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    Huge thanks to @wanam for helping me doing it in the smali way :)

    /* Info */

    We all know removing ads is possible via YouTube AdAway module on Xposed.
    Unfortunately, there's a quite a bit of people who don't want to go install Xposed just because of it.
    So here are patched APKs, which don't require Xposed.

    Unfortunately, this requires root :/

    I'll update whenever I have time.

    /* Downloads */

    APK : http://arter97.com/browse/youtube/adaway
    Installer : http://arter97.com/browse/youtube/arter97-youtube-installer.zip
    Please read the instructions!
    nodpi works for every device.
    However, if you're annoyed to see Play Store's update pending, use the APK dedicated for your device's DPI.

    /* Notes about the installer */

    I've made this installer to make it easier for the users to install.
    This installer is only for Android 4.4+.
    If you're running older versions of Android, install manually.

    This installer is not a complete flashable zip file!
    It still requires the APK file to be in /sdcard/Download.
    My installer will search through the download directory and install the latest APK.
    (This means, you don't have to remove the old versions of the APK in /sdcard/Download)

    The installer will extract the APK and install the necessary libraries.

    If the ROM is compatible, the installer will also install an addon.d script,
    so that you won't have to run the installer again whenever you upgrade your ROM.

    /* Steps */

    1. Download the apk.zip file
    (Refer to http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/google-inc/youtube/ for which apk you should download)
    2. Extract the zip and place the apk file in /sdcard/Download
    3. Download the installer
    4. Flash the installer in the recovery

    /* Thanks to */

    New 20 APKs posted(version 12.05.53).
    Thanks to @wanam

    Following the newly updated adaway module by @wanam,
    some major new changes has been made.

    The exact way on how to block ads is a bit different from Xposed-way, but the final results should be similar.
    I tested by start playing about 200 videos and no ads were shown.


    Please let me know if you encounter any FCs.
    And as always, please use the installer from the OP.
    Updated to 12.12.53
    Updated to 12.13.53
    Updated to 11.47.72