ROM, please don't use the attached CAB, as tabs definitions contain links to M9 modules in Manila files that can be absent from your system, and TF3D / Sense could hang on startup.

    Energy ROMs contain "Recent documents", "All phone calls", "Twitter" and "Facebook" tabs that may be absent from your own configuration, so Sense may crash on startup if you try to use this CAB while the necessary Manila files can't be found.

    You can of course download it anyway and edit the 26948339_manila XML file if you're at ease with it, but you could do it from Drg's original file too, though I also fixed the registry entries in the attached CAB.

    Note that in my CAB, the TV tab is numbered "16" (tabs are numbered from 0, so the number 16 is actually the 17th) so it doesn't interfere with the already existing tabs (that's why it appears in the list from HTC parameters and can be moved where you want to, while it couldn't be done in the original CAB). The original CAB was designed for a 12-tabs only template.

    Also remember that if you wish to translate the new tab's buttons to another language, then you'll have to modify the usual 17956b33_manila file, too. :)