[APP] One Click Lag Fix APK - 2.0 (UNSUPPORTED development halted)

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Apr 17, 2011
Help please...

I installed OCLF 2.3.0 and everything was awesome. Then I installed Absolute system root tool. This app gave me problems so I uninstalled it and tried to fix the damage by doing a factory reset of my samsung tab 7" wifi only P1010 (rooted froyo2.2.) Once the problem was fixed I lost all the features of OCLF. I tried uninstalling and reinstallinf EXT2 and when that didn't work I uninstalled the app completely and reinstalled it. This didn't work either. when I click on the install / uninstall buttons for V 2+ (which are both highlighted red) I get conflicting replies. Clicking the install button gets me "youalready appear to have another lag fix installed! (system/bin/playlogo less than 5kb)." When I click the undo button I get " you do not appear to have a V2 lagfix installed!(free space on /data does not match /dbdata/ext2data). What can I do to fix this and get OCLF working right again?

By the way, The work you people do here is awesome and much appreciated. thank you for what you do.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Jul 18, 2012
Help, a bit confused...

Good day to everyone. im new to this forum and to all of this so i ask that you please bear with me. i want to know if it is even possible to use this lagfix with my device. i have a samsung galaxy s 4g from tmobile. its rooted and i got busybox installed. i factory reset it to try the fix but for some reason the option remains red. it tells me there's insufficient storage. to uninstall some apps but i dont got any extra because ive factory reset. i have 370mb free because my phone only comes with 530mb internal :( idk why. is it even possible or do i have to have more than a 1gb in internal space? this is my phone info in case its needed. Model Number: SGH-T959V. Firmware version: 2.2.1 . Baseband version: T959VUVKD1. Kernal version: . Build number: FROYO.VUVKD1. it be great if anyone could help me out a little bit to at least know if i should continue to even spend more time on this.. thank you and have a great day :)


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Nov 6, 2012
alternate app for rooting

I downloaded and installed this latest version and when i click on root this device it says root device using z4root and it goes to search the android market but this app is not found ...................

What do i do .I badly need to root my device

Also if any indian users are there, can anyone please let me know how to boot into recovery mode for iball andi107 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,gingerbread version


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Jun 11, 2008
One Click Lag Fix on GT-S7562 - HELP!!!!


I'm absolutely new in manipulating Android. I have a GT-S7562 and it's quite slow. I read a lot of posts regarding speed it up.

What I've done:
1. As a first step I rooted it with the help of this (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2171441)

2. Installed the One Click Lag Fix. Here I've been unable to select the fix in any way. I always get a message : missing playlogos in /system/bin/ folder.

I have no glue how to go on :(

I have Android 4.0.4 on my phone.

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    OneClickLagFixV2PLUS inside the app is currently in RELEASE status. It has been tested on a fairly enormous number of devices without issue.

    This is an APK (Normal Android App) that will install an EXT2 lag fix for you.

    The APK itself can support a number of different lag fixes. It currently has the old OCLF V1 fix, which uses symlinks, and it now also has a new V2 fix which uses bind mounts.

    This is in a new thead, as the old thread is very very long, and this is now version 2.

    New features of the OCLF2+ lagfix vs OCLF1+

    - Bind mounts are faster and require less O/S overhead than symlinks, making this fix smoother in everyday use.
    - The bind mount allows for Android to report the correct free space available.
    - If something goes wrong at boot, and the bind mount does not initialize, you will boot up to a copy of your data from before the lagfix was applied. This makes V2 safer than V1. (copying /system/bin/playlogosnow onto /system/bin/playlogos1 will effectively restore your device to how it was before you applied the lagfix. There is also an undo option, which will copy all of your changed data back to RFS before restoring.)

    - As a bonus, an option to set the wifi screen off timeout is included.

    How to use this:

    Copy over the APK file onto your phone, and run/install it as normal using 'My Files'. There will be a 'One Click Lag Fix' app installed. Run that, and select the option you want!

    The app will automatically kill all running tasks, and enable flight mode. You should probably not use the device while the lag fix is running. If you accidentally hit back or home by mistake, re-enter the app and re-select the lag fix. It should still be running.

    Known issues in 2.0.0

    Some devices with heavy carrier customization cannot install EXT2 Tools. Fix should be in the next version, if possible.

    On Froyo (Android 2.2) this lag fix will refuse to install if the apps2sd feature is in use. The error you will see if Apps2SD is in use on installation will be that the loopback cannot be mounted.
    Workaround: In order to install the lagfix on froyo, you will need to set each app that is on the external SD back to regular. Once the lagfix is installed, you can move apps back to the SD.
    Fix should be included in the next version, if possible.

    If you use up more space inside the EXT2 than is available outside the EXT2, you will have to remove apps/delete data until you have enough space to copy your data back when you want to uninstall. To help avoid this, don't set the space bar all the way on the far right.

    Supported Devices And Firmwares

    Root support is available for:
    - I9000 Galaxy S on Android 2.1
    - Captivate on Android 2.1
    - Vibrant on Android 2.1
    Other devices / Android versions will have to use a different method to root

    Lagfix support is available for:
    - I9000 Galaxy S on All Firmwares
    - Captivate on All Firmwares
    - Vibrant on All Firmwares
    - Fascinate on All Firmwares

    2.0.1 - 2.0.4 Changelog

    - Fixed WifiTimeout option to work on Froyo
    - Fix for OCLFV1 undo.
    - Sync is called before bind-mounting, to ensure no data is lost.
    - Fix for APPS2SD error (loopback can't be linked error)

    2.0.5 Changelog

    - Fixed WifiTimeout to work on strange firmwares without a system.system

    2.1.0, 2.1.1Changelog

    + Lagfix V2+ has been updated to V2.1+ which features enhanced data security
    In order to install it, you must first undo V2 using the option, and then install V2.1+ as usual
    - Fixed WifiTimeout to now correctly require EXT2 Tools
    - Fixed Cleanup option to now correctly clean up the V2 lagfix as well as V1
    - EXT2 Tools will now remount /system as read-write
    - Changelog included in app for market users

    2.1.2 Changelog

    - Fixed 'Restore Bootlogo' option to work correctly when V2 lagfix is installed.
    - Fixed 'Restore Bootlogo' option to restore the froyo bootlogo if running froyo.

    2.2.3 Changelog

    + Lagfix updated to V2.2+ which contains:
    - Fix for new Vibrant, and I9000 JJ1 firmware.
    - Fix for the timezone issue.
    ~ To Install V2.2+, use the undo V2 function, and then re-do with V2.2+
    + Kernel Installer (ALPHA) that allows you to easily flash a kernel to your device

    2.2.4 Changelog

    - Fix for menu->help button opening kernels page.
    - Minfree now shows current settings
    - Set scheduler now shows current settings
    - Set scheduler now has an option to apply tweaks from hardcore on XDA forums
    - Text cleanup
    - Fix for occasional crash on fetching kernel manifest

    2.2.8 Changelog

    - Galaxy Tab Support
    - Fix for installing with APPS2SD active
    - Fix for set-on-boot for minfree and scheduler/tweaks

    2.3.0 Changelog

    - Bug fixes for occasional 'Broken Pipe', as well as related failure to copy boot up scripts.
    - z4root option added, which opens the market to the z4root app.
    - update.zip root option now downloads update.zip instead of having it included.
    - Fix for typo in cleanup option, it should now work correctly

    Rooting Froyo

    Froyo's recovery mode is locked down, so you can't root it from your device.
    However, you can use this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=803682


    Since a lot of people have been asking, I set up a paypal account and got a donate link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webs...=PP-DonationsBF:btn_donateCC_LG.gif:NonHosted
    Feel free to donate if you want, but I'm happy if you don't donate too. :)
    Just wondering, does anyone have a solution to this?
    I have a galaxy using froyo and rooted with SuperOneClickv1.5.5-ShortFuse.

    Issues with options not being available resolved by rebooting the phone (turning it off and on for that one person who posted how do do that :) ).

    Resolved this issue: "When I try to install OCLF2.2+, it failed on moving the playlogos1 file." by doing the following.

    Used Autokiller memory optimizer from the market (the processes and services tab) to kill all processes and services other then system proesses (apps I had installed) and voila....installed OCLF.
    Full source code under the GPL is available from http://code.google.com/p/oclf/
    Nice work! Will test it soon!

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    Should I use this app if I use Darky's 9.3 Beta 2 ROM? Is the lag fixed on all his ROM?

    DamianGto, when you said use other method instead of OCLF, what is the methods that you're referring to?


    Yeah darky has it in his rom. Use darky rom configurator available in market. 2 selection of lagfix u can choose from. Voodoo n speedmod.

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