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[App][Patch] Messenger Original Chat Head on Android 11+ [Safe] [Self-Update]

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Jul 14, 2021
[No-Root] - [For All Devices] - [Self-Patch Available]

A clean way to bring back Messenger chat head for non-rooted devices.
-> [Safe] -> [Open source] -> [All features are working] -> [Tools to patch new update yourself]

Notice: If your phone is rooted, you should follow this rooted method instead. (with rooted method, you can use official messenger from playstore). Check this Tutorial.

Enable Facebook Messenger Chat Head

(Updated at 02-October-2021)
- ChatHeadEnabler-v2.1.0.apk (342 KB)
- Messenger-v332. (46 MB)

- Uninstall all fb apps: facebook, messenger, facebook lite, etc.
- First Install ChatHeadEnabler module.
- After that, Install the Messenger app from here.
- Optionally, Install other Facebook apps (from below).
- Done

Optional Apps:
- Facebook-v338. (69 MB)
- Facebook-lite-v270. (1.6 MB)
- Business-suite-v328. (70 MB)
[Updated at 02-October-2021]

If you are experiencing any issue, read this Notice.

For normal users, that's all. Come back to download new update from here.
[If this was helpful to you, consider writing a comment and share this post with your device related group]


If you want to patch new update yourself, check Patching Instructions.

$--> For normal users, I might provide an Android app to patch messenger on your phone with simple clicks. (Only if enough peoples are interested, otherwise it's not worth the work.)

$--> For Advanced users, follow the Patching Instructions (PC Required)

- Download MRVPatcher-4.3.4.jar
- Download and Install Java JRE 11
- Download Messenger apk from ApkMirror
- Move the MRVPatcher tool to a folder.
- Move the Messenger apk to the same folder.
- Open terminal (or cmd) on that folder.
- Run command:
java -jar MRVPatcher-4.3.4.jar Messenger.apk
- A new file Messenger-mrv.apk will be produced.
- Follow the same instructions for Facebook app or any other Facebook related apps.

[Source code of MRVPatcher needs heavy refactor. As seems no one is interested, so I'm not motivated enough to do it quickly.]

Source Code: Github
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New member
May 29, 2018
I have found you dont even need an alternate app, just go to your phone settings find display over other apps and enable it for messenger. You will automatically get chat heads instead of Bubbles


New member
Sep 29, 2021
This worked thanks alot! I hope you will push to create the app that you mentioned that would patch(one click) the latest fb and messenger app.

So that we'll still have the latest versions of the apps(fb & messenger) while maintaining the chat head function.

All while waiting for messenger to fix it with android 11.


Jul 27, 2021
Hello, it appears Messenger (332. does not patch correctly using the Self Patching Instructions.
(infinite crashing loop upon startup, must revert to self patched Messenger (330.

Messenger (332. - September 29, 2021.
Messenger (330. - September 21, 2021.

I am able to patch the new Facebook (337. properly with no issues at all, it seems the newest Messenger update has been /Zuckerburged/.

I am currently running Messenger (330. just fine with no issues (minus the weird chat head cropping issues that I believe is just facebook being facebook). - issue occurs on my siblings Samsung s10+ (native chat heads)

I am unsure what to do as I am only reporting an issue and have tried installing it different methods which simply do not work with Messenger (332. - September 29, 2021.

as a result I am sticking with Messenger (330. - September 21, 2021. (working)

Thank you for your hard work, it is much appreciated!

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