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Kindly give me the access to file
Two button 52 version. I actually forgot about the two button option and I've been using the Google Play Store one I appreciate this being mentioned I'm now using two button and it's so much simpler.

Luckily I had this on my hard drive from backing up my SD card and internal storage from my phone.

Anyways if you have a problem download and let me know this is untouched Google phone app two button 52 version from here before the links broke down..


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Oct 26, 2010
There is a stupid issue with Google Phone's latest version. When you use T9 to search a contact. If the contact contains UTF-8 (Turkish) characters, it doesn't find any result. But old versions were working fine. Anyone?


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Dec 9, 2011
Buenos Aires
See if this is what you want.

It would have been nice if modding was still being active as I have two issues. First the two button is much better that the gesture way. Second, I don't know why but Google versions are not always recognizing phones with contacts.
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Jan 10, 2016
Its sad no one make patched version anymore, cause i still cant install from play store(android 7.0), and now it's stuck to latest version patch v.52 that only available...😢

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    Google phone

    Latest Google Phone app Beta (v.53) can now be installed from the Play Store on any phone.

    Current Stable Version: 52 link
    2 buttons Version: 52 link

    From version 19
    1. New nav bar.
    2. Only for Android 7.0+
    From version 24
    3. Nearby Places works.
    4. Dark theme activated (Settings -> Display Options screen with the name Dark mode).
    From version 26
    5. Round fav. - activated.
    From version 53
    5. Latest Google Phone app Beta (v.53) can now be installed from the Play Store on any phone.

    Does not work:
    1. Spam Caller ID (automatically filter suspected spam calls)
    2. Nearby Places - works (from v.24)
    To make the APK install-able on any device, I have to sign it with my key (not original google key). This means these features cannot work on a modified APK. Sorry.
    Some kind of phones aren't​ compatible with the app ( Some firmwares of HTC, MIUI, some models of Moto). I can't fix it, your firmware incompatible with app.

    How to install:
    Remove previous versions of Google Phone
    Install like usual APK
    Give permissions to app in Android Settings, including Modify System Settings.
    Set as default calling app in Android Settings
    Allow draw over other apps permission. (for floating button).

    Current Black mods version - v.53
    V. 53 Available mods:
    (All questions in PM!)

    1. Google phone v.53 (Black theme+Dark theme (grey), Enlarged photo). Screenshots.
    2. Google phone v.53 (Enlarged Photo, black theme+dark theme, Dark background for anonymous contact). Screenshots.
    3. Google phone v.53 (Enlarged Photo, Default theme (white)+Dark theme (grey). Screenshots.

    I can make a private mods, you can find screenshots of ready mods in My Album. All questions in PM.

    If you want to donate me, you can do it via Amazon gift card (Only $) , send from this page your amount to [email protected]

    For Thanks :)
    Google phone with Martin's patches

    Google Dialer v50.0.315427840 Stable




    2-button answer:

    2 buttons to tap and answer or ignore. "This is for some devices that have issues with swipe to answer.



    PM Martin for Mods and questions about mods!

    Read OP/search thread for answers before you ask.

    Most importantly: ENJOY!

    I think, in next update, Google will unlock dark theme, it will looks like material design mod.
    @martin.007 when you can fix the bubble v23 . or at this point we are waiting for the release of the new one. thank you

    Inviato dal mio HTC U11 utilizzando Tapatalk
    Done. Version from tab downloads. Bubble works.
    Google phone v.23 beta.

    I had too many messages to make v.23 available for all.
    Done with one issue, every launch you'll see notification about unsupported device. I don't have time to remove it, maybe later.

    If somebody wants v.23 black mods, write PM.