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[APP][OVERLAY][N][ROOT] Enable Ambient Display on Xperia

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    Like title say, this app enable Ambient Display on Settings>Display

    This app save your time just to edit framework to enable Ambient Display :highfive:

    Requirements :
    May required Superusermod (Patched service.jar)

    How to install?
    just flash with recovery
    or manually extract apk and move to system/vendor/overlay and set permission to 0644



    Tested :
    Xperia Z5 Android 7.1.1
    Xperia XZ Android 7.1.1

    Working :
    When incoming notification arrive
    Working when notification arrive and you pick up device but slower

    May Not Work :
    When you pick up device

    Changelog :
    V1 Initial release 
    (Only working when incoming notification arrive)
    V2 Force configuration value to wakeup device by motion (pick up device)
    V3 Revertback some configuration

    NOTE :
    By turning on Ambient Display it will reduce battery life

    Please test on your Xperia device! so i can edit this thread and title for more specific info

    Thanks to Google Source AOSP Documentation
    Thank bro I know you. You have made a lot of mod for old Sony :)

    There is no different configuration between XZ/Z5 and Xperia X Latest Concept, like i said before sony just remove strings. :(

    I saw ambient display on other device that include ambient display maybe there is another sensor to wakeup screen when pick up device, not sure on Xperia X Latest Consept.
    Thanks for all your feedback, i will update later, with new configuration, for now use V1

    Sent from my Sony Xperia Z5 using XDA Labs
    On my XA Ultra (Stock 7.0), toggle showed up but feature doesn't seem to work.
    I modded my systemui and framework-res successfully and flashed overlay but the result didn't change. I pick my phone, screen lights up a bit but it's just black no clock, no notifications.
    Same is present when a notification arrives. I think we can say that XA Ultra doesn't support ambient display.

    maybe on XA there is no java implementation about ambient display, so this config will never work.

    Btw overlay updated, check first post (V3 uploaded)