[App] OpenMobileMaps v1.6 !!! 2013/11/01 NEW RELEASE !!!

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Dec 11, 2009
Rename app please

Cipher: Great to see an app using OpenStreetMap.org, but could you kindly choose a different name for your app.

Naming the app after the OSM project will only lead to confusion and is unfair to the other apps which use the project.

Kind regards
Member of OpenStreetMap Sysadmin Team.


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Feb 17, 2008
So I got that menu to come up, the problem i was having is the program freezes so even if i get the menu up before it freezes it just freezes after iv opened it. And you say it uses GSM triangulation, well what about my CDMA phone how is that going to work?


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Apr 8, 2008
Central Kentucky
It'd be nice if this could accept a KML file and project the waypoints contained onto the map like Google Maps does.

GCzII, a geocaching program, can send a list of caches in KML format to Google Maps and makes it easier to see how to navigate to a cache or to see what's nearby.. But many folks have noted that OSM often has better non-road maps, such as trails etc, which Google Maps does not. So in those cases, it'd be nice to be able to use OSM maps.



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Oct 16, 2009
just checking. this looks interesting. willing to test for qvga...
but does it involve data? because the vogue (my phone) has internal gps chip so should it be able to triangulate the location?


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Nov 11, 2007
Thanks for this GREAT app!!!
working fine so far :)
but is there a way to show how exact the GSM-location is ?
just like in google-maps e.g. a radius of 100 m ...

and will it be possible to search for places, cities etc ?

on my device (htc touch pro ) scrolling isn't that smooth...but why? non cached maps ?
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Feb 23, 2006
I decided to change the name to OpenMobileMaps. So far I didn't find any app that is listed under the first pages on google with that name, so it shouldn't be in any conflict.

The next thing I'm about to implement is searching for an address, places etc. and showing them on the map.

And I will take a look at the apis for HD2. But without a device to actually test it will be like developing with eyes wide shut...
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Dec 10, 2009

i can't see any zoom in and zoom out button inside my screen, thus, i can't zoom out the map.

i am using htc hd2 with winmo 6.5


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Feb 23, 2006
Great idea! Thanks! but getting error after it begins to load map:
Can't find PInvoke DLL 'ril.dll'

I'm using an older hx4700-WM6.1 (wifi/pda only, not phone)
Installed program to main memory. Maps began to load at first and then error. Maps can be seen in cache. Tried storage on card with same error.

Could you please confirm if the latest version works for you, now?


Dec 25, 2008
Nice but not like google maps

This is a nice app; it's good to have access to the OpenMaps data base on my mobile but... google maps has basic several functions this is missing:
  • Search Function
  • Favorites
  • Directions

Sorry to whinge but...


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Aug 3, 2009
Sorry if it's a dumb question... which format should I choose to save the maps if I download them on my PC from open street map website?

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    [size=+2]OpenMobileMaps v1.6[/size]

    [size=+1]--- NEWSFLASH ---
    Yes, finally I finished work on version 1.6! Go and get it! ;)
    Watch OpenMobileMaps running on HTC HD2
    and on my good old HTC Wizard !
    --- NEWSFLASH ---[/size]

    A development blog for OpenMobileMaps is located here: HERE!

    I wrote an application similar to GoogleMaps but it's relying on OpenStreetMap.org.
    It's finger friendly and showing the map on fullscreen.

    GPS support and GSM triangulation (if no GPS device is present) is built in.

    The downloaded map tiles are stored on your phone/storage and only new ones are downloaded.

    It's tested and working with all possible resolutions, with internal GPS and external GPS. And it should work on all Windows Mobile devices with .NET CF 3.5 installed.

    Tell me what you think of it and please find some bugs!

    If you like OpenMobileMaps and appreciate the hard work and time I spent on developing it then don't hesitate to [size=+1]DONATE![/size]
    Any amount of money keeps me motivated to further develop OpenMobileMaps!



    v1.6.5053.35397 (Hotfix)
    fixed issue:
    - OpenMobileMaps freezing on splash screen
    new feature:
    - OpenMapSurfer map added to collection (thx to Loren for this tip!)
    v1.5.5013.27100 (Hotfix)
    - Webservice-URLs changed since omm.mine.nu got shut down.
      I'm sorry for this inconvenience but DynDNS is getting rid of those free
      service users. This is why omm.mine.nu got shut down suddenly.
    - extended maps.xml included
    v1.5.4067.39959 (Hotfix)
    - just a few bugfixes to prevent instabilities on certain phones
    new features:
    - button to force re-download of actually viewed tiles.
    - word wrapping for GraphicText
    - show arrow with direction when moving instead of pin
    - added HD2 multitouch feature (pinch-to-zoom)
    - bookmark functionality
    - re-designed the context menu
    - added reverse geocoding
    - implement optional 2x map zoom
    - re-worked settings screen to fit more items on smaller screens
    - added copy&paste to textboxes
    - added "clear search results" to context menu
    - draw straight flight route from A to B
    fixed issues:
    - corrected version check routines with proper translations
    - prevent creating folders for tiles when downloads are disabled.
    - correct button alignments on some windows
    - prevent backlight dimming while OMM is in foreground
    - deleting downloaded cab on first start
    v1.4.3816.9028 (Hotfix 2)
    - WebServices updated to match the new OpenMobileMaps website.
      due to porting the official OMM homepage from Perl to ASP.NET, I had to
      update the feedback messaging system and updating functionality.
    v1.4.3811.31921 (Hotfix)
    - bug fixed in registration form:
      some email addresses were rejected as being invalid.
    - many many bugs fixed (like ommconfig.xml and maps.xml problems...)
    - download speed improved
    - multi-language support (new languages can be downloaded from server)
    - software is able to use different map providers
    - registration for users who have donated introduced
      this will grant you full features of OpenMobileMaps.
      IMPORTANT: everyone who already has donated, please register (About->Register)
                 your copy of OpenMobileMaps!
    - zoom level is displayed inside of drag button
    - new icon for windows mobile 6.5 phones
    - world-wide route calculation possible
    - bug fixed: trying to download tiles beyond 2^zoom-1
    - scale added
    - zooming in and out with softkeys possible (if your phone has those)
    - "Follow Me" and "Where Am I?" feature changed into a button with push-pin
      The button appears, when you tap or move the map. This automatically turns off "Follow Me" mode.
      To turn it on just tap on the button with the red push-pin.
    - Context menu and Main Menu reorganized (removed/replaced entries)
    - support for other map sources
      GUI added to select different map sources. The maps are save in osmcache/maps.xml.
    - Yellow Pins for search results added
    - Address Search changed to use OSM Nominatim first -> see http://nominatim.openstreetmap.org
      ORS address search is only used as a fallback.
      Nominatim supports address search for the whole planet (not only europe)!
    - bug fixed: negative coordinates were interpreted wrong
    - bug fixed: search pins are now behind other controls
    - Info reduced. GPS and GSM info is shown when tapped on the red push-pin.
    - Gps device/service/fix state is visible in the bottom left corner
      red boxes mean: gps device is on but service is not yet ready
      orange boxes mean: gps device/service on but NO FIX
      number of green boxes shows the signal quality on FIX
    - bug fixed: map tiles weren't updated when using cursor buttons
    - size of initial download information reduced
    - size of About window reduced
    - maps.xml creation after install optimized (should not make problems anymore)
    - new menu added (click on the grey box at the bottom of the map)
      drag the menu down to hide it!
      or press the enter key on your phone (if your phone has one) to toggle it.
    - removed some entries from context menu
    - removed "Get Route": it's always calculated if Start and Finish are set
    - self update function
    - bug in parsing coordinates fixed
    - some gui improvements
    - improved map scrolling speed by hiding controls temporary
    - size of zoombar and little grey box changed
    - Address Search Window re-design to match the new GUI
    - Feedback system built in
      You can post your feedback on the OpenMobileMaps homepage or directly
      from your phone! (About -> Send Feedback...)
      Your feedback will be displayed on the homepage. If you send it through
      your phone I might be able to answer to your feedback directly.
    - bugs in GPS and GSM positioning fixed
    - zooming bug after map scrolling fixed
    - Downloading can be turned on/off in Settings
    - zoom-bar tapping optimized: tapping on +/- will increase/decrease 1 zoom-level
    - double tapping on map will center the position instead of zooming in
    - shipping map zoom levels 1-3 within cab for starters
    - address search crashing fixed
    - Minimizing application now possible (through main menu)
    - completely rewritten GSM positioning including circle calculation
    - switch between mph and km/h
    - Status and Controls on/off moved back to context menu for faster access
    - counting data sent/received over internet connection
    - completely rewritten GUI handling
    - performance optimizations for new GUI
    - About-window added with check for latest version
    - zooming effect added
    - Location Utility Service XSD implemented (for address search)
    - OpenStreetMap and Windows Mobile logo optimized for higher resolutions
      BTW: the new gui adapts to all kinds of resolutions, no matter wheither it is
           running on QVGA or Full HD!
    - Route calculation added.
      Hint: in address search select an address and go to context-menue.
            choose wheither it is your route start or finish.
            when start and finish are selected then select "get route".
    - application icon updated
    - bugs fixed
    - small fixes
    - Settings-Panel added to make the context menu thinner
    - Address Search feature added!
      It's a very early version and I uploaded it only for testing reasons.
    - bugs fixed
      if you find any bugs, please try the debug version from this post:
    - ommconfig.xml moved to application path
      now, it should be removed on uninstall
    - GSM and GPS usage made optional
      see http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=597957&page=8
    - fixed another bug with GSM triangulation
      may be the reason for hangs on Touch Pro 2
    - German localization added (should depend on OS language)
    - tested with WVGA on WM 6.5 Emulator -> no problems found
    - added circle around your gsm location
      it shows how accurate the positioning with gsm is
    - some minor improvements
    - removed unnecessary files from cab
    - App renamed to OpenMobileMaps
    - RIL.DLL workaround added (not tested!)
    - DoubleToString-parsing fixed for different cultures
    - Storage Card selection page was not optimized for other resolutions than QVGA
       now works with all resolutions!
    - other small bugfixes
    I know, it's been a long wait.
    I finally found some time to finalize version 1.5 of OpenMobileMaps!

    To all HD2 and HD mini owners: have fun with multitouch pinch-to-zoom!

    To all others: bookmarks and lots of improvements await you!
    Long time no see.

    DynDNS is shutting down free domain services and omm.mine.nu got a victim of it. This is why I had to release a hotfix version of OpenMobileMaps with a new webservice URL.

    I also included the extended maps.xml in this version. But it will be only generated on a fresh install (if no maps.xml exists).

    Have fun and thank you for all this support over the last years! This is a great community!
    Thanks for the reply
    I tried it and it works great
    I wonder if it exists in Spanish?
    how it works with GSM or GPRS, I have no GPS

    currently, there is no spanish translation. but, if you want to, you could make one. this way you don't need to donate anything to get a registered version.
    Very interesting. Are the screenshots updated? :)

    Now, the screenshots in the first post are updated and here are some more which didn't fit into the first post... ;)