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Sep 6, 2007
Ho Chi Minh city
Dear bro , the problem is not just your signed apk , on typing "yandex shell" in search option shows nothing ... It says "unfortunately,there are no results for your search"....!!! Now this is the point of concern...

More clarification: I don't see Yandex.Shell in search result either, but I do see it in My Apps of Yandex Store if I installed Yandex.Shell from Yandex site.

Just follow post #114 :)

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Nov 30, 2012
Amazing launcher...but could you add more launcher settings...that would be great...keep up the good work..cheers


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Mar 6, 2012
2.22 is out, has a new option on experimental.. Enable hardware acceleration for android widgets.


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Jan 27, 2011
If it was asked before pardon me, but is there anyway to change which icon pack is currently being used? Having the random grays goes against my OCD side :crying:


Apr 29, 2014
Yandex is one of the largest Russian IT corporations. Nice to the that it is being popular abroad.

Yandex.Shell is good with addition of Yandex.Store service which is open for Android developers (and also all Yandex.Store apps are available in Opera store, so Opera store apps are available in Yandex one).

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    Yandex already localized Yandex.Shell to English and other languages. You DON'T NEED to download my manual translated version anymore.

    Just go to Google Play Store link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.yandex.shell to install the official localized Yandex.Shell version.

    ========== DEPRECATED ==========

    Yandex.Shell ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.yandex.shell ) is an intuitive interface that makes using Android devices a breeze. It only takes a second to customise the various screens, while the interface automatically sorts your apps and widgets. Simply use the 3D carousel to switch between screens.
    You can place all your most frequently used widgets on the same screen to keep up-to-date with all the latest local news, weather and traffic. The built-in app search tool will help you easily find an app on your phone or online.

    The problem is it's in Russian and not available in English. So I download Yandex.Shell from Yandex.Store and follow lhurtado's guide http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=38629332&postcount=19 to auto-translate 99.9% of Yandex.Shell into English.
    Hi, just translate Yandex shell apk. This is HOWTO:
    • open the apk with winrar, 7zip, etc
    • go to \assets\skins\skins\texts\ru
    • open spbshell3d.txt
    • inside is the text you need to translate from russian to your language
    • modify this file with the traduction and save it. you must preserve the variable (%s, %u, %i, etc) format
    • delete META-INF folder inside the apk
    • sign apk again agian. i sign it with ZipSigner from market
    • install and enjoy
    And special thanks to entony80 for weather translation guide.

    This is the latest APK file: English-translated Yandex.Shell v2.20: http://d.pr/f/3DWW
    Mirror: http://www.mediafire.com/?72vaxfacftsir9n

    NOTE: You may need to backup and uninstall the old version first.

    - Some machine-translated English text is funny :)

    - (khanhlnq) Almost 100% texts are translated into English, including weather information.
    - A large battery indicator added
    - The Android shortcuts adding interface improved (Android 4.1+)
    - Afisha panel shows filter added
    - Other improvements and bugfixes

    - (khanhlnq) Weather information is now in English!!!
    - An adjustable program list with folders and sorting added (Shell Settings -> Appearance)
    - Showtimes in Afisha panel added
    - Some 2 SIM device related issues fixes
    - Other improvements and bugfixes

    - Search through contacts and apps from the search widget added
    - Wi-Fi hotspot widget added
    - Afisha panel interface improved
    - Other improvements and bugfixes

    - An Android tab for widgets and shortcuts is added
    - An SPB Shell 3D theme is added
    - Other fixes and improvments

    Enjoy and hit THANKS button if you like it! :)






    Attachment are screenshots. If you want to translate it to another language, just follow HOWTO above.
    As promised, this is the latest v2.19 APK with weather data in English http://d.pr/f/O5SX

    (Please remember to hit THANKS button! :) )

    Official v2.21

    Figured out how to get the official localized Yandex.Shell v2.21:

    (You may want to backup Yandex.Shell data first, otherwise you home arrangment will be lost)

    1. Install official Yandex.Shell v2.20 here http://m.soft.yandex.ru/download/shell/yandexshell-android.apk
    2. Install official Yandex.Store by visiting http://m.store.yandex.com/ on your device
    3. Launch Yandex.Store, signin or create Yandex account
    4. In Yandex.Store, click Menu/My apps
    5. Switch to INSTALLED tab, you should see Yandex.Shell there, tap on Yandex.Shell icon/name to open Yandex.Shell detail page
    6. Now tap on Delete to uninstall v2.20 of Yandex.Shell. Don't worry! :)
    7. After uninstalled, you should be returned back to Yandex.Shell detail page in Yandex.Store. Now click on the green Free button to install the latest official v2.21 of Yandex.Shell with muti-languages localization!!!

    For those who are impatient, this is my extracted APK file of official Yandex.Shell v2.21 from Yandex.Store: http://www.mediafire.com/?1zo25vm5i5v8xhd

    I believe the Google Play version will be soon updated to v2.21 too.

    Enjoy! And kudos to Yandex! :)

    P.S: thanks fox2KMC, samardeep. I will update open thread.
    New Yandex is out. V2.16
    Can you update your translation?

    Updated v2.16 is here: http://d.pr/f/RAlY :)