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    A while ago, I saw a gif on Google+ demonstrating a concept of Android Power menu in material design, it contained various Circular Reveal animations introduced in Lollipop and various other beautiful animations. I was able to replicate the concept using basic xml animations and Circular Reveal APIs. This repository is the demo of the original concept.
    Google play-

    Concept by +Igor da Silva​​​


    Apk for direct download(V1.2)-
    Love the new shortcut option in the update, but I cannot get it to work with gestures in Nova. Is there any way to pull that process out and make it an activity that Nova gestures could handle?

    EDIT: I actually got this to work by choosing the xposed version of the process (XposedMainActivity instead of MainActivity), even though I don't have xposed installed. Works fine; now my Nova gesture opens directly to the reboot options. Digging it.
    I would like to do the same. Please share how to do this in Nova. Thanks!

    Nova Settings
    Gestures and Buttons
    Select the gesture you'd like
    Shortcuts tab
    Scroll down to power menu
    Click to expand, two options appear (MainActivity & XposedMainActivity)
    Select the Power Menu XposedMainActivity option.
    Is there any other besides Xposed to make this app the default way to use the power menu?!
    @slider112 I will be soon adding a home screen shortcut which launches directly power menu. Should be live in a couple of days. I am very busy currently so don't have much time.
    And also an option to directly launch power menu when opening app.