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[APP] omniano - Piano Concert v1.4

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Oct 25, 2007
============= 2009.11.18 added
Piano Concert v1.4 can be downloaded on Handango and Pocketland
Please visit next url!

- English : http://www.handango.com/catalog/ProductDetails.jsp?productId=259845
- Germany: http://pocketland.de/52613/Piano_Concert.html

All of WinMo devices can play our piano concert(omniano)!
thank you!

OMNIANO(musical instrument) New version BETA TEST! 09.08.10

-Flute Concert review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEaTtfXt5xo
-Piano Concert review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olh0n7r0TK4
-Motion Drum review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yydDd727eE

Hi many friends!
I'm omniano developer Hyonga sheon.
i upgraded my omniano to 3 applications and will be commercial version
on MS, Samsung Appstore.
I hope to give beta version to my old users!
can you help me?
please visit omniano beta test thread!!!
thank you!

2009-06-20 added-----------------------------------------------------

Today, the rainy season has started in south korea.
Outside of window is raining in my apartment room.

Here is a small gift for friends who waiting omniano next version.

Next two songs played by omniano piano version under development
on windows mobile 6.1 SAMSUNG OMNIA(M490) model.

-download mp3 files

[download Ballade Pour Adeline]
[download John Lenon-Imagine]

how about it? I'm not stopped this project!!
thank you.

[I need your support]
For my effort on this project i need some help from you.
if you want to development and keep it free
1. you can support me by bug reporting(This thread or my BLOG)
2. you can support me by send me test device(email: [email protected])
3. you can support me by donate here===>

This version was applied that test of "micTest" from overseas users.
but this version not tested on many devices(htc,hp,xperia x1)
so it can be did't work on your device....(report to me)


[What's new in this version]

1. Flute mic sensor adjusted
2. sudden halt problem fixed on drum, flute.
3. Flute Sound interval improved.

[Down Load] --> all resolution support

[How to Install]
1. setup previous omniano version(if you installed not needed)(download link)
2. unzip omniano_1.1.2.zip
3. copy & overwrite unzipped omniano.exe file to
INSTALLED FOLDER(ex, \Storage card\program files\omniano the band\)
4. run omniano the band!

2009.03.16 omniano 'The band v
here is omniano The band version
this version contains piano, drum, flute.
each instrument can play by you & you can see some help on main menu.
play it and enjoy!!!

(this version is depend on hardware so i need your reporting
report in this thread please)




[What's new in this version]
1. Flute added(using built in mic)
2. Drum Sound changed(volume up)
3. more stable main core;
4. new help menu.
5. etc improved.

-WVGA: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jnmztfmdiqy/omniano_wvga.CAB
-QVGA: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zmlnjlfnutz/omniano_qvga.CAB
-VGA: http://www.mediafire.com/file/to2gfnzttqn/omniano_vga.CAB
-WQVGA: http://www.mediafire.com/file/diegwoz5tnj/omniano_wqvga.CAB

mirror here

[your support]
For my effort on this project i need some help from you.
1. you can support me by bug reporting(This thread or my BLOG)
2. you can support me by send me test device(email: [email protected])
3. you can support me by HERE)


Please Report in this thread or my blog(http://sheon.tistory.com)
any bugs you find!!!!

2009.03.10 ( NOTICE )
hello my mate of worlds.
i've released v0.11.2.0 that is korean & only omnia version.

because i applied this application to T*OMNIA Mobile contest
under the auspices of Microsoft & Sk telecom in korea.
(cheer up me~):D

so i late to share omniano next version to you.

i promise i'll release this version in this weekend.
but you can see a news in my blog ==> http://sheon.tistory.com


drum added version v0.9.12.0
i recommend to play with EXTERNAL SPEAKER or HEADSET


- Changes in this version:
- drum added
- other device vibrate ID option added(you can find this and enjoy vibrate)
- piano navigate (half odtave) bug fixed
- led bug fixed.
- options scrolling to stop action added.
- etc...

** download has a limit 100 hit...(because file size too big...if you can upload another space..)

*** too manu hit.....will be crack your pocket pc

[your support]
For my effort on this project i need some help from you.
1. you can support me by bug reporting(This thread or my BLOG)
2. you can support me by send me test device(email: [email protected])
3. you can support me by DONATE(DONATE HERE)


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Oct 3, 2008
This is fantastic!

works great on my Omnia (BHHL2)!
No Sound-Delay and in Fullscreen!

Thank you very very much!

PS: Maybe it would be good if you can change the language from the Setup-Routine in to english.
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Dec 9, 2008

Excellent idea for WinMo. I would just like to know if you can also develop a VGA version for the Touch Pro (as your site says only QVGA and WQVGA are currently supported).

Thanks in advance.


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Oct 25, 2007
WildAce786 ,

now i have VGA version.. but i cant test because i have not vga version
and i have no time(my work...too busy..)

about 1~2 days later i'll release VGA support version~

have a good time~


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hehe ace!

on the SE X1 it's vibrates like crazy at start up is that normal?

edit: it happens when you choose the intial keyboard layout (right arrow) > stops it, but then if you press < it starts again.

The letters are off the left side of the screen so I can't say which octave it is but it sounds like c5 ?
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Oct 27, 2007
First, sorry about my poor english.
i'm korean. so i not good at english.. :D

but i made some pocket pc solution. i think you saw piano application on iphone or ipod touch.
(i was looking at iphone piano with envious eyes... ^^;)

now, you can play piano on Pocket PC.

Application Features(Beta Release)
* Fast Response PIANO KEYBOARD.
* Pretty good Sound Play and have no Delay.
* Full Screen Key
* Vibrate (M490, M495 only)
* 180 Rotate by Motion Sensor(M490,M495 only)
* Led Indicator by C position or F position
* Drag and Play
* 4 Octave(C3~c6)
* configuration by user(will be support)
* QVGA, WQVGA, WVGA support

this release is beta, so i'll upgrade this application.

download on http://sheon.tistory.com or download next files.
1. Standalone PC setup file [down]
2. Cab Install file [down]
3. .net Framework v2 cab file[down]

this application optimized on Omnia(i900, m490, m495) but you can play
if you have qvga, wqvga, wvga pda!!!!

see this movie and download and enjoy!!!



and you can play movie...



enjoy it!!

and i'll upgrade this application for pocket pc users!!!!!!!

see you later!!!!

you can see my upgrade application on http://sheon.tistory.com

i'll make it english version..

Gamsa hab nida. Chin-gu


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Aug 13, 2008
quick response, works great, but same issue with vibration my diamond! vibrating all the time when is set c3, c4 and c5